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Whenever Andrew Collins comes to Dreamland you can expect excitement, and this show is no exception. Whitley had all kinds of technical problems getting started, and during the first part of the show an extremely weird event takes place that may reveal something somebody really very much does NOT want us to know!

The show covers Andrew’s latest findings about Gobekli Tepe and the Cygnus Mystery, which he has discussed on Dreamland many times before, and which is also the subject of one of Whitley’s most powerful meditations, the Cygnus Meditation.

What is the Cygnus star cluster that it was so important to mankind in the very earliest times? Why does a stream of cosmic rays blast straight at us out of the star Cygnus X-3? Is it just chance, or does it have something fundamental to do with the evolution of life on this planet? Also, is it just a coincidence that Tabby’s Star, one of the strangest objects in the universe and the possible location of a Dyson Sphere created by an advanced civilization, like on a line between us and Cygnus?

Explore these and other fascinating questions with a real expert, who is willing to go beyond established thinking, explore rejected knowledge and confront mysteries with an open mind.

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  1. I would love to listen but
    I would love to listen but alas the link doesn’t play…

  2. Absolutely fascinating! What
    Absolutely fascinating! What a great show!

  3. Excellent show! Thanks
    Excellent show! Thanks Dreamland!

    Andrew – I am trying to find an image online of the work created by the sculptor you mentioned of the winged being. Are you able to provide a link?

  4. Dang.. the link does not
    Dang.. the link does not work…

  5. Wow, wow, wow! This was one
    Wow, wow, wow! This was one of those interviews that I found exciting, and leading my mind into new directions!

    432hz comes up yet again…What is this the 3rd or 4th interview recently where this is discussed? I came across it several years ago, and have also discussed it in subscriber comments recently and in the past, and now Andrew has given us more clues to follow. Yaaay!

    In speculating about genes and the discovery that the Denisovans carried genes related to autism, wouldn’t it be astounding if those genes were being activated now in us and our children and that they will serve a higher purpose in the future? I have felt this way for a while, so this was another important piece of information for me.

    ‘The Cygnus Key’ has been added to my reading list. I’ve also read ‘Gobekli Tepe: Genesis of the Gods’, and another fine companion to these books, ‘Path of Souls’ by Gregory Little. Dreamlanders, if you are listening to the interviews but not following up by reading the books and ‘doing the work’, you may be missing out…And don’t forget Whitley’s Cygnus meditation:

    For those curious about the bone plaque discussed in the interview, I remember its discovery from a few years ago, and you can see an article and photos of it here:

    To see graphics and photos of the Denisovan arm bangle, go here:

    I love the Dreamland shows that give me energy and propel me into further exploration!
    Thanks, Whitley!

  6. I’m also finding that neither
    I’m also finding that neither the mobile nor the desktop site will let me dl. I keep getting weird errors. Having this problem for like 2 weeks now..

  7. i’m really keen to listen but
    i’m really keen to listen but link won’t play 🙂

  8. I could hear Andrew Collins
    I could hear Andrew Collins say Gobekli Tepe all day!

  9. I’d like to mirror Cosmic’s
    I’d like to mirror Cosmic’s comments on the Dreamland shows opening up new vistas for our collective vision.

    Further to this, the principle of linked minds has moved much clearer into focus for me these past few months. The commonality of experience shared between Mr Strieber and his listeners/students is quite something.

    Listening to Dreamland this morning, as I prepared breakfast, I mused on Mr Strieber’s comments about hearing people moving around his home. I’ve heard that same thing too and it can, on occasion, be quite spectacular in its manifestation.

    Approximately four years ago I was awake in bed in the early hours. There built up, gradually, the awareness that people, ‘mischievous youths’, were ‘letting themselves in’ to my place via a mysterious trap-door beneath my bed. I was sleeping in my spare room at that time, as it was cooler.

    These utterly bonkers and bizarre people, spent hours and hours climbing into my bedroom through ‘the trap-door’ then going into my bathroom and exiting through a small window.

    This went on for hours! The noise was incredible. To cap it all, I was lying on the bed in my spare room in my birthday suit and just let them get on with it!

    Throughout this utterly bizarre episode I just carried on lying there, listening to the whole thing.

    What, pray tell, is weirder, hearing a herd of elephants marching through your place in the middle of the night or thinking nothing of it?

    At no point did it occur to me to put some clothes on. Go figure…



  10. This put me in mind of
    This put me in mind of Dolores Cannon’s books on The Convoluted Universe and especially The Custodians.

  11. What a WONDERFUL interview
    What a WONDERFUL interview and wish it could have gone on for another hour.

    My personal feeling regarding humanity is there MUST be a change in our DNA if we are going to change permanently for the better. It seems we just cannot get out of the hate/war loop. Avatars have come to show the way and some individuals DO change but we need MORE. Andrew, I am hoping the CYGNUS STAR CLUSTER/DENEB will be our next step in the evolution of consciousness.

    Here is another opinion regarding Tabby’s Star…….

  12. I see i’m not the only one
    I see i’m not the only one unable to excuite this talk. Neither the moble nore my computer can download this program. Please fix it, I really wanted to here this one.

  13. It is not playing
    It is not playing

  14. Not playing. Damn.
    Not playing. Damn.

  15. When I can’t get it to play,
    When I can’t get it to play, I go down to “recent shows”, click it and wait for reload. Works fine then.

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