Caroline Cory joins Whitley for the first half hour to tell us about her new film Superhuman, which is now available on streaming sites from Apple TV to Amazon to Vimeo and many others. But the great part of this is that Whitley has seen the film and goes down some fascinating paths with Caroline as a result. DO NOT MISS the part on how to lower you body’s ph, so important in times like these.

THEN–wow. It’s all Whitley for the second hour and what an hour it is. First, he plays vocalizations he has picked up with the Sleep Talk app, some of  which are really astonishing. After failing to video the visitors even though he knew that they were physically present–or somebody was–at night in his apartment, he tried the app, which is voice activated and records anything it hears during the night. There are some voices on there that are NOT Whitley, and it is just about the most eerie, wonderful thing you are going to hear in a while. Whit has gone a long way from the screaming terror of his first hypnosis session to the delight and sheer fun you hear in these audios.

If that wasn’t enough, subscribers get to hear him tell about a physical breakthrough into the mirror universe he talks about in A New World.

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    1. It’s so strange when you’re conversing to the others in the dream-time of the night, it’s not your normal self, it’s more your true self, one’s voice and personality are different- often, I feel they come more like students who want to learn something important, but, you are their teacher, even though they are more advanced in some ways, they’re still students in comparison to us.

      When you wake in the morning, all things are equal again.

  1. The second voice that says ”strange,” sounds a lot like you? No?

  2. Author

    The first voice is me I think. I say “you’re so strange.” The second voice where the word “strange” is cut off is not my voice. The tone and inflections are not mine.

    1. Agreed. Not your voice. I am listening on a high-quality studio monitor system, and am hearing these recordings very clearly. And listening multiple times. That second voice – which I believe is male – with the cut-off word, has such a different tone and inflection when heard clearly, it is startling.

      And I can hear the humor! It seems light and bemused, with an almost somehow faint and maybe even dated, accent.

      _Almost_ like I’m hearing the British Isles – somewhere – in that voice. It’s just damn odd. Unplaceable and yet totally unique – belonging to a specific being – while clearly belonging to a being that is _not_ you.

      1. Whitley, best Dreamland I’ve listened to in YEARS. Absolutely fascinating from start to finish. You know, I would love more episodes without guests. I can listen to you riff and talk about your experiences all day long. I started listening to this late in the evening in a very dark and quiet house. It scared the hell out of me and had to finish in the brightness of the next morning.

  3. Before I listen to the Dreamland podcast, I thought I’d just post my thoughts on Superhuman, having seen it earlier this week.

    I won’t go into specifics, as I don’t want to spoil it for those intending to watch…but overall I found the movie quite exciting to watch and overall I would recommend it; And if there were ever a film to help start to break down the consensus reality that has been commented on previously, this would be it.

    There was a lot of compelling evidence shown in favour of the Superhuman, however, I have to be perfectly honest in saying that not all of it convinced me. There was a segment towards the end that particularly interested me and left me with a ‘my god it’s actually real’ sense… but the more I investigated the details of these claims, the more I became discouraged and even dispondent at the lack of available information, that would not cost me a small fortune to acquire from multiple seminars abroad.

    What I found missing from the movie was that final step… perhaps in the form of a “Well if you’re interested and want to prove to yourself that this is actually real, like we’ve been saying, then try this…or go to this website and follow these excersices and see what happens… you are going to be amazed at your own inate abilities.”

    Instead, I found stuff on the Internet like the Bronnikov method, which promises everything but gives very little evidence of scientifically verifiable results. All I can find is the so called first stage, which is related to energy flow, or energy work… The rest, the more interesting stages, are elusive.

    …But I am still open minded enough to think that I could actually try some of this stuff for myself and get results… if only I could find some concrete training that is freely available…released for the good of humanity, rather than hidden behind money-making institutions and kept afloat by excellent marketing.

    So back to Superhuman… Yes, it was a great start in the investigating into human potential and the power of the consciousness to interact with the Quantum realms. It containing some compelling evidence but sadly, I felt, fell short of anything we could take home with us to work on practically, save a li gearing sense of excitement.

  4. Why have we lost the ability to be able to edit comments for a time after posting?

  5. Author

    I’ll have our webmaster look into the editing issue. Something is out of adjustment.

    That said, there are a number of courses offered on the website. As I said on the show, I’m going to take some of them and see how they work.

    Also, Dean Radin of the Institute for Noetic Science will be on soon, and I’ll ask him for specific suggestions. He is enormously knowledgeable.

    1. It would be wonderful Whitley to hear any feedback you might have on the courses, if you find them useful. I’m also looking forward to hearing Dean Radin and any practical suggetions or guidance he might have.

      Lastly, your description of the parallel world you inhabit has made it all the more real in my mind…just one request… could you leave Prime Whitley some instructions on how to record a podcast, just in case he turns up unannounced? 😁

    2. If you are looking for specific instructions from Dean Radin, look into his book, ‘Real Magic’. Of course, his suggestions require real work and thought, but they are easy to learn, and the book is actually pretty amazing and empowering. I have several books by Radin, and I look forward to his interview!

      Also, I will be checking out ‘Super Human’ too. Now is the time…Don’t waste it, ya’ll! 😊

          1. My ‘hard copy’ library is rather different, and my sons are getting it someday, but my full library is even more extensive, and when I am looking for something in particular, I ‘find’ it quickly. I didn’t pick the name “Cosmic Librarian’. It was given to me. How I got it is a weird story that even I have trouble believing…🙂

          2. Hi Cosmic, I seem to remember you describing the details of how you got your name, on here but I can’t remember the details. Oh and BTW, either side of you replying to my comment above, I got some pretty pointed synchronisities regarding, firstly ‘Librarian’ and then just after, ‘Cosmic’ from the same general source. Not that that is going to surprise you in the least 😁.

          3. 😉

  6. I personally find it all very fleeting. Perhaps the entirety of the universe (and all its parallel universes) is so vast and complex that one would never be able to figure it all out. You’d just keep going and going, traversing down the path of being.

    Last year, I had a lady come visit me while I was in the pre-sleep, hypnagogic, state. I didn’t know who she was, but it was clear she had taken an interest in me, coming up to my bedside and caressing my hand or touching my toes. One time, while I was taking a nap, she approached me and booped me on my nose. All very lovely and charming. I had a number of these experiences last year, then at the very end of 2019 she sent me the message that she was going heaven and I’ve never seen her again. 2020 has been a frustrating year for me on many levels, and haven’t come close to experiencing any of those delightful encounters. I have no idea who the lady was and believe me I’ve asked many times for her to return, but nada this year. A great sense of wonder, curiosity and longing have filled me ever since. But like a soft, soothing breeze over your body, it came and went.

  7. Author

    Boy, do I hear you about wishing for that kind of return! Not all ghosts are scary, for sure. I have had some very charming, delightful encounters, also. I want more, too!

    1. At the very least I would love to know who she was. Do I have a relationship with her on some other level? No idea. These people appear in your life and you have no idea who they are — the Master of the Key, the boy in the woods, the lady on the Communion cover, etc. On this level of being, it’s all a great mystery. Wish we were able to gain just a little more insight.

  8. She lost credibility at the discussion of changing the PH of water. Gastric Ph is 1.0, highly acidic. Your stomach acid will adjust the Ph of water accordingly for the body to use it. It doesn’t matter if its highly alkaline, your body will leach minerals from itself to adjust Ph. Blood Ph is completely separate, it exists in a very narrow spectrum, from 7.35-7.45, too acidic below 7.35 is Acidosis or too alkaline above 7.45, alkalosis, will kill you fast. You can change blood Ph with less than 5 minutes of breathing, but alkaline water won’t do anything to change blood Ph. Science matters.

    1. You speak truth about Ph. Pointless drink alkaline water.

    1. It’s critical to any discussion involving meditation, perception and the physiology of extending awareness past the 5 senses. We have an incredibly articulate central nervous system that needs to work well if we are to manage fear, stress, and the ability to reset our ANS- autonomic nervous system. Your work is one of the reasons I learned about this.

  9. Hi Whitley – As I mentioned over in the Pine Ridge thread on the message board, I thought your initial descriptions of the general way this kind of dual/parallel existence works were dead on.

    Man, was I excited to read you’d be getting into more details about the physical transfer experience.

    To say I was not disappointed – a big understatement.

    Yeah. It’s not a lucid dream! I’ve had many lucid dreams, of all kinds of intensity levels, and the experience of being switched over into the other world/body/being is instantly, obviously _not_ that experience.

    The immediate full-living-truth is exactly as you described.

    You are instantly in another FULL universe, and you know it is exactly that. Everything about your experience is screaming that reality into your awareness.

    A complete universe of reality, unto itself. You find out that the other beings in this reality are not anything like your lucid dream creations. They are fully real beings, in the fully real universe with you. (The way you found out by calling your friend in Texas was exceptionally cool and also really funny!)

    And yes, the “not quite human” effect is something your intuition just knows. It’s a clear conscious signal coming through on that deeper part of your awareness that instinctively feels how to distinguish these things. It’s not even a question that you’ll have any unclarity about it. You know.

    And… wow. The thing that really hit home to me was how clearly you experienced the nature of the switch itself. For me, the switch from one being to another has aspects to it that can sometimes make the abrupt nature just freaking gnarly as hell. It’s like a massive consciousness-cord is instantly plugged into my mind to make the switch – and then unplugged later – in a way that can be so jarring.

    The “unplugged” experience especially can sometimes feel like ripping the cord of connection instantly out of my mind in a way that is _really_ hard. It is so abrupt, and such a drastic change, that one time I had to (kind of quietly) scream out loud for a moment just to help myself endure the shock of reentry – back into my body and being “here” in my bed again.

    Other times have been less drastic, but still that feeling of being instantaneously unplugged, going straight from one fully conscious reality experience into a completely different one. No transition!

    Thank you immensely for this episode of Dreamland. Both with the voice recordings and the parallel world experience, it is so great to hear you talk about and share these wonderful things. Superhuman is a given. Just a process (as much as possible about love) to get there.

    Wings you say? 🙂 Yes, those could be wings. Sort of like swooshy wings in that recording. I’ve heard them differently, but very clearly as wings. I tend to think the underlying deeper reality of those wings has something more directly to do with vibrating and moving energy, like in pulses or longer waves.

    And very much yes, about our oversouls, and your continuing marriage to your oversoul’s eternal love.

    And yes to the yearning ecstasy of experiencing it all.

  10. Coincidentally but not accidentally today is Day 33 for me in the Forty Day Dialogues towards the and of A Course of Love. Presently the Kindle version is being re-edited to improve a few things, so it is currently not available. But the paperback and hardcover had already been updated so they are available. As I still have the previous Kindle edition on my laptop, I copy/paste the following from it:

    DAY 33
    Being in Relationship

    33.1 As we begin to speak of power, we must return to the initial idea put forth in A Treatise on the New: That all are chosen. To embrace an idea of some having power while others remain powerless is to embrace an idea laden with conflict. The power of God exists within everyone because all are one in being with God. And yet this power cannot be used. It can only serve. What does it serve? The cause of holy relationship.

    33.2 Relationship is the interconnective tissue that is all life. The answer of how to respond to each and every relationship—and remember, here, that situations and events are relationships too—lies within your own being. Being in relationship. This is what you are and what your world is. Being in relationship.

    33.3 All relationship is holy because it is within relationship that being is found and known and interacted with. Relationship is thus the route or access to being and being the route or access to relationship. One cannot exist without the other and thus both are one in truth. This is the divine marriage, the divine relationship of form and being.

    33.4 While these may seem like simple words, or like a theory being proposed, these words are at the heart of the new way of seeing yourself—a way of seeing that will create a new world.

    33.5 Say to yourself, as you confront the events and situations of your world, that you are being in relationship. It is to your being that the people, places, events and situations that make up your world appeal. It is in your response that who you are being is revealed.

    33.6 You are being a who. Your who is your individuated self. But your who is also your representation of being. The two becoming one—the individuated self becoming one in being—is the aim toward which we have journeyed together.

    33.7 You might think of being as what you are, and responding as who you are. You have been told that these words are being given to you so that you do not respond to love in the same way again. This wording may make love sound as if it is an event, something that comes to you or happens to you. Yet if relationship and being are one, and you are one in being and different in relationship, what is being said is that being and relationship are of one piece, one whole, and that whole is love. In other words, every relationship, everything that comes to you, every event, every situation, is of being, which is God, which is love.

    33.8 How, then, do you respond? If you respond as who you truly are, you respond with love. Love is the only response.

    33.9 Yet the response of love can look as different as the events, situations, people, and places that populate your world. How can this be? And how can you look at each event, no matter how horrific, as a response of love?

    33.10 The only way that you can do this is by always knowing and never forgetting who you are. You are being in relationship: The creator of events as well as the experiencer of events, the creator of relationship as well as the relationship itself. You either know this or you don’t. It is not about “believing” that this is so, but knowing that this is so. It is when you know that this is so, and you also know who you are, that you know with certainty that the only response is love.

    33.11 All relationship is with love because all relationship is with God, who is one in being with you.

    33.12 Being is power. Relationship is powerful. In other words, relationship is the expression of power—all the different expressions of power. In the time of Jesus, the powerful were seen as being blessed by God and the powerless as not being so blessed. This way of seeing has gone much unchanged. All are powerful. But, since all are powerful only in relationship, your relationship to power must be realized. Those who are powerful have realized their relationship to power. Those who see themselves as powerless have not realized their relationship to power. They have not made it real and so it has not served them.

    33.13 And yet, since no one can exist outside of relationship and relationship is where power is expressed, everyone does have a relationship with power. Power is one in being with each and every one of us. Every single individual has within them the power to affect, change, or recreate the world. Every single individual does so to the extent to which they realize their power. A baby realizes the power of its cry within moments of being born. Many a teenager develops full realization of the power of their independence. In other words, you each have claimed some type of power for yourself, some means of exerting that power, which is the same as saying some means of individuating the self.

    33.14 This is the power of being. The power to individuate the Self. The power to be who you are. This is power and the source of power. This is the force of creation, the only true power.

    33.15 But again, despite that we each hold the power of creation within us, it is only in relationship that it is expressed and that we become powerful. To realize that you are in relationship with everything and everyone all of the time, is to realize the full extent of your power. You cannot realize that you are in relationship with everything and everyone all of the time and retain the desire to use your power. This is impossible. The realization that you are in relationship with everything and everyone all of the time is the realization of oneness and unity, the realization that you are one in being, creator and created. This is a realization that only comes of love because love is the only “condition” of union. 33.16 Thus when you realize your relationship to all, you are all powerful.

    ~Perron, Mari. A Course of Love: Combined Volume.

  11. In the story of Job he was being tested on the quality of his love. Did he love unselfishly or interested? Service to all or service to himself? Did he love God for selfish reasons, or unselfish reasons. The one who tested him is usually symbolized as having goat hoofs and a tail…
    Good for Job he kept loving God even when it seemed God was giving him hell, Job not being aware it was the one with the tail and hoofs doing that to him. So in the end Job got back double of what he had lost due to the hoofed tailed one having taken it away from him. For now he had convinced the latter that God’s love in Job was indeed unselfish. So now the hoofed tailed one was no longer that. From then on he supported Job.
    He was no longer a stubborn one rebelling against humankind, and with that against God in the humans. He had turned into an innocent sheep (just as Jesus was as a lamb) trusting in the goodness and love of God in the humans, and God’s guidance in himself. Even that God was his real Self, God having given Himself to him by experiencing all he experienced. Be it Hell or Heaven.
    Now he was no longer in his old miserable realm but had been received in the divine realm. As a new being.

  12. I could swear that the last vocalization sounded like “Goodnight now”.

      1. I also hear it starting with an “N”, but what I hear is “Nate No”. I think it might not be english language?

    1. I was just getting ready to post the same thing! That’s what I heard as well.

      1. Now that I’ve listened again, I can hear the “G”.
        G’night, now. It sounds sort of nasal, even a bit congested

  13. in an old book I read in the 1970s by Frank Edwards – there’s a few, Stranger than Science, Stranger than Fiction…. there’s a story of a pair of goat hoove type tracks that runs across snow covered roofs all over London… just FYI

    1. Yes, I remember that. It was called the Spring-heeled Jack. Somehow, I remember John Keel talking about that, too.

  14. What I great show. I never imagined I’d be typing this but in recent months I’ve noticed a new type of vision in moments of mind awake / body asleep: When I close my eyes I’ve seen a slightly different version of my desk and the wall behind it: the laptop is different, the notes and pictures I have on the wall are different. The quality of light is also a little different, a little more blue-grey in tone. It was quite fleeting at first but I think with practise it could be sustained. It’s just so unexpected to discover a new level to all of this.

    It’s funny that you also mention driving in a different car. I don’t drive but the quality of this seeing reminds of driving around the block where I grew up, in a car that belonged to my mother when I was young. It’s quite a vivid memory: sneakily taking it around the block even though I don’t have a license. But it didn’t happen. I was too young. And I’ve never even had driving lessons. It feels like it happened to me, but a different me. A more mature, more confident me. As if I’d maybe been born a coupe of years earlier.

    I’ve noticed a few coincidences like this associated with reading A New World (and thank you so much for sending me a copy!) but they just seem a little too unlikely to type.

  15. I know this is TOTALLY out of line in regards to this “DREAMLAND” but as I pulled up the website today, I had this weird thought flash through my mind, (((“WHAT ON EARTH.”))) I typed it in on my computer, followed the listed  sites and this is what came up. I do however plan to listen to this “DREAMLAND” interview later today or tomorrow.

    Starting at 2:32 into the video, 

    6:56 Aboriginal Australian, Francis Firebrace,

    8:15 end of this story.

  16. What absolutely delightful experiences! Thank you so much for sharing them with us, Whitley. I know it still was disappointing not to make your trip to SD, though.

  17. Whitley,
    When you were in the other universe talking to your friend from Texas on your cellphone, I wonder what he would have said if you had asked him what year it was. Thought it would be interesting to know if time was different there from here. Also, while there, I wonder what historical/current event information you would have found by surfing the net. What an exciting adventure!

    1. Author

      There is so much that I would like to find out! To surf the web there, if there is one, would be fantastic. Also, if I’m right about there being other selves there, how parallel are their lives? I know that they are not absolutely parallel because I went in an instant from lying in a bed in this universe to riding a bike in the other one. So my other self would have found himself lying in my bed in this universe when I started riding his bike. Surely he didn’t engineer the exchange from the back of a bicycle, so who did? They were clearly responding to my request to know more about what I then thought of as a hidden self that was within me, not another entirely different version living in another universe. But who is ‘they???’

      1. No sign of Anne in the alternate universe? How do you think you’d react to seeing her?

  18. “ But who is ‘they???’ “

    In my case ‘they’ are incarnate beings who have a (much) more direct and 24/7 continuous awareness of their oversoul existence than I currently do. This gives them insight into how to manage these processes over time in a way that is most optimal.

    They are also beings who have a direct and loving interest in my spiritual growth and well being. I know exactly who they are. I know their names and relationships to me. I sometimes even know the exact individuals who are involved in engineering specific instances of experience. But usually, I don’t know specifically ‘who’ – simply because it doesn’t matter.

    This is all stuff that has been revealed to me over those thousands of hours of work that I’ve put into this. Many direct requests from my end, and many, many hours of focused meditation towards understanding and untangling these complex realities.

    In your case, Whitley, I think that if Whitley Prime has a fully real physical existence there (he does) then he would also have many family and friend connections there. I think I could safely say at it’s at least somewhat likely that those connections _could_ be your ‘they’.

    But I certainly don’t know. Many key details with my experience are greatly different than yours. But I will add this:

    “The reason for this is so that the full consciousness with all its memories intact from both lives will eventually exist in the other body and be able to continue to evolve when there are no more bodies available for us in this universe.” (From Pine Ridge thread)

    I think this is exactly on target. Everything in my experience here is pointing to precisely this goal (with the caveat that the “no more bodies” part is somewhat more nuanced).

    It is meant to be a blending, over time, of the full consciousness from both lives. A complete blending together. For me, this is what adds a great deal of difficulty, because the two sides I’m working with are extremely different.

    This specific process of blending/switching is something that I’ve been conditioned to – very slowly, and in many stages – over several decades in this life. Practicing switching into other (easier) forms of consciousness, then blending with more memories. Then more of the realtime body-to-body switches, and then switches across different levels of my own oversoul.

    All proceeding from an original massive “head start” that got me rolling with all of this in the summer of ’85, plus countless experiences of conditioning in zillions of other ways in parallel to the life-blending.

    “It’s an experiment. The knowledge gained from it will hopefully enable more such bridging. I am not the only person involved in this experiment.” (Pine Ridge)

    There are indeed many types of bridging experiments currently underway on Earth, involving many forms of Being.

  19. I’m a big believer in the many worlds theory and the idea some part of us is constantly quantum jumping between those worlds. I’ve personally experienced Mandela Effects — remembering alternative histories, like the altering of the Sistine Chapel painting. I remember Adam reaching skyward toward God who’s in the clouds. Now Adam is reaching across to a God who’s on his level, no longer in the clouds, but wrapped in some kind of dark cloth. Cynthia Sue Larson, who you’ve had on before, knows a lot about this.

  20. Whitley, best Dreamland I’ve listened to in YEARS. Absolutely fascinating from start to finish. You know, I would love more episodes without guests. I can listen to you riff and talk about your experiences all day long. I started listening to this late in the evening in a very dark and quiet house. It scared the hell out of me and had to finish in the brightness of the next morning.

  21. Hi Whitley. This the subscriber formerly known as BrotherMark. Perhaps you remember the letter I sent a couple of years ago, which ended up being published on the Insight portion of UC, about the vision that we both think was planted in me by Anne, a haunting vision in which I was the father of a little girl (in this world I am childless). Your tale of the mirror universe struck a chord with me because your recounting of how you instantaneously went from laying in bed to finding yourself in the midst of the mirror universe is very much what happened to me in that vision. One second I was laying in bed waiting to fall asleep, and the next split-second I found myself the father of a toddler, in another time period or timeline that was as real as this world. The den or family room in the vision was also old-looking (cheap old-style wood paneling, naugahyde furniture, no electronics of any kind). After hearing your tale I am wondering if what I actually experienced was a glimpse of this mirror universe….a universe in which I have a daughter. Perhaps Anne gave me a glimpse of that universe. I like the thought of another version of me who is the father of a precious little girl. I hope your travels in the other world continue.

  22. Very enjoyable, both parts of the show.
    Hmmm – goats hooves, tails, and the flutter of wings: these are all things of nature.

  23. This morning I read this for Day 35:

    35.5 So you might ask, was it once possible for you to be so unaware of your being that you were not sharing the relationship of everything with God? As long as you have known that you are a self, as long as you have been aware of your own existence, you have been aware of God. Your awareness of Self is God. God’s awareness of you is Self. This awareness exists in reciprocal relationship.
    ~A Course of Love -First received by Mari Perron

  24. Hi Whitley,
    Finding this spring and especially Dreamland has been so wonderful for me. I love this particular podcast especially and I agree with the other comment that I could listen to you talk anytime without a guest.
    When you talked about being a good Dad and having enough fatherly love to give it was really touching. Your voice, patience and wisdom give so much comfort to your listeners like me and I wanted to tell you that. I’m sorry you didn’t make it to the conference, but I’m so happy you did this special podcast instead. I really wanted to go too and am hoping for next year.
    I read Communion when it came out and it scared the hell out of me but I also loved it! I got busy with so many other things and just recently found A New World and you again. The lockdown brought me time alone to think and reflect in ways that I hadn’t done in a long time. I am so happy to have rediscovered you and I absolutely love listening to you. Your patient conversations with your guests always bring me so much joy and delight. Your sense of humor and lack of fear make me feel brave.
    By the way, in the vocalizations, to me it sounds like there is a layer of strange whispering going on after you cough and before you say, “You’re so strange”.
    Thank you for your amazing work. The way you talked about the parallel universe and Whitley Prime and so many other things has really opened my mind and I have been having several of my own experiences lately and I am grateful to have you there to confirm and help with this growth.

    1. I heard something too…between where there is a blowing noise and Whitley saying ‘You’re so strange’ there is what I initially thought was another vocalisation, saying ‘Wake him up’ in a forceful, quite loud wisper… a pretty creepy voice, if I’m to be perfectly honest….but then I listened to it again and I couldn’t really hear it, at least not the first part…. very strange.

  25. I was going to South Dakota, but sadly thought the better of it and cancelled back in May. Hope its on for 2021…

    Stay Home- stay healthy – we need YOU!

  26. Rented Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible on Google Movies.. great film and for £3.50 rental it made an enjoyable afternoon’s watching.

  27. Afore I forget, I often hear rustlings noises and bangs or thuds around my place during both day and night. I’ve come to accept that as other consciousness comes in or moves through my space that there is an exchange of energy on some level that results in audible noises.

    I think back to these trumpet sounds that seem to have been heard around the world and I wonder if the Earth’s consciousness is either changing or being affected by some other field of consciousness passing through the Earth?

  28. For the last clip……I hear “night now”. Thank you for sharing this Whitley.

  29. I really loved your story about the parallel worlds. And how you how you brought it all together there at the end. The way you ended this show was just fabulous how you summed it all up. Great job as always Whitley!

  30. Your love story is incredible…just an exquisite testimony to enduring commitment.
    This is a rather astonishing episode … but what leaves me speechless is your ongoing entwinement with your beloved.

  31. Author

    We are working together very smoothly now, on a new book. Basically, we are both still using the one physical body we have left. That’s why I wear both rings.

    To go deeper into this type of relationship, it is reflected in Card 21 of the Marseilles Tarot (NOT other Tarots) and in the Gospel of Thomas, saying 22: “When you make the two one, and when you make the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside, and the upper like the lower! And if you make the male and female one, so that the male is no longer male and the female no longer female…then you will enter [the Kingdom!”]

    We’re working on it!

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