This week we take a detour into the darks of the Yorkshire Wolds and ultra high strangeness that stretches back into the deep past. Or no, wait a minute, that’s the sort of thing we do almost every week–and it’s usually great fun, and this week that is SUPER-TRUE. Guided by a deeply knowledgeable expert, Charles Christian, we adventure into a region renowned for its strangeness. The show starts off with Whitley describing a time that he and Anne got lost in the fog in the area, and goes deeper from there, covering Charles’s extensive research that goes back all the way into the mists of time. We learn about all sorts of little-known topics such as medieval werewolves and the extraordinary secret of dragons!

Dreamland at its summer fun best!

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  1. Very enjoyable. The area around Flamborough Head is what Paul Sinclair talks about in his Truth Proof books.

    1. I have to admit I got a little bored listening to this interview and much prefer listening to Paul Sinclair talk about the modern accounts of weirdness in that general area.

    2. I also wonder about what it might be that perpetuates this strangeness… is it just strange stories from antiquity, told over a few pints in the local pub, that continue to weave their way into the minds and culture of the residents… that then finds an outlet through active imaginations? In another words, human imagination brought into being by consciousness…Or are we talking about something like portals and the thinning between this world and another very strange place?

  2. I was quite happy to hear the story of St Edmund. It included mention of the town named for him Bury St Edmunds. Not too far off I did the interior design for a home in Willisham . My client and I went to Bury frequently to shop for the project. I never knew the history behind the town. What an unexpected delight .

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