This fun and exciting discussion with Trish and Rob MacGregor about pyschic empowerment is fun but also serious. We all have psychic power but we feel as if we don’t. The result of which is–well, we don’t. It isn’t a matter of just saying “I believe” and it happens. Most often, when we make that pronouncement inside ourselves what happens is exactly nothing. So, what does work? Whitley points out early in the show that the power of story is tremendously important. We need to know true stories about psychic power in order to find its place in our lives, and this show is filled with fascinating real-life stories that anybody can relate to and understand, that can encourage us to find our own psychic power.

We are all born with it, but as life intrudes and we get busier and busier, it slips away.

Listen, and you will find moments, almost certainly, that will take you back to your own truth, which is that you are a multidimensional being and loaded with psychic power.

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  1. Wonderful show Whitley! Thanks Rob and Trish for helping us all move forward with this… One set of goosebumps at a time!

  2. I’m about 1/2 thru. I really identified with the fear of telling people about experiences. Possibly losing jobs, friends, alienating family, in laws. My husband’s family are hardcore religious, no way I could tell them about visitors. My kids have experienced some odd paranormal things as kids, but they still don’t know the full story of mine. Time will tell…

  3. Anna, sometimes its just that way. Most people that know me already expect it. I usually dont jump in someone’s face shouting and waving my arms about, BUT….. if they broach the subject, I ease into it. Some of my closer associates just say Im crazy and I leave it at that. Its ok. I have been told on several occassions in the past that, “only a F*ing idiot would believe that.” Like the last story in this interview, I was in a cabin visiting a friend in some foothills in Colorado in 2009. I did “something” that invoked a nature spirit, faery, thunderbird… whatever it was, it was MUCH bigger than the cabin. It banged on an inner wall of the cabin before coming in, if i recall, 3 times. . AND it came thru the bathroom carrying the scent of mint. It pushed my friend down into the couch opposite of me and I stood to greet it.
    You couldnt see it with the human eye, but I knew it… it put the picture in my mind. It shook its perverbial finger at me and basically implied that I dont come around and do what I did in its area EVER AGAIN. End of story. My knees hurt so bad from just being in its presence. It was fantastic; not the pain but meeting something like it.
    I tell that story sometimes, but most folks would put me in the rediculous liar catagory.
    Happens. Just remember, its yours.
    Thanks for the cool stories folks. Thank you as well Whitley.. Im half way done with “A new world.” SOOOO many questions are in me.

    1. Theres one question eating at me….
      Dealing with “accept who you are.” …
      Because Im under the impression that WE, in the time stream, are attached to this “soul factory” which allows us to manipulate the nature of this planet. Even if they manipulate atoms, how about the weather..or ionosphere?
      That is comprised of atoms… air/wind. See what im getting at? Like the aboriginals “clever fellas.”

  4. In addition, Im on page 100. And Im reminded about the coffin. If one’s body is dead, thats a usual spot for it. But we arent the body are we? There is MORE outside the coffin than inside the coffin.
    And, chances are, no one follows the comments after a very short time. My words are in reality now.

  5. And, I still have more….
    To clarify what I was getting at in the earlier post, all of us here know what the coffin is. Whitley most of all in his adventures should know(mind you, its his symbol message). A coffin is a “step” in life. Its not finality. Anne proved that. I have a coworker who is sure that we as a race have discovered everything that can be measured and there is nothing new. He is based in scientism. An the visitors/archons/watchers? Have they really reached their finality? Whats outside the realms of reality & universe? When I saw the universe floating in a white cushion, that told me there was more outside of universes. Jeremy V. friend, Jeff R., saw something similar… even more so.
    And the nordic child with a grey in the airport…. remember that story? Did the visitors/archons/watchers offer them the same deal as us? Maybe… The “visitors” are us… evolved to a point existing outside of time and yet all times at once. We may very well be the catapillars.
    Why does the structure of an atom look like a solar system? Maybe we are quarks.


  6. I enjoyed this show. Some of the experiences discussed were absolutely fascinating.

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