Our interviewer this week is Josh Boone is the director of The Fault in Our Stars, The Stand Mini-Series to be released on CBS later this year, and New Mutants, to be released in theaters in 2020. He is also producing, writing and directing a series based on Whitley’s life for a major network that is expected to be released in 2020.

In this episode of Dreamland, Josh interviews Whitley about A New World. Josh has read all 7 drafts of the book as well as all of Whitley’s other works, so this is a very searching interview. Then, for subscribers, Whitley first reads what he regards as a crucially important question from a subscriber about how to cope with the dark side, which is explored in A New World, and then responds to with a deep dive into what the dark side really is and how to transform it into something that makes you stronger rather than eating away at you.

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  1. wow. THAT was something above and beyond so many things. Im so glad i have a copy of this book on its way.
    The 3rd half hour was powerful to say the least.
    I wonder then…..
    Around 1998, I discovered a grey orb, nonphysical and about the size of an apple, floating over my left shoulder. i could see it even though it wasnt physical. It wasnt there all the time though. I called it AJ. In 2012, early in the morning, a male voice said to me, “Bye.” that was it. I havent seen it since. Could that be the “ride along” you mentioned, Whitley? It was benign at worst. It was just there every so often.
    Im really blown away hearing about the physical connecting opened to release the energy body. AND… I wonder for what purpose? To capture that energy?
    wow. (I bet I’ll be saying that as I read your work.)

  2. Whitley,
    If this is true, it’s the worst news I’ve ever heard. If the universe is only a coffin to those who have learned everything, then life is a dead end and has no point. All we can do is postpone this horror by dragging our feet and learning as little as we can for as long as we can. The visitors become nothing more than parasites sucking on our lives to experience vicariously what they can no longer share. Say it isn’t so!

    1. @ Joseph Fischer…. IOW, there could be some Truth in the saying, “Ignorance is bliss.”

  3. Author

    What may have happened to them–and remember, this is my interpretation, not necessarily some sort of absolute truth–isn’t necessarily where we’re headed. For one thing, there may be more to experience than they know, or that vision may simply be a mistake on my part. I don’t think that it is, though. I am fairly sure that the coffin incident happened, but I am also rather certain that, no matter how long our species lasts, we are never going to acquire all knowledge, at least not in a way that a single individual can contain it. As matters stand now, we already have vastly more knowledge than any individual can ever apprehend. No, we’re not built that way. Life is always going to be full of surprise for us. The simple reason for this is that we live in the time stream and we are never going to get out of it, no more than a fish can leave the water. It is what we are adapted for.

    Apparently they are not adapted in this way, and see the flow of events from the outside. We die and recur and when we do, we start out again with a virtual clean slate. That tells me that we’re not able to contain knowledge in the way they do. This is why we are such a good fit together. They will always bring knowledge to the table, we will always bring newness.

    1. i have come across this idea of the oppressive nature of not being able to forget anything ever and living outside time having full access to the past and future and maybe even space in some more abstract higher reality. remembering all your lives and having already experienced everything your ever going to be able to, ever. would beings like that want to forget their exalted state and devolve to a kind of forgetfulness? is that what we are now? did we de-evolve to solve this problem in the past? iv’e personally rebelled in my life trying to figure out why we forget if we live many times, why we forget where we came from when we enter this life. i’ve never liked it. i want to know. the visitors answer of a coffin may in my mind reflect this dilemma. imagine seeing your loved ones and friends dying over and over and over life after life never forgetting. seeing cycle after cycle. would that kind of infinity make you go insane? would forgetting be a kind of grace. lately i think maybe yes it would. the feeling of newness would be worth more than gold then. maybe we will evolve back to that state and see if its true, again.

      1. @ Marsmotion…this you have described reminds me of the anguish of the vampire, who lives forever and sees all times and ages and life&death&life&death&life&death ad infinitum…and feels, essentially, bored with it all. Oh! to find death again, and the release from this prison of eternal life.

        Maybe the visitors *are* vampires.

    2. And that begs the question that got me this morning pondering about the posts ive read…..
      If all is known, is there still imagination?
      kinda weird, but i see imagination as creation. Would this be just part of the physical? OR… do energy beings differ? Are we as energy beings with imagination different from other energy beings?
      eh, I thought i’d throw that out there and tried to avoid complexity.

  4. I haven’t listened yet but I’m so excited for the new book.

    I’m posting now because I saw Mr. Fischer’s comment about the universe being a coffin.

    In 2014-2015 time frame I had a vision of sorts. During a particularly terrifying OBE an ornate scroll appeared before me. It unrolled and on it written in plain english was the message, “Jesus said to shake the coffin.”

    So it seems pretty plainly laid out for us.


    figure it out

  5. Andy…I remember that from you a while back and we discussed here.

    I started reading ‘A New World’ yesterday and things began happening last night. My sweetheart was in on it too…

    1. Hi Cosmic, hope you are well. I’m buying book now.

      I ordered a physical copy. I can’t wait

  6. My copy of A New World arrived in the post today.

    I noticed quite quickly that there was an energy, a resonance coming from the book. This will be my reading over Christmas.


  7. I read the preface of ‘A New World’ the other day… and that night had the strangest vivid dream involving Whitley and his cabin. Suffice to say, I took what happened in the dream as a warning, so will be steering clear for the time being. This is a rabbit hole I’m not sure I want to go down at the moment.

    Last evening I started listening to this week’s Dreamland…decided I needed to get on with a DIY painting job, so stopped the interview at the section where it was being discussed about the Visitors being outside of time. Wouldn’t you know it…the colour of paint I had previously chosen to do this job was called “Timeless”!

  8. Just as a preliminary to deeper absorption of what you have given — this last 30 minutes of your podcast feels like the most condensed, most powerful “sermon” I have ever heard. I have been in process of learning HOW to live an examined life, and despite genuine progress, find myself still almost adamantly resistant to such examination. I even am resistant to perceiving how resistant I am, and still wouldn’t know even that except for the selfless, brave truthtelling of an individual just about ready to give up on me, after several years of shoveling layers of denseness. It’s pretty serious. Nevertheless, I am committed to the path of becoming conscious. Your 30 minutes here already is helpful. I’m so grateful for your courage, unremitting work, love. Started reading your new book on Kindle a couple days ago, as soon as I saw that it was out. Thank you. Bless you.

  9. So, last night I decided to see what was on our PBS stations and this is what came up on AMERICAN MASTERS. This presentation is WONDERFUL. The thoughts/words/spoken wisdom throughout the whole program. Then, and I think because of how this remarkable program affected me, I had this dream. Whitley and Josh Boone, I believe in some respects this dream resonates with parts of the interview.





    I am sitting on a stone bench inside a building. There is a painting covering part of the wall. Is it painted on canvas or is it more like a plasma television screen? I cannot seem to tell the difference. I am trying to understand what the artist is trying to say/convey but cannot.

    CHANGE: I am now laying on a massage table. The person who will be giving the massage is a man; he has on a brown/plaid shirt. As he rests his hands on my shoulders I tell him that IF I go into a light trance he should not interfere with any words but that he should continue moving/shifting the energy through my body. THEN I say, “this will be televised on CNN.”

    CHANGE: Now I am back sitting on the same stone bench and the man that gave the massage is sitting to my left. We are again looking at the painting. As we look it is starting to reveal itself and I start to cry. The artist has captured the total essence of every living thing in this painting. (All dimensions/all things). It is a landscape accompanied/infused with humankind. The best way to describe what we are seeing is in the HARRY POTTER movies when the people in the portraits keep moving around, interacting with the students/teachers as well as those in the other paintings.

    The dream ends here and was probably/TOTALLY influenced by the PBS program but still wanted to share this. Strange how our sleeping selves tries to figure out and process what we see and say during the day.

    1. I watch the documentary twice on that author is well and found it really really profound

  10. Hey neighbour, why not buy it and talk about it?

    Frankly, right now I’m struggling.

    I’m in turmoil in my life but buying the book lifted me instantly because deep down, in my unspoken self, I knew if I tried, that if I reached out, someone would reach back and try.

    They started reaching out again last April when, on waking from sleep, I heard loud male voice say “One more year..”

    Not young, not old, just Human. Human with bumps and twizzells and twizzell-twozzez.

    One people, one reason.


  11. thats some great advice in that last half hour. i’ve dealt with some people who just had this intense hatred or resentment of just me being in their presence. like they just had this subliminal reaction. earlier in my life i would get emotionally involved, pissed off, play on their terms and none of it made the situation any better. so 20 years later i ignore the beckoning to get into the mud, i use their tricks as a way to become more powerful at resisting. and i don’t resent or emit neg emotion. im calm and reserved and now try to have a sense of humor about it. finally that seems to work but you really have to embody all that. it cant be some faking thing. so when you believe in yourself and have real will about a situation and know you are sovereign you can beat it, make peace with it. and let it fade. its a great lesson in personal power.

  12. Help me understand what you’re saying in that last half hour Whitley… how does the fact of these victims being homeless and having given up on their lives make it okay to rip their spines out? What knowledge can they give us that wouldn’t have the stench of innocent blood? Feels like saying to the Nazis “Well, yeah, you’re making those awful lampshades, but we want you to tell us everything you know about antigravity flying machines…” Is the exchange really worth dealing with such monsters, even if we’re really “careful”?

    1. Author

      Make it OKAY?? I said nothing of the kind! It’s obviously not okay in any way whatsoever and no word I said implies otherwise. Still, it has to be aired out because the entitles who do such things were here and may still be here, or may return, so we are best advised to do what we can, individually and collectively, to strengthen our own hand so that they are foreclosed from doing such things in the future.

      There are people who will tell you that weapons are the answer. That’s not entirely wrong, but it’s not the most useful part of the equation. The most useful thing to do is to take command of your own life and your own soul, and you do that by living out of love, compassion and humility. As I say in the talk, lead an examined life. Nevertheless, I can assure you that there are already plenty of people involved in this who are fine with the lampshades as long as they get the antigravity machines.

      I, for one, AM NOT SUCH A PERSON. I am here to make contact work to enrich the human experience at every possible level. I detest the violent side of this. I know perfectly well that it leads down a road that gives the weapons guys just what they need to continue their control over us: terror.

      Remember the warning in the Crabwood Crop Formation (which was entirely authentic, despite all the lies being spread about it): “Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. BELIEVE. There is GOOD out there. We oPpose DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING.” We oppose deception. That’s the bottom line. That’s why this difficult material is in the book in the first place. It would have been deceptive to leave it out. A new world, if you can take it means being loving, compassionate and humble, but it also means being a good soldier.

      When we find the balance between resistance to what we don’t want and acceptance of what we truly need, we will find our place in the cosmos. They will continue to oppress us with one hand and encourage us with the other until we do so.

      1. Thank you for clarifying, I have a better understanding now of what you were saying. I guess I was reacting to the gruesome details of the story, which I had been unaware of. Your non-sensationalistic presentation was in such contrast to the revulsion I was feeling that I misinterpreted your position as one of “if we want the good we have to accept the evil”. That was incorrect and I apologize for jumping to that conclusion.

  13. Great interview! Got the book and started it, fascinating. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  14. Whitley I was really curious, and if you don’t want to answer this here I totally understand. When you said that the visitors or the presence, comes into your body what do you mean exactly? Do they interact with you on a physical level in some form once inside, or you just sort of hang out together energy-wise and have a dialog? What is the purpose for that if you know and what is the outcome for that if you know? Thank you

    1. Author

      We are just at the beginning of understanding what this actually involves. I can tell you how it feels to me: there is a sort of inner opening and a sense of intimate sharing. It was once absolutely terrifying, but now it’s simply part of life. What it feels like is I do the sensing exercise and as I do it someone else who I cannot perceive directly seems to become part of me. Sometimes, there’s nothing more than that. Other times, a dialogue develops. This mostly happens during the three AM meditation. There is a sense of joy about it, where originally there was fear. There is no physical interaction that I am aware of–no sense that another body is sharing my body–but a deeper sense of sharing than that. I go into what I speculate may be the purpose of this in my book. I have the impression that this new kind of engagement with one another is the process of communion itself.

      1. Thank you for clarifying that. I am reading the book but haven’t gotten that far yet. I can see how that would be terrifying at first. Are you doing the chat tonite, I wasn’t sure with the holiday? And Happy Thanksgiving, I am thankful you are sharing your experiences with the world, at great cost to yourself and family. Thank you

  15. Author

    I’ll be in the chat tonight, yes. Doing my Thanksgiving travel tomorrow.

    1. Thanks! I will see you then. One other question and this may be one you also can’t answer but maybe have some ideas on, so where did this all come from? Who created all the timelines, the visitors, the phenomenon, etc? Is this a Christian God the Father kind of thing or? You’d have to have a pretty interesting deity/energy, in my opinion, to create multiple universes, multiple timelines, multiple realities. But I guess it is the ultimate question is where do we all come from and where do they all come from?

      1. Author

        This question has been in play at least since the Neanderthals began honoring their dead with burials, and probably before that. If you come across a convincing answer, let me know. I will do the same back!

  16. Whitley could you please spell out the name of the European author who wrote the poems you read? Really interesting, I wanted to do more research, or is there a book you could recommend of his?

    1. Anna, I think the poet’s name you are after is Rainer Maria Rilke.

      Just doing a search on him, the top two items in a list of some of his quotes has my interest already…

      “The only journey is the one within” and
      “I want to be with those who know secret things or else alone”.

      1. …and I just found these, which were rather interesting…

        “Perhaps all the dragons in our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us act, just once, with beauty and courage…”


        “Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves, like locked rooms and like books that are now written in a very foreign tongue. Do not now seek the answers, which cannot be given you because you would not be able to live them. And the point is, to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer”. 

  17. Whitley, how does the ‘Sensing Exercise’ differ (or does it) from basic Buddhist mindfulness practice of centering attention on the breath or sense of being, while allowing everything else to flow (to the maximum extent our ego minds allow). Since it figures so prominently in ‘A New World’ I thought I’d try to get a better understanding of it. Thanks. Mark

    1. Thanks Whitley for your reply below. I see it now in the Subscribers section and will work with it.

    2. I happened upon a version of the sensing exercise, independently 20+ years ago. To me, this one feels more natural…but it’s whatever works, I guess… Anyway, it involves imagining that I am hollow and slowly starting to fill from the feet upwards, with a warm liquid of my favourite colour (blue). When I get to the top of my head, I start again from my feet. When I notice my mind has wondered, I bring my attention back to where I left off… If I can’t remember, I just start again from the feet.

      Initially it often feels slow but becomes easier, the longer you stick with it.

      For me, after several passes, my attention seems to automatically switch to an observation of whole body sensation, which seems to accompany a loss of distinction of where my arms end and the rest of my body begins…and where one leg ends and the other begins.

      If I continue it, I start to get a sense of rotation… I know this will sound ridiculous but it feels like I am rotating around four axes at once…clockwise and anticlockwise around my length and the same end over end! I can normally only sustain that for 20 seconds or so without anything else but have learned that looking up towards the very top of my head, can sustain it at will.

      I won’t go into details but I had an interesting out-of-body vision the first time I tried that for an extended period.

      This exercise combines the two seemingly paradoxical states of focused attention and passive observation, which is the real key here, I think.

      Interestingly, becoming practised in combining these two states also helped massively with dream recall and greatly increased the number and length of vivid dreams…with the odd one turning lucid.

      Another variation of the exercise above is to imagine slowly walking into a warm sea, deeper and deeper, feeling the water level rise around you until submerged into the quiet depths. I found this helped me with racing thoughts.

      Anyway, after practicing this over time, I got the distinct impression that I was attracting some external attention, if you know what I mean.

      1. Author

        It is so important not to use the imagination in the sensing exercise. It is a simple matter of placing the attention on the sensation of the body while letting the thoughts proceed on their own. Placing the attention on the nervous system in this way has the specific effect of increasing its light output.

        1. No imagination, just sensation… that’s interesting.

          Thanks for clarifying that.

          1. Maybe it wasn’t a warning but a test. After all, look at that very interesting synchronicity you experienced with Timeless. It seems they’re knocking on the door. And at least they’re knocking first!

          2. Hi OUIJIAX,

            For some reason I couldn’t reply directly to your post…

            Anyway, was that dream a test? Well, in it I got the message quite clearly and literally that I “shouldn’t be there”…so should I walk on the grass, despite the sign to the contrary? Was it a warning, or a challenge? Well, in the past I have accepted those kinds of challenges and fallen into more than one rabbit hole, as a consequence. I have been invited by them quite directly to meet them but have to admit that fear got the better of me…then real anger when they briefly turned up anyway. Historically my responses have not been the best…much to my regret… but at the same time, to be quite honest, I feel that I should be able to ‘shine’ without the need to have to get involved with them.

            Something has been knocking at my door for a long time… when I was five, I had an extraordinarily vivid dream that will stay with me always, involving nine knocks at the back door… three sets of three… in that dream I confronted my fear and went out into the dark, alone… but nothing was there… until I came back in and looked out of the window, whereupon I saw ‘the devil’ flying around the house, laughing, mocking me. That kind of stuff tends to stick with you. I’m in no hurry to step back out there.

  18. Author

    Listen to the additional material on the sensing exercise that I have posted. You will find it in three places: Subscribers specials, Whitley’s room, and meditations. It is the same post in all three places.

    The characteristic difference is that the sensing exercise, by placing the attention on physical sensation in a simple and methodical way, apparently alters one’s visibility in other levels of reality.

  19. The day after I read the book I had a strange experience with what seemed liked a dead person in a car. My husband was with me and confirmed he heard the sound of a car entering the garage, but he had turned his back while fishing for change in his pocket and didn’t see the driver or the car. I was too stunned to speak to get him to turn around. I have started having vivid dreams populated by dead relatives. I could see their faces. I have never been able to see the face of a deceased friend or relative in my dreams before.

  20. I got your book a short while ago, Whitley. When I read it, it moved me deeply, so much love and joy arose … right from the start. Honestly, it spoke…and I wish all who read it will be in the same “place” I was.

    Thank you Whitley and Anne : ) She’s so much a part of everything, Whitley. I feel blessed to have found your website so long ago.

    I am not even close to being in the place whereof you speak and write. Truth speaks in the depths of knowing… even it we don’t have “experiences” like yours, Whitley. Thank you for the honesty and openness and treating us with such respect. Anne is right… “joy”

    One last piece,
    recently, I had been remembering my childhood. It was a difficult time… and I realized what courage my Dad showed and lived as he walked the area…. to make sure we were safe … (a tough inner city situation at the time). I realized my parents and you and Anne had much in common. Bravery in the face of fear. Doing “right” and being honest … protecting family by speaking the truth, … a dark time…. and yet… it was filled with light. Not just fear… real light and love…. and many good people.

    Thank you, Anne & Whitley for reminding me… and giving me another lesson. Love matters.


  21. oh, and thanks to all the others who posted… you are a wonderful part of this site as well.

  22. I thought it important to mention that Mr Strieber’s new book is available in audio format from Audible. While I already have a paperback version, I wanted the audio book as well but was initially put off because it seemed that a subscription to Audible was needed. This is NOT the case with ‘A New World’.

    You CAN buy ‘A New World’ as a standalone purchase then download it and listen through the free Audible app.

    I’m over the moon that this was available this way and also ‘chuffed to bits’ (a British expression) that I have it!


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