Join Trish and Rob for a conversation with… Philip Merry, the author of The 9 Keys of Synchronicity, a book that grew out of his Ph.D. research. Dr. Merry is a British native, who lives in Singapore. He has led workshops in leadership training for more than four decades andread more

Join Trish and Rob for an Unknown Country premiere: Preston Dennett first began investigating UFOs in 1986 after learning that his family, friends, and co-workers had encounters. Since then he has interviewed hundreds of people and investigated a wide variety of cases. He has written 29 books and more thanread more

Join Trish and Rob for a conversation with… Gian Quasar is the author of numerous books on mysteries of the unknown. His most recent one is “Then Came the Dawn,” an exploration of the Amelia Earhart mystery. Rob met Gian nearly twenty years ago at the site of the formerread more

Join Trish and Rob for a conversation with… Jennifer Hough is president of The Wide Awakening, founder of the largest integrative nutrition practice in Canada, and the first mentorship program for complementary entrepreneurs over two decades ago. Jennifer’s main focus is the science of flow in everyday life, which sheread more