This week we explore the nature of God with two experts on the history of religion, Clive Prince and Lynn Picknett. They are the authors of many books about the hidden past of religion, among them The Templar Revelation which inspired the DaVinci Code and the book we’re talking about today, When God had a Wife. Their thesis is that in very ancient times the religion practiced in the temple at Jerusalem involved two deities, Yahweh, the male god and the goddess Anat.

From there, we explore the nature of modern worship. Should we limit ourselves to male deities such as the western God and the Islamic Allah? Or should gender be involved in worship at all? Is God part of sexuality and therefore sexual politics, or something deeper. If so, then why does sexuality play such an important part in religion. In the third half-hour of the show for our subscribers, we open up these intimate questions and take a deep dive into the whole issue.

Visit Lynn and Clive at To get When God had a Wife click here. To get Whitley’s new book A New World, click here.

Also for subscribers, Whitley reads an excerpt from A New World and offers a commentary on it.  This will appear early next week.

Next week, Dreamland will feature Marie D. Jones on the meaning of 11:11, then on December 20, we have an extraordinary Christmas special based around one of the main themes of A New World: scientists who are in contact with the visitors and using information that they are gaining from them in their work.

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  1. OK, so now this is getting waaay to weird. As I am listening to the ‘DREAMLAND’ interview, I get this incoming e-mail from my niece. The same thing happened while listening to ‘THE UNSEEN’ interview posted on December 4th.

    Sent: 12/6/2019 6:45:53 PM
    Subject: Northern cardinal with rare abnormality spotted

    The bird shows apparent bilateral gynandromorphism, a rare abnormality that causes it to have female plumage on one side of its body and male on the other.

    ( Sent from KMOV News )

  2. Looking forward to listening to this. Another amazing book that also inspired which inspired the DaVinci Code, written before The Templar Revelation, is “The Woman With The Alabaster Jar – Mary Magdalen and the Holy Grail” by Mary Starbird. She was a Roman Catholic scholar who wanted to prove the Mary-as-Jesus’s-wife tale false, instead finding something very different! Highly recommended!!!

  3. Amazing interview! Would loved this to be many more hours longer. Makes me wonder why if God saw us decline this way thru organized religion to keep us controlled would allow us to go as we have? Of course the answer is always “free will” and I can buy that to a point. Time now to look inside and say enough is enough!
    Very thought provoking – thanks Whitley!

  4. How strange, Mr. Trubilla. Your usual relentless negativity seems to be in abeyance. I suppose my taking down your posts every week caused you to change your tune and see if I would take this one down, too.

    1. Hi, I’m new here and curious about what kind of “negativity” causes you to delete posts and would have provoked this comment from you you him here. I tend to question things and am a professor and scholar of the subject myself so I’m a little concerned about knowing the rules here.

      1. Author

        Al Harlow is the site’s tech support guy. For many months Mr. Trubilla would post a nasty comment about Dreamland each week, often containing personal material about his dislike of Whitley’s or the guest’s voice, etc. This upset some of our guests, so I asked Al to delete posts that were arbitrarily insulting to them, by which I meant not posts arguing with them or disagreeing with them, but sneering at or complaining about their voices or other elements of personal affect.

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  5. After 37 years of study on this subject, I independently came to the same conclusions as Picknett & Prince. Really loved this podcast!

    And, Whitley, I am reading “A New World”. I love it!

  6. Listening to this broadcast touched me in a personal religious way. I am a gay Catholic who belongs to the Chicago chapter of DignityUSA. Our liturgies for several years have used gender-inclusive language. This is based on the idea that the nature of God is such a mystery that no one can know if it is characterized by gender. In Catholic churches the Mass begins with, “In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit”. At Dignity’s liturgies, we begin with, “In the name of our Creator God, Saving Redeemer and Sanctifying Spirit. During the Liturgy of the Eucharistic liturgy, we address our invocation and blessings on the bread and wine to, Father-Mother God.

    The reason for this is that patriarchal and male-centered language is reflective of the discriminatory teachings against women and LGBTQ peoples.

    One last thought, the patriarchy of the church following the Nicene Council and the Emperor Constatine’s conversion created a political problem for the leaders of the previously underground Christian church. In order to blend into the Roman Empire culture, the leadership structures had to be male-dominated–just as the government civil offices of the Empire were male-dominated.

  7. Zeus and Hera – A Match for the First Couple of Genesis?

    “We are told in Chapter 2 of Genesis that Eve was created full-grown out of Adam. Before she was known as Hera, the wife of Zeus had the name Dione. The name relates to the creation of Eve out of Adam, for Dione is the feminine form of Dios, the genitive form of Zeus. (((((This suggests that the two, like Adam and Eve, were once a single entity.”)))))

    So, are we as humankind again destined to return to androgynous beings? Seems so.

  8. A fascinating interview and one that really helped to set the scene for the festive season just ahead of us.

    Additionally, I thought it important to mention that Mr Strieber’s new book is available in audio format from Audible. While I already have a paperback version, I wanted the audio book as well but was initially put off because it seemed that a subscription to Audible was needed. This is NOT the case with ‘A New World’.

    You CAN buy ‘A New World’ as a standalone purchase then download it and listen through the free Audible app.

    I’m over the moon that this was available this way and also ‘chuffed to bits’ (a British expression) that I have it!


  9. Lynn mentions that all Jewish men were married by the time they were sixteen. But I was under the impression that there were some celibate Essenes in that period.

  10. Really great interview, good reminder of why I avoid organized religions. I guess I am more of a gnostic! Thank you

  11. The virgin birth was a characteristic of the popular god Mithras, a Persian import to Rome and VERY popular with Roman soldiers, and others, especially “dying and rising” fertility gods like Dionysus. As most people know, the idea of male gods like Zeus impregnating human women was pretty standard in the cultural mythos and had been for at least 500 years before Christ. It was both significant and problematic for the early framers of the story that Mary M was the first one to see the risen Christ. Frankly I don’t know how/why that got left in there! Generally from the gnostic sources found later, I understand that Mary M was actually an apostle and that certainly got changed.

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