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This week we explore the new findings about the Nazca Mummies with William Galison. The mummies have been called every sort of hoax you can imagine, but new data tells a very different story. Listen as William, who has been involved with the project from the beginning, tells the story of the latest press conference, AND the extraordinary story BEHIND it.

The mummies have been found to have hollow bones, the DNA does not match any known species and, at this point, the claims of hoax seem like wishful thinking or even purposeful propaganda. It appears that the new findings shatter some very fundamental assumptions about life on Earth, and open up the question of whether or not aliens have ever visited here in an entirely new way.

These discoveries break fundamental paradigms about life on Earth and will be resisted no matter what. Snopes, for example, calls this a hoax and will continue to do so despite the careful DNA analysis that has been done. But that doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with the scientific work. On the contrary, it appears to have been executed at a high level of scientific finish.

Don’t miss this remarkable story. And at the end of the show, Whitley tells a terrific story about what happened when somebody came to their cabin that the visitors didn’t like. The reaction was as hilarious as it was scary. (The guest never returned..)

You can see images and learn more on but it is in French. The easiest way to translate it is to use the Chrome browser. When you navigate to it, the browser will offer you a translate option.

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  1. no link to this weeks
    no link to this weeks dreamland show, pop up doesn’t work and none of the links to the you tube channel indicate that this show is there.

  2. Well, I’m in Australia and
    Well, I’m in Australia and have had no problem with the link. It’s the 12th January here.

  3. Munna – I’m so jealous of the
    Munna – I’m so jealous of the future….

  4. Still not seeing a link.
    Still not seeing a link.

  5. When I sign in as a
    When I sign in as a subscriber, I am lacking the link.
    However, if I enter as a free Dreamlander, I have access to a link for this show.

  6. Interesting interview! I
    Interesting interview! I hope these bodies can be another step on the road to disclosure.

    Mr. Galison was slightly in error with his terminology. Marsupials *are* mammals. The class of mammals is divided into three groups: the egg-laying monotremes; the marsupials, whose young are born in a very early stage of development and nurtured in a pouch; and the placental mammals. All three have hair and produce milk. Mr. Galison was juxtaposing marsupials with mammals, when he meant with the placentals, which constitute the large majority of extant mammalian species.

    1. THANK YOU for your insightful
      THANK YOU for your insightful comment. You are 100% correct. I was searching for the word “placental” and it simply didn’t come to mind. Listening to the interview just now I was yelling at my computer “PLACENTALS!!!!” Ah well… I hope people read the comments!

  7. still no link – only can see
    still no link – only can see YouTube for non-subscribers

  8. Love the multiple streaming
    Love the multiple streaming options. I found a 24/7 Art Bell Radio on TuneIn. I miss his voice on the airwaves. Wow!

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    no link to subscriber data

  10. I do not think it acceptable
    I do not think it acceptable that Subscribers should have to wait this long for a link. What’s the problem?

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    No link

  12. I’m a subscriber in Ecuador.
    I’m a subscriber in Ecuador. The full show mp3 download link is available for free, yet while the pop-up player in the subscriber section works fine, there is no mp3 download link. My sympathies re the website woes, Whitley! BTW, my subscription continued to auto-renew last year (in May and November) without a hitch.

  13. As a subscriber, even if all
    As a subscriber, even if all you can access is the YouTube link, you’re not missing anything… out of an hour and three quarters, you will have five minutes worth of adverts to sit through but other than that, there is no difference in the content, as far as I can see.

  14. I was able to listen to the
    I was able to listen to the whole show via the popup player as a subscriber, but I like to download the shows as well–and there’s still no link as of 4:30 pm ET. Fascinating interview.

  15. This is one of the best shows
    This is one of the best shows yet! Wouldn’t it be interesting if we could compare dinosaur DNA to the DNA of these mummies as was done with birds?

  16. This show was really
    This show was really interesting and enjoyable. Thanks for the extra time it went for which I think is important considering the topic.

  17. No link 🙁 Guys……All
    No link 🙁 Guys……All these new other alternatives are really unnecessary, tedious, and not as easy to use. What happend to our normal old download link for subscribers?

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    No subscriber download link…Any One Out There?

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    The link is on the mobile site for subscribers but not on the full site unless you do not sign in.

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    No link indeed.

  21. Hi Mac007,
    many thanks found

    Hi Mac007,

    many thanks found it.

    kind regards

  22. Thank you Whitley and William
    Thank you Whitley and William Galison. For me this interview is WONDERFUL. Any new information obtained in the future (that can be shared) would be greatly appreciated.

    I saw this cartoon today posted by cartoonist Hilary Price.

  23. I got the link but when
    I got the link but when clicking on the Nazca show I got an error. The Year End show played fine, but the Nazca show did not.

    I clicked on the link to the other podcast website, TuninRadio.

  24. So, I tried Paranormal Radio,
    So, I tried Paranormal Radio, loaded the app and it does not load the Dreamland shows. Just sits blinking.

  25. Alexa cannot play the podcast
    Alexa cannot play the podcast from TuneIn either. It just says it is playing it then there is nothing.

    P.S. It took more than 2 minutes to load. So Alexa does work afterall, it just didn’t give me the Nazca podcast, it is playing the Year end podcast from 2 weeks ago.

  26. Great interview. Thanks.
    Great interview. Thanks.

  27. This was one of your very
    This was one of your very best interviews. It seems clear that the Nazca mummies were once actual living creatures, integrated in their medieval Peruvian community, yet with only sparse genetic connection to human species. Whether they were an odd earth species or ETs, they are utterly fascinating and challenge our assumptions. By the way, I listened just fine from YouTube.

  28. We have been unable to reach
    We have been unable to reach the site for days, and the developer for the new site has mysteriously quit. There is little question in my mind that he has been gotten to. His excuse (diabetes) doesn’t seem like an illness severe enough to stop him working altogether. It isn’t a debilitating illness, especially when first diagnosed, which appears to be the case here. The new site is nearly finished, but now I need to find somebody new to do the work and bring them up to speed.

    At the same time, this site is under constant pressure. There is a massive effort going on to squelch anything truthful about the Nazca mummies, which is why we have been unable to fix the site. But I’m able to enter now, so I will see what I can do.

  29. The stream is now working
    The stream is now working here. On Alexa, its best to say “Alexa, Play Dreamland Podcast” rather than go through the TuneIn App. The TuneIn app is more for cellphones, etc.

  30. The stream is stopped on Tune
    The stream is stopped on Tune In Radio. This is an intentional act. It is not a problem with the stream. It is censorship. But it is also entirely illegal and probably hasn’t been done by TuneIn, but by somebody corrupting the feed. I will try to get it working again.

  31. hope new site is up soon …
    hope new site is up soon … this one is becoming tougher for subscribers to get to.

  32. February 3. No link. I
    February 3. No link. I don’t have mobile access and am coming in as a subscriber. I’ve had no problems logging in to this site, and no problems with links to other shows; just this one.

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