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This week we start with New York Times Reporter Leslie Kean telling us the TRUTH behind Project Blue Book and how the new History Channel show measures up to reality. You can read her and Ralph Blumenthal’s New York Times story on Blue Book here.
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Then Joseph Farrell joins us for his 25th appearance on Dreamland, and it’s a great one! He talks about everything from that mysterious event that took place in the Antarctic when the US Secretary of State, Astronaut Buzz Aldrin and the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church all went down at the same time, and from there moves on into–well, you know Joseph, so expect to be intrigued, then fascinated, then amazed!

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Last week’s Dreamland stream was interrupted on Alexa, Tune-In Radio, this website and on the Paranormal Radio app. This was not a technical fault but an intentional hack that almost certainly had an official locomotion. The show was about the Nazca Mummies, which new DNA testing has shown to be radically different from anything now known on Earth. This information is NOT WANTED in the public space, which is why nobody is reporting on it except here, and why so much has been done to confuse the issue, create the impression of hoax, etc. We dared to look behind the smoke screen.

Assuming we are not still being hacked:

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  1. Thanks for show.

    Thanks for show.

    Please continue Stories From A Life

  2. Wow. Joseph Farell is right
    Wow. Joseph Farell is right on the money!!!!!
    I wrote Djed: confessions of a crystal master.
    Its generally deals with the 2nd destruction of atlantis. In general, the powers that be discovered the imbalance of vibrational existance. They built djed pillars to create a “shield” to protect their power structure at the apex of the vibrational change. The 13k year processional. Anyway, it worked but not the way they planned. it removed a huge chunk of the island nation and moved it into a corridor between realities. (seen by the project rainbow sailors) after that destruction, the peoples of the earth gathered together to avoid this happening again. They built a “grid” of pyramids globally. I wondered later if “cell towers” are the resonance shield now.
    Theres alot more to the story than that…but thats the short version.
    Spooky stuff.
    Gobekli tepe

  3. Whitley and guests, I would
    Whitley and guests, I would like to add these thoughts to the mix. First, listeners to this website be sure and watch the short video: The video itself will take a few minutes to load, so keep reading the article until it does.


    “Lost Star of Myth and Time: What Invisible Forces Cause ‘The Cosmic Influence’?”
    The Dwapara Yuga Dawns

    I saw/read this article and want to share. So, I am wondering if we as humankind are in the process of spiraling upward in consciousness, will this pose a threat to those (???) entities trying to control activities on our planet. IF this is our rise in consciousness then it might be a threat and a loss of control for them??? Might we in time be able to decipher our own place in the universe and on our own planet? (They) no longer holding the power AND they know this. Time might be running out for them. These are ONLY a few of my thoughts. If our planet/inhabitants can withstand any potential calamities, we could possibly have a GOLDEN FUTURE.

  4. no show this week? site
    no show this week? site hacked?

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