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Whitley begins this show with “We usually start off the new year with a bang, but this year we’re going to do it a little differently–we’ve selected a guest who’s been chosen as our least controversial guest on Dreamland–John Hogue! Welcome, John, been kicked off any shows lately?” Of course he doesn’t answer directly because it’s probably true. John is among the MOST controversial guests around. This is because he’s a prophet who is very often right–and even when he’s wrong, he’s also right! (He has an unbroken years long record of correctly predicting presidential elections, but last time predicted that Hillary Clinton would win. A miss, or was it, given than she had millions more votes than Donald Trump?) 

Anyway, what does John Hogue predict for 2019? Find out in this fun, funny and serious-funny edition of Dreamland as we start our 20th year as Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland and not a single week missed in all that time!

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I never sign these things, but I’m Al Harlow and I’ve been a volunteer on UC for just about as long.

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  1. Thank you Whitley and John
    Thank you Whitley and John and Al Harlow!

  2. I just couldn’t listen to
    I just couldn’t listen to this delusional man all the way through. I can’t get over the fact that he talks about us as being non-discerning followers of the free press, but he was the one who joined the cult of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. Talk about giving your mind over to to someone else and being brain-washed!
    Also, I certainly hope his eyes will be open when Mueller finally reveals the extent of the Russian involvement in our election and government in general.
    John is the one who is out of touch with reality. He no more “prognosticates” than I do. He bases everything on opinion of what he listens to and reads.

  3. I listened to Hogue. Please
    I listened to Hogue. Please cancel my subscription.

  4. I haven’t listened yet but I
    I haven’t listened yet but I have to agree, John Hogue is about as much of a prophet as my chihuahua. He’s interesting though and always good for a laugh or two. He’s got a good gig going – sit around all day meditating and reading current events and then predicting what already happened 6 months ago. His books seem to always be after the fact.

  5. Don’t punish Whitley because
    Don’t punish Whitley because of John Hogue! Please renew your subscription. Whitley’s shows are the best out there even if once in a while the guests aren’t up to par – like John Hogue and Starfire Tor. Still the most honest show there is.

  6. Better than last time. He
    Better than last time. He needs to stop pretending to be a prophet and just be a guy with an opinion.

  7. None of us can know/judge
    None of us can know/judge what goes on in another persons life.

    “Kindness is in our power, even when fondness is not.” Samuel Johnson

  8. Yes…thank you Whitley and
    Yes…thank you Whitley and John and Al Harlow. Thank you so very much Mr. Harlow.
    Happy 20th Unknown Country

  9. As far as John’s prediction
    As far as John’s prediction about the UK leaving the EU without a deal… having read the news about it, ad nauseam, it seems that outcome is highly likely. Undoubtedly there will be an initial financial downturn and I also think the long term effects will not be as disastrous as some make out…maybe wishful thinking on my part, I don’t know. The problem is that most of the people I hear shouting one way or the other about it on the news, I wouldn’t trust as a babysitter, or as far as I could throw them…so it will probably end up somewhere in the middle, as John suggested. Regarding John’s comment that Jeremy Corbyn will be the next Prime Minister, well, that is in line with the UK bookies’ predictions at the moment… but not by much.

  10. I’ve got to admit, I inwardly
    I’ve got to admit, I inwardly groan with a bit of an eye roll, when I hear John Hogue is on Dreamland… ah well, maybe something will pique my interest next week. As for cancelling one’s subscription because of it… the expression ‘cutting off the nose to spite the face’ comes to mind.

    If this week’s offering isn’t to anyone’s liking, try going to the full site and searching for a Dreamland show that is. My prediction for 2019 is that if you do, you’ll find plenty of stuff to interesting you there.

    BTW, I’ve just Googled ‘psychic chihuahua’… Huh…more than a million hits…not as rare as I thought. Prepare to be underwhelmed, sorry, I mean massively impressed, by the vaguely prognosticative awesomeness of ‘Spider’…

    1. I did not follow through and
      I did not follow through and formally cancel my subscription but looked into the archives as suggested. I realized I would be making a mistake if I cancelled now. There are many interesting voices here and at least I’ve learned there is one voice I do not need to hear again.

    2. Haha! I love it! I’ll have to
      Haha! I love it! I’ll have to try and see if my chihuahua can do this.

  11. JohnnyG: That’s good to hear.
    JohnnyG: That’s good to hear. Cancelling would be like never going to a library again, just because the last book you read from there was cr4p.

    When the new site is up and running (hopefully soon but who knows?), it’ll be interesting to chat with other subscribers too. I might pretend to be human, sorry, I meant an AI, just to spice things up a bit 😉

  12. Although John will disagree,
    Although John will disagree, his backing of this Flim-Flam, money laundering, traitorous, crook of a President is abhorrent and sickening. Yes John it is very apparent.
    I guess birds of a feather flock together.

  13. I exacerbated myself with the
    I exacerbated myself with the use of adjectives describing Trump. Here are a few more, serial adulterer, self admitted sexual predator and a unabashed liar.
    In regular society this man would have done a stint in jail after which he would have had to report his address as a sexual predator to each police precinct he resides in.
    John as for as I know, I may be wrong, but I do not believe you have children or daughters.
    If you had daughters, would you let this beast alone in the same room with your wife or daughters?
    I welcome any of his supporters to explain to me why any one of my descriptors are wrong.

  14. Hogue’s shows are always
    Hogue’s shows are always thought provoking–providing a well informed perspective about the ‘big picture’ offered without emotion and animus. One may agree or disagree with his conclusions and prognostications but they are worth hearing and dispassionately considering. Thanks.

    1. I also had no problem
      I also had no problem listening to this show. Some people need to come out of their political-bias bubble. I like hearing his input, even if I have always reserved some skepticism for astrology. He’s a well-spoken guest, and he doesn’t put his methods, forecasts and opinions out there as beyond reproach or even as scientific (unlike, say, Starfire Tor, who I have a lot of trouble with but still listen to her ideas).

  15. What a bunch of opinionated
    What a bunch of opinionated people. I think John Hogue has proven to be pretty accurate in his assessments over the years, and he has typically come across as balanced in his predictions. As to his involvement with Osho (Rajneesh), I think many Oregonians in the 1980s were extremely critical of him without cause, dismissing him without reading his books. Yes, some followers were excessive in buying him Rolls Royces, but he himself had powerful insights.

  16. I have no problem with
    I have no problem with astrology when it is done properly (not the magazine prediction type), so maybe that helps, but I feel John Hogue is very sincere and worth listening to (in my humble opinion).

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