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UPDATE: CIA medical officer Christopher “Kit” Greene has posted an extensive comment on the Above Top Secret website about his efforts to obtain John Burroughs’ records. He makes specific statements about what caused John’s injuries that confirm that the source was unknown.

Linda Moulton Howe Editor

John Burroughs who had a CE3 during the Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident has finally gotten the Veterans Administration to communicate enough information to his doctors to save his life. In the process of doing this, a new level of disclosure has been reached. Burroughs, who was present at the Rendlesham Forest Incident and apparently spent a significant amount of time in close proximity to the unknown object that was there, in later life developed a heart condition that could not be explained. When his doctors attempted to obtain his records from the VA, they would not release them. Even John McCain could not get them released. But now everything has changed.

We might well be approaching formal disclosure. We are now closer than we have ever been. Listen to this amazing story, and reflect on what it means. The VA has admitted that John Burroughs was injured in the line of duty…in Rendlesham Forest…in close proximity to a glowing unknown object. And remember what the skeptics said: it was a distant lighthouse. Reflect that the skeptical leader who said that, Philip Klass, was an editor of Aviation Week and Space Technology Magazine, which owed its existence to friendly leaks from the Air Force.

Some of the lying has just ended. When will presidential adviser John Podesta and so many of us get our wish and see full disclosure. As Podesta said in his final tweet as a presidential adviser on February 15: “it’s the law.”

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  1. once truth becomes offical to
    once truth becomes offical to live in a world of peace, love and prosperity for all. of things unimagined, old dreams not used for inspiration and hope not taken to heart will pass as the old world fades away, in our new world we will bravely dream new dreams and bring these dreams into reality. thanks linda for all that you do.

  2. Groundbreaking stuff.

    Groundbreaking stuff.

    Just became a member of Linda’s site… Between UC and EF I hope to keep myself quite busy 🙂

  3. I subscribed to
    I subscribed to over 10 years ago, and have never regretted it. The quality of Linda’s work is outstanding, and her ‘X-Files’ is a treasure trove of information that you will not find anywhere else. I might add that I met Linda several years ago at the first Dreamland Festival in Nashville and also occasionally correspond with her, and she is also a gracious lady, compassionate, and a stellar human being as well. Did I mention brave?

    I have followed this story of RAF Bentwaters for years, and in terms of information and importance in getting to the bottom of the UFO mystery, this event is unique and may even surpass Roswell. Just a feeling…I think that there may possibly be a direct connection to this event and Whitley’s first major encounter five years later, to the day, on December 26, 1985, and time travellers may be involved based on testimony and the binary code that was, for lack of a better word, downloaded to Jim Penniston during the events at Bentwaters in 1980.

    There is also the cryptic message, “Beware the bearers of false gifts & their broken promises. Much pain but still time. Believe. There is good out there.We oppose deception.Conduit closing” embedded in code in the Crabwood formation from 2002.

    Maybe ” Much pain, but still time” has more than one layer of meaning, “time” being the operative word.

    …Also, I just felt pretty darn creepy and got chills as I wrote the last 3 paragraphs…

  4. I don’t understand the reply
    I don’t understand the reply by Christopher “Kit” Greene.

    He says: “The reasons are (I was told by current DoD and VA Records staffs) that “inside the doctors notes, the nursing notes, the specialist’s note are a myriad of references to Special Access Projects and the names of OTHER “adjacent and ancillary Programs and projects that can not be disentangled, and which could uncover active and recent projects unrelated to Rendlesham. The reasons are not necessarily related to Rendlesham…and not all the connections relate to Rendlesham.”

    So many released docs, that are from more recent times, feature blacked out info when it comes to the names or identifiable info. I other words, they are released with the obligatory blacked out info. We are talking here about very sensitive and recent material. Why can’t John’s 35 year old records be put out with the usual black lines.

    The only reason I can fathom as to why they would not be released is because they don’t want people to know the gov is interested in the phenomenon. Any sap/sci program and its implications could easily be blacked out as it has been done before in all other situations.

    … unless I’m missing some piece of the puzzle here I don’t see this as a valid reason.

  5. There’s currently some
    There’s currently some interesting work going on in physics concerning synchrotron radiation and terrahertz radiation.

  6. Linda, this is a brave
    Linda, this is a brave interview. It is past time for more people like Dr. Green to step forward. Surely there are more of you out there. DO come forward, it is a responsibility to humankind to do so….

    Some really good quotes…..

    Scully: You have seen this before, I can tell. You lied to them.
    Mulder: I would never lie. I willfully participated in a campaign of misinformation.

    Deep Throat: And a lie, Mr. Mulder, is most convincingly hidden between two truths.

    Mulder: We’ve both lost so much… but I believe that what we’re looking for is in the (X-Files). I’m more certain than ever that the truth is in there.
    Scully: I’ve heard the truth, Mulder. Now what I want are the answers.

    Caption: THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE…..

  7. Time distortions seems to be
    Time distortions seems to be at the heart of most/all? UFO phenomenon. I do not think all UFO phenomenon is a willful manipulation — sometime objects (even as big as a ship), and lifeforms get caught up in a natural portal. imo, we shld not forget this 50,000 years into the future intersection point. I do not think it is always as easy as it is now to “time travel”. It is my contention that the future that some of these manipulative creatures come from stem are the result of our own current experiments in genetic manipulation, GMOs (of all kinds), as well as our own time experiments. My guess is that our experiments into creating a superior human and “perfectly” (sic) geoengineered earth fail miserably in the future and that is why they are dying. They have created their own false god out of science, technology, thru the power of arrogant and deluded men enamored of their own creations — and they refuse to accept the consequences of their own folly. Hopefully, there is a lesson in that for most of us.

    I think Whitley is right about the possibility that there good guys and bad guys coming at us from the future. I think some of them (the bad guys) wish only to save themselves in their own timeline and care not for any damage it might do to ours or our future. I think the “grandfather paradox” is a bit of a misnomer. When we change events, we create new timelines. These timelines affect the original timeline but do not change it. However, mankind is capable of slipping from one timeline to another — both individually and in groups — particularly at this time. When one “believes” that something is true — or very much desires something to be true — one can be drawn to a timeline in which it is true (such as those that believe that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene or that he didn’t exist at all). As is taught “All things are possible within God.” There is a huge “pull” to the original (one might say core) timeline — but it takes truth of being to find oneself attracted to it. When one cannot accept truth or refuses to allow oneself to pursue what one knows is one’s true calling — it weakens one and allows all kinds of deception to creep into one’s reality.

    I do not blame the government for their lack of straighforward “disclosure”. What are they ‘spose to say — then or now? “Well, we know that some pretty technologically advanced dudes are messing with us/humanity and essentially created the Holocaust to create a huge laboratory to study human beings (and blame it on other human beings). Some of our guys made a deal with them (silence in exchange for time) and they figured, as Whitley so astutely surmises, that it was in their favor to do so.” I cld go on . . . It’s obviously quite complex — evil always is in its manifestations. These bad guy time travelers remind me of many thinkers in today’s world who refuse to see the folly of their pedagogy. They keep making excuses — well, if we cld just rid ourselves of the opposition and have free reign to do it all our way — it will work out the way we want. It seems that in their rush to advance in science and technology they have failed to evolve their spiritual insight — if anything — they have become blind to recognizing any real truth about how the universe actually works.

    I can’t help but be drawn to the information on the effects of de-ionized (perhaps a more proper term) radiation they speak of at “radiating” from these encounters w/spaceships — and my mother’s own heart problems. My guess it that the radiation is generated by the technologically created/enhanced? portal — and not so much the spaceship itself — unless the spaceship is just an mirage form of the portal. I am almost sure her heart problems began the exact same way w/the same or similar diagnosis. Perhaps this info is far more valuable than we know — as many people are experiencing heart problems these days. The key is health and positive outlook. GMO foods are a death sentence — and people who walk instead of run away from them are playing a dangerous and life-threatening game. While pharmaceuticals are another huge problem (the intervention is often worse than the original problem) it is a difficult dilemna for those always addicted/dependent upon them. I wld advise anyone to steer clear of them as much as possible and support those who fight for freedom from forced medical procedures/interventions. Admittedly, a lot of us are caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to much of this — but we can all afford to work on creating/maintaining a positive outlook — whether through prayer, self-expression, exercise, more me and family/friends time — whatever it takes. Music can also be quite healing (vibration) and bathing oneself in one’s favorite music and art can be quite healing. Take time to heal — and, at the least, if you are caught on a hamster wheel — at least try to impart the wisdom of BEING to your children/loved ones. Fully realized BEINGS are more powerful than can adequately be expressed by me here and now.

  8. Terahertz imaging is what is
    Terahertz imaging is what is coming and will surpass digital cameras therefore I think this technology will be a big thing in the study of ufology because this technology seems to be relatively easy to use can be
    hooked up to a laptop can see into frequencies that are inaccessible to current digital cameras. It should really open peoples minds as what is out there and can’t be seen by the naked eye.

  9. I’ve been biting my lip Re:
    I’ve been biting my lip Re: Rendelsham Forest/Bentwaters case.

    Does anyone remember a statement made by Jacques Vallee shortly after the news went public, (I guess in the Eighties), that he thought it was a Government PsyOps project that went wrong somehow?

    Here’s a quick video I found:

    Here’s another:
    Jump in at 28:00.
    It’s worth 2 minutes of your time. 🙂

  10. @Cyan_Aura – I have to say
    @Cyan_Aura – I have to say that in this case I find Vallee’s answers off the mark. I could buy into the whole “This is a psych warfare exercise” for Rendlesham if it had happened 3 years ago or so. But the problem is that it happened in 1980 and IF such tech existed that could completely baffle and incapacitate people it would have made it into things like the Bin Laden raid etc.

    Militarily speaking, you have to constantly practice your capabilities or you lose them. If this was a psy op then it didn’t go wrong, it actually achieved it’s purpose. With something like this you could walk into the middle of Isis fully protected… as everybody would be debilitated.

    If you have such a great thing, you’d have used it within 35 years. Tech like this also ‘bleeds’ into other industries.

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