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Et in Arcadia, Anneke...
Et in Arcadia, Anneke…

Who—and what—was Akhenaten? Was he human, or entirely human, this enigmatic man who brought the idea of the single god to mankind? And what was the toolkit that he used in his spiritual quest, and that was still in use in the time of Jesus? Could we recover it? Understand it?

William Henry asks these questions of expert Anneke Koreman, and then they go beyond into the program that can be accessed and implemented that will enable us to recreate in our own lives the journey toward purity that has been the way of the seeker since the time of Akhenaten through Jesus and the Essenes to the Cathars and beyond.

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  1. Nice to hear you again,
    Nice to hear you again, William. Always interesting and well done. : )

  2. I would really like to help
    I would really like to help Starfire but I cannot find any links to help…

    1. I haven’t listened to the
      I haven’t listened to the podcast yet so maybe there’s more information on this; but when I went to the GoFundMe site to add my small donation, after confirming I saw that it was for a recurring monthly payment and I couldn’t commit to that, so I had to cancel. I couldn’t find a way to make a one-time donation so if this is the way it’s set up, it might be a problem for a lot of people who are living from month to month.

      I hope Starfire gets the help she needs and most of all, I hope a lawyer will volunteer to get her fair compensation for the medical mistakes that were made. That might solve the money problem and it’s how it works in this corporate economy, but a person who has been injured by medical malpractice is debilitated and can rarely do a legal fight while trying to get well. So – how about it – anybody out there with this kind of expertise?

      1. Kat8W, on the donation page
        Kat8W, on the donation page if you leave the “Give this amount monthly” box unchecked (which it already is by default) then I believe it will be one time only.

  3. William and Annke Koreman.
    William and Annke Koreman. Thank you for this interview. Here are a few things I found in regards to the Urim and Thummim. From the VERY first time I became aware of Aaron’s breastpiece/breastplate of the high priest, it has always captured my imagination. NEVER got tired of reading about it. Besides the black/white stones, some have speculated the stones could have been of the Lapis Lazuli family.

    My opinion only BUT after reading about the breastpiece (for me technology) I have often wondered AND if indeed the stones were white and black, what could those opposite colors be about. From what I have read it appears the stones were around long before the Hebrews. I too am thinking they came from ATLANTIS.

    Again only my opinion…..White stone, brilliant light tuned to a high vibration while the black heavy and slightly porous stone in some way acts as a tuner to control the white light frequencies. THEN, when perfectly attuned and working in unison, the stones might act like a modern day lie detector. (Simply stated and far more to this).

    Those Atlanteans loved technology and it feels like they had the ability to connect the finite with the infinite. No boundaries.

    William, I would love to hear you do an interview regarding the STONES OF ATLANTIS……
    What do “Urim” and “Thummim” mean? Urim and Thummim can be translated as “Light and Perfection.” Urim also means doctrina, or revelation, whereas Thummim also means veritas, the latin word for truth. So, “Doctrine and Truth,” or “Revelation and Truth.”


    TEXT OF READING 355-1 F 20 (Ass’t to Fabric [Textile]
    50. (Q) Is there any likelihood at the present time of developing a machine, based on the action of the electromagnetic cell, which may assist in securing direct communication as done by Aron and Moses – and many others – with the Urim and Thummim?

    (A) Find in self that as Hatshepsut put to self, in knowing who should be chosen – yet the trouble arose. Do not make the same mistake, that the VIBRATION is the force – but that which impels same from the Creative Force. Such machines are claimed to be made. Some do, some do not, create the right vibration. Too oft does there enter in those personalities of those seeking.

    Then, in self find the way to aid; and call again on Ra-Ta [294] – and on Hatshepsut – they are as Urim and Thummim, a channel only.

    TEXT OF READING 440-2 M 23
    46. (Q) Of what value is it?

    (A) Of particular value to those who are interested in things psychic! Read what was in the first effort that was made, as to all those that used the stones as settings to induce the influences from without that would aid an individual in its contact with the higher sources of activity! [Ex. 28:15-30 Urim & Thummim]

    TEXT OF READING 987-2 F 47 (Housewife, Christian) (COPIED OVER ONLY PART OF THE READING).
    15. In Uranus we find the extremist influences, that have been experienced by the entity in the present and that come as urges in the experiences day by day. Oft, from that sojourn or environ in the Uranian experience, does the entity find itself IMPELLED – as it were – to do this or that; which may be entirely at variance to what reason or cold reason would tell the entity.

    16. All of these become a portion of the entity’s urge and experience; as does also the interest in things that are psychic or occult or mystic, these have a part in the urges in the experience of the entity. Hence mystical signs, mystical numbers, mystical conditions have much to do with the entity at times. And these may come in the VISION and in the dreams (that have been for the time set aside), more and more as the entity turns to those PATIENCE applications.

    17. (((For, as will be seen, the entity made FOR the priest the Urim and the Thummim!)))

  4. interesting and thought
    interesting and thought provoking comments and links, Carollee. Cayce statements arent the easiest to understand — but I feel the gist is (and what Cayce tends to say throughout his readings) is that there is no short-cut to a true spiritual experience. Very disturbing to me, sometimes, is that many people who express an interest in so-called spiritual experiences think that they can achieve such through the use of mind-alterating substances, stones, a machine of some kind . . . and what Cayce is saying, I think, is that one need beware. Just like any product one might buy today that promises whatever, these items are not always what they claim to be. If, by chance, they are engineered for good purpose and actually work to some degree — it is more that they create an environment (vibration). One still must be “prepared” to do the work oneself. They enhance but do not create/cause. When one uses some enhancements and is not prepared spiritually — the outcome is (often) quite the opposite of spiritual.

    To me, it is the demonic variety of archons that are most interested in such “short-cuts” both to build such objects and to find/use them. The lower level beings that inhabit our world cannot move into higher spiritual planes — and in fact, cannot even fathom what they are — yet they desire to “conquer” these realms — in addition to this world — in search of the “ecstacy” that accompanies spiritual experiences and/or dwelling in higher spiritual realms. In their limited understanding, they think that it must be possible to create/use a “thing” to get to these places. They convince some of mankind that this is true and, obviously, some work very diligently on their behalf to build/find/use such objects. Some people, thru the use of ritual, knowingly and unknowingly, call on these demons (which often appear in the guise of angels to those who delude themselves into thinking they can reach higher spiritual planes thru the use of these shortcuts) and, then mistake the illusion given to them by these beings as a true spiritual experience. Often, they move from those experiences into doing the bidding of what often becomes their master/s in the guise of spiritual guides, angels, etc.

    I have often pondered the meaning of the pictures/literature describing Moses as having 2 horns. Hebrew history has quite a few things to say about Moses — not all of them good. Perhaps Moses, at some point, became dualized (and at least partially demon-possessed) thru magic ritual and calling out his own demon — resulting in a 2 personality Moses — at odds with each other — and with the people they served. This wld account for much of the strife between Aaron and Moses. We are all composed of light and dark, but need to keep them in balance. Some rituals divide these powers with dire consequences. Also, because disembodied demons are considered lesser beings, some high priests felt they cld control demons, calling upon them by name, to do their bidding. imo, this never ends well.

    Just like the “Holy Grail” is not a precious object, but a female line of descent/bloodline — the grail/chalice being an esoteric metaphor for womb — a “stone” of mythic proportions is likely the pineal gland (or some other important gland connected with one of the chakras — usually a primary one). Preservers of ancient knowledge have hidden many truths by creating stories of real world objects to cover for the actual truth which otherwise wld likely have been lost thru time. Putting a physical face on a spiritual truth always enhances its ability to be passed down by both the enlightened and the unenlightened — the spiritual as well as the profane.

    Having said all of the above, stones do create vibrations which vary in their power according to the person utilizing them. For the black and white stones — I wld offer that they were likely pure black obsidian and white quartz. The obsidian enhances psychic power and cleanses (yet can also attract depending upon the spiritual state/intention of the user) negative energies. White quartz can enhance the ability to get to the truth of a matter and quartz of the common variety (such as white) tends to elicit knowledge/information stored within everything from oneself to the earth as a whole due to its affinity w/water and the abundance of quartz within the earth’s crust.

    A stone carries with it the vibrations of its experiences/users — both positive and negative. A properly used powerful? stone can enhance a person’s innate power to the degree that they have developed their own spiritual or demonic power, but it cannot create that power within the person. Powerful stones can also warp (in a negative way) the vibration of a weak minded person or person with an immature soul — causing insanity or even death.

    Again, to reiterate, it isnt the object itself that is the power. It is the accumulated experiences/uses of that object that create the most powerful vibrations. The object itself, is like a piano. Unplayed it is of little value. Played by a novice, one can get something out of it but with mixed result — or even just dissonance. Played by a skilled pianist — much better — but played with skill and passion — the sounds created can be powerful indeed. And, also, like a piano or any other musical instrument — use enhances its power, its flavor. Lack of use or abuse and its powers fade.

    1. Nice post Blue. One of my
      Nice post Blue. One of my favorite quotes is:

      “You grow to heaven. You don’t go to heaven.”
      — Edgar Cayce.

  5. I have copied over a small
    I have copied over a small part of this but feel the whole article is worth the read.

    Full text of “THE ORACLE OF YAHVEH: The Urim and Thummin, the Ephod, and the Breastplate of Judgement”


    It is interesting to notice that a utensil similar to the
    Hebrew breastplate of judgment is mentioned in Babylo-
    nian inscriptions; indeed the institution of a breastplate
    as an emblem of highest authority — nay also wisdom and
    magical power, goes back to the most primitive days of
    Akkad and Sumer. In the Creation Epic we read that
    Tiamat, the monster of the Deep, selected Kingu as her
    consort and as the leader in the battle against the gods.
    In this capacity Kingu received the tablets of judgment.
    We read in this ancient cosmological epic:

    “Tiamat, Mother of the gods, rebelled against them,
    A band she collected wrathfully raging,

    62 ft 27 v^


    She raised Kingu and made him great in their midst,
    ‘The army to lead, that be thy mission/

    She gave him the destiny tablets, placed them upon

    his breast.
    Thy decision be valid ; firm shall stand the behests of

    thy mouth/ ”

    When Kingu was overcome by Marduk, it is especially
    mentioned that the victorious god took away from Kingu
    his tablet of judgment. We read (ibid. p. 418) :

    “But Kingu who had power over them all [viz., the host

    of Tiamat] ,
    Him he [Marduk] vanquished and dealt with as the

    other gods,
    He snatched from him the destiny tablets which hung

    on his breast ;
    He sealed them with his seal and hung them on his

    [own] breast.”

    When the gods were assembled in council, Marduk
    wore the destiny tablets on his breast.



    The tablets of judgment are furthermore mentioned in
    the primitive mythology of the Babylonians. We read in
    a text discovered in Assurbanipal’s library (published in
    the original, transcribed, and translated by Schrader) the
    following passage which mentions a tablet of judgment
    worn by the high priest and used for divination. The text
    reads :

    “Enme-duranki, King of Shippar, the favorite of Anu,
    Bel, and Ea, Shamash with Ebabbara Shamash and

    380 THE MONIST.

    Ramman (Adad 28 ) in communication [called (?) him].

    Shamash and Ramman (Adad) Shamash and Ramman

    (Adad) on a golden throne. . . .To inspect oil upon water
    . . . .the secrets of Anu, [of Bel, and of Ea], the tablet of
    the gods, the tablets of spells (?) 29 of the mysteries of
    heaven [and earth], the staff of cedar, the favorite of the
    great gods, they ga[ve into his hand]. He himself, how-
    ever, when he had rec[eived these things taught them to
    his] son. . . .Shippar. . . .Babylon. . . .Sacrifices he offered
    and he made them abundant …. To inspect oil upon water,
    the secrets of Anu, of Bel and [of Ea], the tablet of the
    gods, the tablet of spells (?), of the mysteries of heaven
    and earth, the staff of cedar, the favorite of the gods, gave
    he into his hand. The tablet of the gods, the tablet of
    spells ( ?), of the mysteries of heaven and earth, to inspect
    the oil upon water, the mysteries of Anu, of Bel and Ea,

    the spells ( ?) When Anu, and Bel, etc.’ 30 and ‘ ‘ they

    had command of. The sage, the initiated one, he who
    is in possession of the mysteries of the great gods, makes
    his son 31 whom he loves swear upon the tablet before
    Shamash and Ramman (Adad) and makes him learn
    ‘When the Soothsayer’; he who is conversant with the
    oil, who also is of ancient family, is a descendant of Enme-
    duranki, the King of Shippar, who puts up the holy tablet
    of spells ( ?) and lifts the staff of cedar. . . .King. . . .Sha-
    mash …. a creature of Nin^harsag 32 of priestly tribe, of
    pure origin, himself perfect in stature and all measures of
    his body, is allowed to approach before Shamash and
    Ramman (Adad), the place of divination and of oracles.

    28 Ramman is the thunder-god ; he is also called “Adad.”

    w Schrader’s word omnen is here translated “spell.”

    80 The words in quotation marks are the beginning of a spell (or as
    Schrader translates, of an omen) the recitation of which exercises magic

    “All priests are presumably regarded as the sons of Enmeduranki.
    88 Nin k harsag, “Mistress of the Mount,” is one of the names of the great
    goddess Belit, the wife of Bel.

  6. “the weight of this world
    “the weight of this world belongs to this world” -Whitley Strieber … as it relates to what she say about purity …. amazing.

  7. Have been checking out your
    Have been checking out your links, Carolee. Thanks for sharing.

    Currently reading William Henry’s ebook The Skingularity — which can be obtained free as a PDF file from William I recommend it for anyone who is interested in what William Henry has been uncovering/correlating over the years.

    Great job on C2C last night William!

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