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General Arthur Exon, former commanding officer of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, spoke to Whitley Strieber about the Roswell Incident. It turns out that he also gave a rare interview to Ralph Steiner. Listen as they compare notes for the first time! Why did General Exon open the door to Whitley, and what happened to him after Whitley introduced him to Stanton Friedman and an interview with him ended up being published? Don’t miss this revealing exploration of what one of the most powerful insiders had to say to those of us on the outside.

Ralph also introduces us to one of the most exciting new organizations for close encounter witnesses to appear in a long time, FREE, the Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters. Some of the advisory board members are Edgar Mitchell, Kathleen Marden, Whitley Strieber, among others. To learn more about FREE and what it has to offer you, click here.

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Next week on Dreamland: Linda Moulton Howe has a BIG story, a huge surprise!

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  1. Hi Whitley great interviews!
    Hi Whitley great interviews! No worries about audio issues. As a Subscriber, I download the MP3s, and run a software denoise module (using Audio Hijack), making the intruding noisy entities go away. We’re so spoiled these days. I still have Dreamland shows recorded to cassette in a storage box somewhere dating back to the 90s. All best to you and Anne and please keep it going!

  2. Dreamland is consistently
    Dreamland is consistently excellent but it seems that my favourite episodes always involve Ralph Steiner and Whitley discussing the Visitor phenomenon. Thanks for another great episode.

  3. Very interesting program and
    Very interesting program and thank you!

    The interference is a minor problem, but I think that you have a gain problem in your equipment. Lately, the phone audio has been much louder (8db±) than the studio sound and it is often distorted. I don’t think it is a phone line problem. Voice lines are sharply low pass filter at 3.5 khz and on my display, I see a lot distortion artifacts up to 7k in the files. One can get rid of most of the distortion with a sharp low pass filter at 4k, but that is hard in a mono mix.


    1. Gee, I love that kinda’
      Gee, I love that kinda’ talk!!! 🙂

  4. I liked the COMMUNION Movie
    I liked the COMMUNION Movie and I think Christopher Walken was perfect for the role!

    I’ll never forget my reaction when Whitley is on the bus and all the passengers have grasshopper heads, he says, “You– you people… are in for one VERY big surprise!”

    That says it all for me!

  5. Hey everybody, glad to be
    Hey everybody, glad to be part of this community as always, last Wednesday, I was in the chat room and got a chance to tell Whitley how much I (we) appreciate and love him and Ann and we are so grateful for the enrichment of our lives as a result!!
    P.S. I agree with others on here: the audio issues are minor, the quality of the show itself is what is most important, and it is gold!!

    -Love, Alex

  6. If it’s not working out or
    If it’s not working out or something is not happening it’s simply because the energy field is not being manipulated right, ( and people I know nothing of this area) so I will exit and let professionals as long as the motivation is positive take over, otherwise call Saul, (or not)..

  7. Is it just me or is the
    Is it just me or is the second half of this interview not accessible from a mobile device? After logging on, I can access the main half hour interview but when I go the the special interviews section, the “The Shroud of Turin as You have Never Heard It Discussed Before” is what I see. Did I just catch it too early and the other half hadn’t been posted on the mobile site yet?

    It’s easily fixed, I suppose, by going to the full site…

  8. We got this from Colorado
    We got this from Colorado yesterday:

    Date of Sighting/Encounter: January 15, 2015

    Time of Sighting/Encounter: 3 PM MST

    Location of Encounter: Thornton, Colorado

    Details of Encounter: “I was looking out a northeast facing window when I saw
    a big, flat-black triangular craft heading slowly right for me. It was flying
    low enough to see it clearly. It had lights on each point: green on the
    right, red on the left, blue on the rear point. There were no markings. It
    made no sound. I could not believe what I was seeing, yet there it was. I
    watched it go directly over our apartment toward Commerce City. I never heard
    one thing about it, and that is the most unusual thing of all! I got a gut
    feeling that craft was one of ours.”

    But what does that mean? Was it something to do with the breakaway civilization? Or not a craft at all, perhaps, but something that we simply do not yet understand? I’d be interested to know if you’re in the same area, Dixie.

  9. Whitley, are you saying that
    Whitley, are you saying that the sighting in Fla. was a “fake”? I think that is what you were referring to in the beginning of the program. I am curious. It’s unethical that someone of that caliber would go to lengths to make it look real when it is not.

    1. I have no idea if Dr. Greer
      I have no idea if Dr. Greer knew in advance about the flare drop. But all of our photo experts are saying they are flares. They appeared in an area where flare exercises take place fairly frequently.

      1. Thank you for having your
        Thank you for having your experts review the Greer video. It all seems befitting based on Greer’s extraordinary elitist connections and cost of membership for CSETI

  10. It’s about time or maybe it’s
    It’s about time or maybe it’s just the time has come for experiencers of the “pure” sciences of math & physics to collate with the humanics of culture & behavior to begin to develop a cohesive face on the “supernatural” in its’ various forms of phenomena.

    I’m of the opinion there is no “supernatural” – if it occurred, it’s natural whether we understand the mechanisms of it or not.

    Prof. Griff says America’s pathology is her denial – I would expand that to – humanity’s pathology is its’ denial…

    1. Beautifully expressed, LeeM
      Beautifully expressed, LeeM 🙂

  11. MY best guess is it’s
    MY best guess is it’s manifistation!

  12. I’ve often heard the argument
    I’ve often heard the argument that the big bang wasn’t possible because their isn’t anyway to explain it logically following the laws of physics so it never happened but what if its consciousness that births a universe into being. We are currently trying to birth a new consciousness on our planet maybe the birth of a new consciousness creates a new universe and this is what the big bang is. If this idea is legitimate and correct what does that say about the age of our universe? Does it or can it have any set age if a new consciousness births and creates a new and different universe? Sounds outlandish but consider the sages and mystic’s thinking on long term cycles and what they say about the creation of our universe.

  13. It’s really long , like gag
    It’s really long , like gag me with a spoon like valley girl like orgasm long (short) or whatever. The point to the good man’s question is ANSWER is eternal- we no comprenda. We don’t comprehend our existence right now but soon we will!

  14. Thank you for having Ralph
    Thank you for having Ralph Steiner on DL. What a fascinating show! As someone who understands physics in a ‘gestalt manner’, his description of the multiverse sits well with me and as always your contributions are deeply enriching. These connections and recorded interviews on DL bring me SO MUCH joy and personal meaning.
    Thinking of Anne and wishing you both the best.

  15. If the Visitors are here, and
    If the Visitors are here, and they need us to believe in their existence to fully open the door to their world, then who or what was it to begin with that opened the door just a crack for them to get a toe in?

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