UFOs. Oneness experience. Concept Therapy. Where to begin with this one? How about with the fact that perhaps the only difference between this week’s guest–a former U.S. Airman stationed in the U.K.–and the airmen involved with the Rendlesham Forest Incident is the fact that he did not get out of the car to investigate the glowing UFO sitting in a farm field. Intrigued? It’s only the beginning.
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Whitley Strieber has published a new journal entry detailing his thoughts about a possible process of disclosure that could take another step when 18 policy documents covering events in Rendlesham Forest in December of 1980 are released next March by the British Ministry of Defense. Whitley states his belief that the documents may contain speculation that what witnesses have been claiming for years is true: that the lights and strange structures seen in the forest may have been under intelligent control.read more

At a speaking engagement at Woodbridge Community Centre in Suffolk, England, Colonel Charles Halt, former deputy commander at Bentwaters AFB, confirmed that he had seen the objects that were reported by numerous other base personnel during the Rendlesham Forest incident in December 1980.

Halt, who retired from the USAF in 1991, has also gathered written statements from the base’s radar operators, of whom also confirm that they had tracked fast-moving objects on their equipment that night, but had declined to report it at the time, due to discouragement from their superiors regarding the reporting of UFOs.
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UPDATE: CIA medical officer Christopher "Kit" Greene has posted an extensive comment on the Above Top Secret website about his efforts to obtain John Burroughs’ records. He makes specific statements about what caused John’s injuries that confirm that the source was unknown.

Linda Moulton Howe
Earthfiles.com Editor
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