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Lee Speigel’s involvement with UFOs began with a personal encounter that is also among the most extensively witnessed UFO cases in history. From there it led to his organizing the UN’s only UFO conference, and now to his interviews with Annie Jacobsen about her controversial new Area 51 book and her theory that the Roswell Incident was a hoax perpetrated by Joseph Stalin.

This interview also contains incredible material about an Air Force Academy textbook that spoke frankly about UFOs and offered a startling theory about why they may be here, but may be acting in secret.

Riveting, unforgettable. Dreamland at its best.

Lee Speigel is the chief writer on unexplained phenomena for the AOL/Huffington Post Media Group. He can be reached at and he is open to your comments, questions and information.

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  1. Just tried to contact Mr.
    Just tried to contact Mr. Speigel –
    got a bounce on his email address

  2. The argument about the
    The argument about the visitors taking too long to travel here, in my belief they are living here somewhere in solar system. They must have been here a very long time.

  3. I used to drive through the
    I used to drive through the Lumberton, NC, area at all times of the day on I-95 in the 1970’s, and it was an easy place to lose time passing through as in, “Oh where’d that last 50 miles go,” but I don’t recall any bright lights in the middle of the night.

    But, when it comes to alien intelligence here, I believe the easiest way to go about it would be to store the intelligence as AI in storage media like DNA and have the necessary building blocks for reconstructing themselves in automated storage, then resurrect the life form while orbiting Saturn or somewhere outside easy view of earth before making the final approach.

  4. I always love the way people
    I always love the way people say “The bright light went back into the craft.” When we talk about flashlights, houselights, or car headlights, we simply say they turned off, or went out. Yet, when talking about UFO’s, people very often talk about the light moving back into the vessel, as though it were something alive or a thing in and of itself. This could be a chance statement, but its repetition would suggest that it stems from a subconscious realization or perspective that we may not understand directly in our conscious state. Just one of those things that seems strange now, but in a few years we’ll realize it’s a very simple explanation. However, simple in the future often means magical now.

  5. Both excellent interviews, I
    Both excellent interviews, I am now following Lee on Facebook and of course on AOL/Huntington Post, he has some amazing archives there, check them out.

  6. Great shows with Lee, but I
    Great shows with Lee, but I had the feeling he held back a little because he’s still an active journalist trying to at least appear objective about the UFO issue.

    On the alien/time travel question, I always feel that time travel is offered as a way to avoid accepting the most direct evidence. Of course, the time travel theory could still be correct but be only part of the alien explanation. Too often, we look for a single answer when there are many answers.

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