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Are you a portal into another reality? COULD you be? Jeremy Vaeni, the co-host of Paratopia, goes deep into questions like this in his new book Urgency. He has experienced a devastingly powerful movement into a completely new space that transcends reality as we know it. Listen as he explains this fascinating experience and how it was changed by the fact that he is a close encounter witness.

Jeremy Vaeni also has a very different vision of death as a journey that can potentially take us outside of reality as we know it.

This show is quite a trip, don’t miss it!

If you go to Paratopia before May 29, you can bid on an interesting piece of memorabilia: one of the strange green ‘alien heads’ used in the Communion film!

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  1. This experience sounds a lot
    This experience sounds a lot like the state Edgar Mitchell experienced on his Apollo flight. The Sanskrit name for it is salva kalpa Samadhi. You see things in their separateness but sense them as a unity, a oneness, and experience ecstasy. The kundalini experience is a timeless doorway for the species Homo. Symbolism for it are scattered in plain sight all over the world once an individual knows the meaning of the symbolism, which usually results from having the experience. It is the shared experience in the human collective unconscious that, I posit, is a primary theme of the traditions associated with many ancient astronauts. This would explain why the ancients astronauts demonstrate high psychic functioning. Hmmmm… I wonder how the psychic masters of space-faring species manage to function in the creature time-space continuum and maintain high states? That might be what mastership is.

  2. Are they still talking about
    Are they still talking about this nonsense, why would anyone believe this lady who ever she really is, Whitley you of all people know sadly how there are some out there that will do anything to discredit well known people in this field..I am not buying in and sick of hearing about it.

    I have never believed those who tried to discredit you Whitley, guess controversy sells. 🙁

  3. The allegations made against
    The allegations made against Budd and David are serious and need to be discussed. Being ‘sick of hearing about it’ is all well and good, but calm, even-handed and honest appraisal of them is essential to the well-being of the community of close encounter witnesses, and that is what we were attempting to accomplish here.

  4. You see what you believe –
    You see what you believe – not the other way around. The same goes for info regarding abduction cases. Each of us have our own filters as to what we are ready to accept or not accept. Nothing can make someone see or understand something which is not already in his belief system. The people trying to debunk Hopkin’s work are those who have dismissed the phenomena and simply do NOT wish to enter into the realm of realities of the Abductions.

  5. All I can say is weird stuff
    All I can say is weird stuff happens & the more it brings our consciousness out of that mundane, 9 to 5, paycheck to paycheck, linear thinking world, the more scared the people who have invested in that world get–and the more they try to knock us back down into it. I hope I’ve made myself clear.

  6. My belief/philosophy revolves
    My belief/philosophy revolves around intuitive perception. I belive that UFO encounters happen. The voracity of the experiencer is of a secondary concern.
    I try not to judge all accounts by the most recent media blurb or trends in mainstream UFOlogy. It seems obvious to [me] that irrefutable evidence for God/Intelligent Design is everywhere,all of the time. I have stopped debating the subject as I’ve yet to see any radical conversions,in either direction, based solely on intellectual discourse. David & Budd will survive this assault because of their character and reputation regardless of the outcome.

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