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Gary Jansen is a well known editor and a practicing Catholic who has also had one of the most powerful, disturbing and convincing experiences of haunting that has ever been recorded. His credibility is unimpeachable, his skill as an observer is acute, and when you hear his story you will, quite simply, never think the same way about ghosts again. His book Holy Ghosts is gripping. It is also a meditation on the relationship between religion and the paranormal, and in this interview he takes Whitley Strieber–and us–through one stunner of a story.

On the back cover of the book, Whitley Strieber says "Holy Ghosts took me into a completely convincing but very different version of reality from the one we live in. It serves as a forceful and fascinating reminder that we do not see the world that is, but only the part we have chosen to see. There are dangers and wonders in the dark, and Holy Ghosts affirs that they are very real."

Sit back and listen to just why Whitley said that. A word of advice from your Dreamland editior: leave the lights on for this one!

Visit Gary at Order Holy Ghosts online here or get it at your local bookstore. Available as hardcopy or an ebook.

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  1. We love you Anne but a little
    We love you Anne but a little more humility and less ego, please. This was unfortunately a waste of a very good opportunity to go deeper with a man who truly has had a fascinating experience. Imposing your biased views was not a good example of impartial and truly investigative approach. This time I had to switch off.

    1. I agree that we should have
      I agree that we should have been able to hear more of this gentleman’s experiences rather than go over Anne’s millions of letters once again.

    2. I have noticed this with some
      I have noticed this with some of the other interviewers also. Must be hard when a person has had a rich life, but it would be nice to hear the actual person who is being interviewed. Sometimes they don’t even let the person finish their sentence. Can be very frustrating. Thanks for the great topics.

  2. Excellent interview with Gary
    Excellent interview with Gary Jansen. Some of the things he describes parallel my own experiences, particularly with the toys. About 3 years ago, things began to get extremely weird in my home, right around the time I witnessed a UFO while I was looking out my bedroom window. We heard a woman chanting in the middle of the night, sort of a sing songy chant, over the baby monitor (that monitor was unplugged and put away with a quickness), then I saw a strange creature by my bedside, after being shoved awake on my right shoulder twice, then the UFO, then every battery operated toy in the house began going berzerk in the middle of the night. We finally had to banish every single one of them to the basement in order to get some rest. They are there to this day, now silent as a bunch of wooden and plastic mice.

  3. I enjoyed the way Anne
    I enjoyed the way Anne pointed out the similarities between Mr. Jansen’s experiences and those of experiencers. I was very interested in what she had to say, since I’ve had many of the same experiences as he has had. She seemed very excited about the subject and I can understand why.

  4. This is not a slight against
    This is not a slight against Anne personally, but she is a terrible interviewer in my opinion. I love this site and it’s guests and wish some of the interviewers would let the guests speak more…and that the interviewers would inject their opinions and stories less unless they are truly applicable and enriching to the subject at hand. Anne’s opinions and biases are presently crystal clear on a variety of subjects. Do we need to hear them yet again?

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