Lee Speigel’s involvement with UFOs began with a personal encounter that is also among the most extensively witnessed UFO cases in history. From there it led to his organizing the UN’s only UFO conference, and now to his interviews with Annie Jacobsen about her controversial new Area 51 book and her theory that the Roswell Incident was a hoax perpetrated by Joseph Stalin.
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On March 7, Unknowncountry.comreported thata member of the French National Center forScientific Research, Gilles Lorant, had met with two UNofficials who gave him details of a meeting February 12-14at the United Nations concerning a possible admission by theG-8 countries in 2009 that UFOs represent a scientificallyimportant unknown.This is thefirst known US report of the meeting, and of theparticipation of Mr. Lorant.

Then wereported thatMr. Lorant had admitted to the FrenchUFO study group FEA (F

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