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This week we have an electrifying and deeply informative conversation with evolutionary astrologer Tashi Powers. Whitley Strieber recently had one of the most powerful psychic experiences of his life with Tashi, and here they discuss psychic power, the meaning of astrology, where we are now and where we are going. 

 Don’t miss this exceptional edition of Dreamland as we welcome Tashi to the show’s community of experts. Tashi will join the show as a frequent guest, providing astrological insights. 

The new Dreamland, which will start running when our new website is deployed, will feature a traditional guest and an expert each week. At present, Linda Moulton Howe and Tashi powers are the two expert guests that will be joining the show.

In view of the eclipse taking place on July 12, Tashi’s first report is in this show.

Tashi’s website is EnlighteningTimes. com

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Her new book is available as a downloadable PDF or as a paperback.

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  1. What a terrific show.

    What a terrific show.

    Hearing these very young and wise voices is quite interesting. I hear them frequently and their input ranges from good advice to humorous asides. On occasion they have me in stitches and because of this I have never been the slightest concerned by this phenomenon at all.

    It’s quite an easy presence to incorporate into your day to day life with little effort. They use the same phrases or words frequently, I notice. Some examples are; ‘people person’, ‘personable people person’, ‘wisdom’, ‘peace’, ‘peaceful’ and a more recent phrase that is being used more and more is ‘reaction’.

    At times I’ve wondered if this is some kind of artificial intelligence and the reason I consider that is that there is a slightly formulaic nature to these voices. That said, perhaps once we pass over, the reduction in ego and sense of physicality also allows for much clearer instantaneous idea transmission. When heard, the messages are so straightforward and to the point that no effort is wasted.

    One voice I haven’t heard in a good while is the one I call the ‘Yoda’ voice. A sweet, crinkly, wise voice, capable of great mirth, it bears a noticeable sense of presence.

    How strange all this is, yet so simple. It was a relief to hear someone else talk about it, not that this has been problematic on any level though. It takes, initially, perhaps a little getting used to but soon becomes effortless.

  2. Well, I’ve kept silent on
    Well, I’ve kept silent on this thread, hoping to see more participation, but it does not surprise me that Von Hausenberg is the only one with some input. I spent years trying to understand Astrology, and I’ve finally come around and gotten past how really complicated it appears to be, and I owe that to my partner and sweetheart who happens to be an astrologer. It’s not his day job, but he uses it daily, and he was blown away about Tashi and her skills with Astrology, as well as her psychic ability and how to use them together.

    Anyway, the sounds of chirping crickets on this thread are deafening…:-)

    Moving on, I suspect that Whitely embracing astrology has got some people rolling their eyes and also feeling this is a little too new-agey for their tastes. Having been at Unknown Country as long as I have, I don’t see how Astrology comes off as any more suspect than any of the other unusual topics discussed here. Truly. And if you just see Astrology as another tool in the toolbox towards consciousness and understanding (and improvement) of ourselves, it will make more sense to you…And do not put daily horoscopes in your newspaper into the the same category as real Astrology. Real Astrology is very detailed towards each individual, as well as what goes on globally.

    If you have access to a really skilled astrologer, they do not tell you what to do. What they do is give you the lay of the land ahead so that you can prepare and be ready and make your own plans to best tackle the road ahead. When I first met my partner 9 years ago, he prepared my birth chart and discussed some things with me, and also did an overlay of my chart with his. Hmmmm…that was interesting! He also pointed out to me that I had two Yods (fingers of fate in my chart). Most people don’t have one, but I have two, and no, they don’t mean I am ‘special’, but that I do have two challenging aspect patterns in my chart that hold great potential for spiritual evolution and increased awareness ( That alone helped me a lot in understanding myself and the direction of my life.)

    When my Astrologer-in-Residence first began giving me a heads-up about things like upcoming transits, I caught myself telling him that I really didn’t want to know about it! It took me some time to realize that he wasn’t giving me good news/bad news about the future, but that it was about becoming more attuned and taking opportunities to grow as a human being and a Soul. For instance, I am entering a transit now that is about reviewing and completing ‘projects’ that I started 14 years ago, so before I begin any new projects, I should delay them and work on unfinished projects and business begun in 2004. Thinking back on what was going on in 2004, it now makes total sense to me, and it also dovetails with those two Yods in my chart.

    I’m looking forward to hearing more from Tashi in the future!

    Von Hausenberg: Yod>Yoda? 🙂

  3. I found the discussion very
    I found the discussion very interesting, not what I expected. Tashi, you presented a very different view from what I had experienced in the past. I think what baffled me the most about past experiences can be summed up to two things. The first is the terminology being used. Astrologers have a language of their own and when they start speaking it my brain shuts off. I’m not an astronomer or have the faintest idea what their terms and phrases mean. They jump from one line to another, never really explaining what they are taking about. For example; talk of transits, being in such or another house, etc. Tashi, if you could allow time in future talks with Whitley to add explanations into the discussion would be greatly appreciated. The other thing that rubbed me the wrong way is the sense that they are lording their astrological knowledge over me and expecting me to believe what is being said without providing any real proof. So when you and Whitley talked about the idea of the universe being conscious and how the concept was being examined within the realm of science, my ears perked up. The idea that stars and other celestial bodies could be, or are indeed conscious and exert forces on us is fascinating. I will try my best to keep an open mind and understand what this is all about.
    Tashi, I appreciate your thoughtful comments that we should be consciously aware of oneself and those around us. It is so easy to get wrapped up on ones daily life, whether its the daily commute or dealing with the immediate task at hand, that we fail to notice those around us and how our actions affect them. The greatest message I have been given is to stop and pay attention to the smallest and simplest things in life and to act. To make the effort, as you said, to take action and connect with another, be it human, or animal. I have been rewarded beyond measure when I did.
    Whitley’s comment that he was told he was going to have one of his treatments reminded me of something a Tai-Chi master once told me. He said that every time they practice they are building and adding to their chi energy, one thin page at a time and over a life time they will have made a book. One page by itself is very thin and weak, but the pages combined into a book will be powerful and strong.
    This is a podcast I plan on listening to again. Thanks Tashi and Whitley.

    Rick Man

  4. Hmm Cosmic… The Yod aspect
    Hmm Cosmic… The Yod aspect is interesting and conjures up questions about the Star Wars neo-mythology and what insider knowledge George Lucas has. Most curious…

  5. To the extent we don’t really
    To the extent we don’t really have clue as to what and how gravity is I can see all bodies in the universe affect us in some manner. Bu t as to when to buy or sell a stock – sorry this stuff is just guessing and what you want to believe it means. I can look at ANY ONES daily write ups and find something for me [usually better fit than the Leo I am supposed to be] and a lot that is so vague it could fit almost anyone if they want it to. But this interview fortunately was a lot broader and more interesting than what my love life should be doing. Almost did not listen but happy I did.

  6. On the other side of the
    On the other side of the coin, there appears to be quite an unpleaseant character in the Marvel universe call Yod…alias ‘Yod of the All-Seeing Eye’…see the following links for graphic art, with some rather overt Masonic symbolism…

    I’m not sure why the above doesn’t create links you can click on…so you will have to paste them into your ‘non-email-reading’, ‘non-location tracking’, ‘non-targetted-advertising’ search engine provider of choice, like StartPage, or DuckDuckGo…no reason really.

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