Longtime UFO investigator Dan Wright joins us to discuss his new book, The CIA UFO Papers–and proceeds to start off with two of the most spectacular PERSONAL UFO encounters ever talked about on this show! Whitley asks him why he first got interested in UFOs (He’s been in MUFON since 1978) and received a truly amazing answer to that question that starts with his father’s close up UFO sighting and ends with his own amazing story. At one point, Dan comments, “It’s been an interesting life.” Oh, yes!

Then they delve into the book itself, and it turns out that, buried in the mass of hundreds of thousands of documents that the CIA was forced to dump into the public sector in 2014, there is some real gold. They were concerned about UFOs, all right. Deeply concerned. Fascinatingly, as Dan reveals on the show, the nature of the relationship between us and our visitors has changed and evolved over the years, and the things that the CIA studied between 1947 and the present reflects the evolving nature of contact.

Altogether fascinating!

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NEXT WEEK ON DREAMLAND: Jimmy Church on To the Stars Academy and the CIA.

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  1. Podcast page has weeks out of order so I almost missed getting this week’s. Oh – and Amazon forest fires continue and I assume “Starfire” is NOT responsible? This week’s guest was interesting but I hope only touched on what the CIA released. Navy says UFO tic tac videos from To the Stars are real and UAP’s BUT weren’t supposed to get out. They said films weren’t classified but were NOT for general release? what doe that mean? Why is there no mention of it on your home page? This is a BIG admission by our government!

  2. Podcasts still out of order – 13th is before 20th NOT AFTER IT!

  3. People who listen only to the first 2/3s of this podcast and do not subscribe are doing themselves a disservice.
    When I first found out about Unknown Country I thought that just listening to the first part was a frugal way to enjoy the site.
    After a few months I took the plunge and subscribed. I have not looked back since. The amount of info I failed to learn or be entertained by was enormous.
    This site is a goldmine. JOIN

  4. Eugene and everyone, agreed that Unknown Country is compiling so much essential information that is not available elsewhere online. I plan to re-subscribe, and am considering becoming a permanent member.

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