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Frightening reality or urban myth? Who are the sinister black-eyed children that are being reported worldwide? They are knocking on doors, rapping on windows, asking to come in. They seem to need an invitation, but why? David Weatherly describes his research into the phenomenon as Whitley Strieber asks, ‘can this be real?’ EXCEPT, Whitley has reason to believe that it may be. It turns out that he has seen such a child…

David Weatherly has been investigating paranormal subjects for over 35 years, investigating cases around the country and abroad. He has written on a diverse range of topics including cryptozoology, UFOs and hauntings. David writes for Intrepid Magazine and his blog can be found at Two-Crows Paranormal.

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  1. OK-yesterday morning, I was
    OK-yesterday morning, I was going to download the special to my Ipod, I had not yet listened to Dreamland. As I hit the last digit of my login password, all the lights flickered off and on again. The only thing that did not come back on was the computer and the digital TV. Imagine my surprise on listening to the stories of electronic mishaps. I just had to let you know. Keep up this great website!

  2. These interviews show clearly
    These interviews show clearly the power of intent and feeling, as well as the ‘invitations’ we we may inadvertently be transmitting through our own thoughts.

    I have felt for an awfully long time that focusing too much time and energy on negative people and events invites more of the same. While I do not totally ignore the news and things going on in the world, many news stories seem to take on a life of their own due to nothing more than undue attention from the world at large. I have learned to scan my newspaper and stories on the net with a lot more scrutiny in order to avoid becoming sucked into situations and events that are high drama and in the grand scheme of things, fairly minor. I began to realize a while back that allowing myself to become attracted to these kinds of stories led to me feeling somewhat emotionally drained and vulnerable.

    If you believe in any kind of ’emotional vampire’, you realize that fear and negativity is what these beings (some are human, by the way) thrive on.

    1. Your observations are right
      Your observations are right on. The power of intent is creation. I advise you to do yourself a favor and view the documentary on DVD “I AM”. I think you will benefit immensely from it

    2. You have hit upon something
      You have hit upon something very significant here, I concur with much of what in you in a general sense. It is all a matter of interpretation and perception, but trust, always trust your instincts.

    3. You have hit upon something
      You have hit upon something very significant here, I concur with much of what in you in a general sense. It is all a matter of interpretation and perception, but trust, always trust your instincts.

  3. Romans 8:38 “For I am
    Romans 8:38 “For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons,[a] neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, 39 neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

    Believe in the light, however you conceive it, and darkness shall not touch you.

  4. I was able to ask a young
    I was able to ask a young necromancer friend about these Children, and he hadn’t heard about them. I suggested they might be egregores. Egregores are thought-form beings. I asked if egregores need to feed, and they do, usually. An egregore produced from Death essence will abide, and also one should usually apply an expiration date to their golem; methods of control. I asked if an egregore could come free of its control and wander the earth. He said, yes of course. That’s a result of poor necromancy skills. I asked if an egregore could be produced that has to ask permission to enter a domicile. He said yes, but that would be foolish of the necromancer. If the egregore couldn’t find those willing to give their essence freely, it would have to come back to the Maker and take theirs. These Black Eyed
    Children would have to represent a Master Work of the dark arts, if that’s the source. Here is a quote I wrote down that he said, precisely: “Either it’ a hoax, its a group effort, it’s multiple groups worldwide, or it’s something else entirely.”

    1. Ideas: When the Child is at
      Ideas: When the Child is at your door, only allow entrance after they answer three questions. Whatever questions you want. Also, if these are maybe Golems, try applying your own Identity Sigil to their foreheads. They might serve you. Also, if you’re into compassion, maybe say, “You can come in if I am your new Master.” Then you’ve got a handy tool at your disposal. Imagine gaining access to the information about the Soul’s past lives, sitting in the parlour asking this Child of yours about how the Universe really works. There’s more than one way to capture a soul and use it as a communication device.

  5. I came across one of these
    I came across one of these beings in broad daylight in a grocery store parking lot about 10-15 years ago. He was older than a child, with shoulder-length black hair. When I passed him I had an overwhelming sense of complete terror. The words ‘predator’, and ‘mass murderer’, come to mind. I glanced up at his face and his eyes were completely black – no white showing at all. If you ever come across something like this, you never forget it. Your hair stands up all over your body and I actually had chills.

  6. Not sure what to make of this
    Not sure what to make of this one Whitley, but it does bother me, please forgive me for not listening to all of it. There was only one other story that has been investigated that really bothered me – the old Jewish box, I can’t remember what the name of the box was, but it seemed that it was just intrinsically evil. I feel that same evil attached with these “beings” Almost like they are young versions of MIB’s – Going to go and work on some music and clear my psychic pallet.

  7. Did X-Files base their black
    Did X-Files base their black eyed people on these black eyed children sightings or did they come after? In the X-Files version, there is some kind of black oily liquid substance that seems to occupy the body of an individual — taking them over — and showing up as black eyes in the individual.

  8. Our fears can be reflected
    Our fears can be reflected back at us and used against us. Fill yourself completely with the light of unconditional love and no one can use fear to attack you.

  9. I was looking forward to
    I was looking forward to listening to this show. The day before I actually did, my clothes iron died, and later the same evening when I went to make popcorn, the popper died. Really strange.

  10. These are NOT children, they
    These are NOT children, they are not what they seem…it is an illusion. Trust your instincts. Always, trust your instincts.

  11. Thanks Whitley so much for
    Thanks Whitley so much for the episode of “The Shadow.” That was a great gift! I too have experienced everything from persistent electrical “hums” to bizarre electrical experiences in the recording studio. I have known individuals to completely cease their work as recording engineers because of these experiences. I once saw, in the company of all my band mates, an electric guitar which was resting on its guitar stand, rear up into a vertical position, and then fall flat on its face on the floor. I used to rehearse on the same street, during the same year that we lost John Lennon. I had so many electrical problems with my brand new synthesizer, that eventually I demanded a replacement. The band leader was British, and had a distinct negative quality about him. When these electrical things happen, I try not to let them overwhelm me, but I just keep pushing on, and usually they disappear after a few weeks.

  12. Creepy. I actually felt
    Creepy. I actually felt fearful while listening to the show, and I don’t normally have that type of reaction.

  13. I had a really bad migraine
    I had a really bad migraine almost immediately after listening to both parts of this interview. It was strange as it came out of nowhere and got very bad very quickly, which is unusual for me, and I ended up sleeping it off through most of my evening and night. Psychic vampirism or negativity? I wonder how much of it was my own assumptions and expectations playing around in my subconscious after listening to the interviews, and how much of it might have been something else. On the other hand, I woke up the next morning feeling very refreshed and had a very productive day. Make of that what you will.

  14. Sorry, Whitley, but I’m not
    Sorry, Whitley, but I’m not convinced. Your Dreamland guest just didn’t sound credible; he did not speak with authority and he kept clearing his throat (a sure sign of tension experienced by fabrication). Also, there was too much pure speculation IE: his idea that the children were of a different dimension… there is nothing in his story that even hints at that. I do not doubt that strange events happen and that people encounter things that go unexplained (including yourself) but that’s a long way from writing a book based entirely on ‘what if’, ‘maybe’ and ‘perhaps’. One thing more stood out for me. When he was telling the story of the boy who, supposedly, let the black eyed child into the family car… he quoted the boy as stating, when asked by his mother, “I invited him in.” Not the usual “I let him in” that a child would say. “I invited him in” just sounds to formal for a kid but does jive with the author’s contention that these strange children must be INVITED in. I think you got drawn into a hoax this time.
    Show us the proof and not just the legend.
    My copy of HYBREDS arrived yesterday and I only put it down to listen to Dreamland.
    A great read… as usual. Thanks.

  15. Sorry… I meant “Hybrids”.
    Sorry… I meant “Hybrids”.

  16. this was really a good
    this was really a good dreamland show, but i’m going to direct the non sububscribers to subscribe and do a little pr for the dreamland team (and whitley too) – if you want to get in touch, it’s better than c2c! ex. the dannion brinkley show from 2008 awesome! just type the subject in the searchfield and go! You can’t lose w the team they use!

  17. plus we will need whitley’s
    plus we will need whitley’s meditations, that’s for sure!

  18. I have to partially agree
    I have to partially agree with ED … I can’t imagine most children would use the term “invited.” My son would probably have said, “He wanted to come in.” Or, “I let him come in.” I, too, would like more proof rather than pure speculation… That said, I appreciate your shows – enjoy them much more than C2C for sure. Actually I haven’t listened that show for a year.

  19. Late last night and the night
    Late last night and the night before…tommyknockers tommyknockers knocking at the door. 🙂

  20. I’m reading this today and am
    I’m reading this today and am sure I’ll never sleep again. Of course this story relies on the credibility of the teller like everything else. Weatherly seems credible and this isn’t out of the realm of utter strangeness as far as I can tell. I’ll keep reading and hope I never meet thiese creepy kids.

  21. I don’t think this was an
    I don’t think this was an experience with the black eyed children, but i’ll relay it anyways. I was living in an apartment with my husband at the time. I was asleep in the bedroom and he was out in the living room, probably asleep on the futon. I was startled awake by very loud knocking at the front door. I was upset because it was the middle of the night. Andrew (my husband) got up and answered the door and as he did, something very strange happened. I seemed to have altered consciousness and felt like I was in a very vivid waking dream. When I came out of the bedroom, I don’t recall seeing Andrew, but there were two young men in the living room. One was a very large boy, stocky and about 5’11”. The other was ridiculously short, like the size of a four year old. And yet, I had the definite sense that the smaller one was the smart one, and the one in charge. I was very scared as I was afraid these two were thugs and I couldn’t understand why Andrew had let them in. I was staring at them, trying to get a better look. The short one was turned away, but the big one was staring right back at me. And his eyes were solid black. I remember that he looked like he had Downs syndrome. I know there was more, but I don’t remember. What I recall is waking up the next morning and asking Andrew if someone knocked on the door last night. He said, “Yeah, someone did knock at the door last night, but when I opened the door, there was no one there!” He said he looked up and down the stairwells and no one was around. He couldn’t figure it out, how someone could knock and get away so quickly without being seen or heard. He said he had a very eerie feeling about it, but I don’t remember exactly what he said. The whole thing was just odd, and the knocks may have just triggered a very strange dream…

  22. one little thing i would like
    one little thing i would like to comment on about when they talked about the shadow in the subscriber section, i would think it was less likely that his focus on this charictor did not generate this ghostly being and that it was more likely that this being already existed and this writer pulled from it.

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