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They started in Clintonville, Wisconsin. They were dismissed as a local phenomenon. But they have now spread to 12 states, the United Kingdom and possibly Lithuania. They are loud, often metallic-sounding explosions of unknown origin. In the UK, a powerful explosion heard over most of southern England was explained as a sonic boom caused when two Typhoon jets were scrambled in response to an as-yet unexplained ‘rare’ emergency signal that came from a small helicopter hovering over Bath. The two jets were observed circling the helicopter. One witness reported a silver disk in the area. Meanwhile, unexplained explosions have now been heard both from the air and from underground in 12 states in the United States. They have nothing to do with fracking and are not a new earthquake-related geologic phenomenon.

Listen as Whitley Strieber and Linda Moulton Howe discuss this bizarre phenomenon, and Linda offers reports from many eyewitnesses.

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  1. Early this morning I heard a
    Early this morning I heard a constant low rumbling starting around 2 am. I woke up at about 4 am, and it was still going on, then later, I could still hear it at about 6 am. We live near a river and a set of train tracks, but this did not sound at all like a barge, and would not have been going on for 6 hours. Same with the train. It did not sound like a train moving on the tracks, either, and I highly doubt it would have been going on for that long. It did sound somewhat like thunder, but that I know of we didn’t have storms early this morning, and the low rumble, while I was awake for it, was a constant, low rumble that sort of pulsed every few seconds.

  2. Hearing all the references to
    Hearing all the references to fracking, makes me think that there is a lot of non scientific guessing going on. I live in Wyoming and my father was a completetions expert in the natural gas industry, I have been near these locations when the fracking was happening. We have massive drilling and fracking going on where I live in central Wyoming as I write this. I have been around this all my life and believe me, if it was going to cause an earthquake any where, this place would be earthquake central. We also have several huge coal mines in this area and they blast a lot! We have never heard the booms here and there are no earthquakes going on, nor have they. Our geololgy here is very fractured due the Rocky Mountains and if fracking were going to cause those noises and earthquakes, you would have heard it about it years ago!!! Keep up the good work, Linda!!! I love how you don’t let the party line answers keep you from trying to get to the truth!!


  4. Earth intensified her
    Earth intensified her shifting this year. It has come to a point where so much has been removed from Her and so much done to alter the atmosphere for Human betterment that she has begun to bring Herself back into balance planet-wise. Humans cannot continue to remove parts of the planet and alter her atmosphere without there being dire consequences for humanity and other species as Earth brings herself back into balance. She is filling in the missing parts that lie within her. She is shifting everything within and atop Her. As these replacements occur, they create noises that can be anything from a simple hum to a loud booming noise and even a loud bang. This applies not only to what is within Her, on her surface, but in her atmosphere as well. A shift can begin deep within Her and end in her atmosphere. In this case, the sound would appear to be coming from Her atmosphere, when in fact is just the accumulation of a deep and far reaching shift.

    from VG via AS website….makes the most sense…Earth has rolled into a photon belt or rarefraction and compression of sound.

  5. Linda’s hypothesis is
    Linda’s hypothesis is flippin’ brilliant. It’s highly likely the sound of sharp release of energy rapidly displacing a great amount of air quickly, either thermally or mechanically (former implies the latter). Whatever it is, it has a very sharp wavefront which many are consistently describing as crashing and metallic. The metallic characterization is consistent with any audio source containing lots of higher frequency harmonics. In fact, you’ll hear this quality in a lot of poorly sampled audio, containing alias frequencies higher than the the Nyquist sampling rate of the source material.

    Are we talking a point source? Or a directed beam? With the latter I would expect some doppler shifting, but then again we don’t really hear that quality of lightning and if this is a directed energy weapon I’d expect it be much faster than lightning (yes, lightning is nowhere the speed of light) so maybe just too short time to hear it. But given the long, low rumbling that’s being described you’d expect something propagating along a path. If anyone does encounter pay careful attention, do you hear an undulating and/or wavering of the amplitude or frequency? Ugh, too bad we’ve not high quality recordings of the phenomenon.

    Damn fine scientific journalism Linda! And thank you for bringing this to our attention Whitley. The conspiracist in me wonders if this isn’t something to do with the “big stick” mentioned by VP Biden today. Hmmm…or is this someone else’s big stick? *shivers*

    1. the god s are hurling
      the god s are hurling thunderbolts: the Annunaki have returned.

  6. A few weeks ago we, here in
    A few weeks ago we, here in Western Washington, North of Seattle, in Snohomish county, heard an extremely loud, sustained roaring type sound that lasted for around fifteen to twenty minutes and just, suddenly, stopped. I reported this to Linda M Howe at Earthfiles dot com at the time. This being so, I believe that I have a valid opinion of this phenomena.
    We must guard against assigning a supernatural cause to these sounds. They are, however made, real, physical events. I believe that Whitley and Linda are correct in suggesting that a struggle between opposing forces, either of extraterrestrial origin or not, is taking place on this planet and will change the human condition drastically. There has been a tremendous advancement in secret technology and recent trends in the stock markets around the world seem to be starting to reflect this. The military industrial complex has never been stronger or wealthier and it is my opinion that events will culminate in a false flag type operation timed to the 12/21/2012 Mayan Calendar popularity.

  7. Hmm, sounds (no pun intended)
    Hmm, sounds (no pun intended) like a sonic boom. I grew up in the fifties, in the LA area, and sonic booms were a daily occurrence. They stopped them over land because of the “damage” they were doing. I imagine sixty years later that our aircraft travel at much greater speeds and probably cause much larger atmospheric disturbances, which would have coincident effects on the ground. I say, just relax, and stop feeding the hysteria. Unidentified aircraft associated with the sound? There’s your answer: an aircraft.

  8. What strikes me as plain odd
    What strikes me as plain odd is that almost no one is experiencing bad feelings or nervous vibes about all this. One would think that a mild concern would linger. Hmm… what is our intuition telling us I wonder..?

  9. One has to wonder: Would
    One has to wonder: Would opening a wormhole produce sound?

    In the vacuum of space, no. But if one end opened in a world with an atmosphere conducive to sound?

    Not to be cheeky, but just throwing it out there:

    Wormholes would not have to open in an atmosphere either. How about a subterranean wormhole? That would be quite a punch, vibrate underfoot, and produce sound. Keep in mind that wormholes would not necessarily be huge, but could be small, even microscopic or on a quantum level in size, and still produce considerable energy. Information, as well as objects might pass through a traversable wormhole.

    While dreaming or meditating, we may be creating wormholes ourselves.

    I just feel that this is all so far beyond our current sense of reality that it is difficult to wrap our minds around it. Not withstanding the whole naked ape mentality of humanity in general, perhaps enough of us have raised our consciousness to begin tangible changes in in our perceptions of our world and the universe as a whole.

    Alchemy is a process, takes “time”, and also may involve what we consider “magic”, and passage from one realm into another. ALL things ARE connected.

    My intuition tells me that that there may be a lack of fear because, on some level, some of us realize that we are the creators. If there is some sort of ‘war’ between factions as Linda and Whitley suggest, we may be manufacturing it in some kind of conscious effort to destroy duality. Nothing is totally annihilated without creating something else. There can only be transformation.

    Thanks to Unknown Country, Dreamland, and the indulgence of other subscribers for reading this post. I’m not sure where it came from either! 🙂

  10. In the Islamic religion, the
    In the Islamic religion, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said that one of the warning signs of the last days would be “a terrible noise like thunder between earth and sky.”

  11. what if this has to do with
    what if this has to do with haarp (high frequency active aroral research project) messing around with our ionosphere? Seems like this could be a likely possibility.

  12. Since whitley and Linda
    Since whitley and Linda moulton Howe have been covering the strange sounds that have been being recorded and noted worldwide I too have been trying to think just what may be the cause. The one thought that keeps coming up for me is the possibility that maybe what is going on at Cern may have allowed one or maybe more parallel universes to cross over into ours. As whitley put it something we may be hearing but cannot yet see.

  13. Trying to process this as
    Trying to process this as well, and sort through the content of the sounds, (I agree with Von Hausenberg), I’m a sound engineer and music producer, and an engineer with an EE. The acoustics associated with this phenomena are very intriguing. It would be almost impossible to do, but it would be very useful if the sound could be captured at both sub-sonic frequencies with a transducer, placed in the earth, and in a large body of water – ocean or lake, preferably both – as well as with a high quality studio (condenser) microphone – All at a very high sampling rate. But capturing it, knowing when it was to occur and where, would be like catching lightning in a bottle. And we owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Linda and Whitley – thank you both

  14. “Unexplained Explosions Now
    “Unexplained Explosions Now Worldwide” and “Meditation in a Time of Sudden Change”: Perhaps you had a very good reason not to share but, if possible at this time, could you tell us with more specificity what the sudden change and/or changes you are perceiving are from your perspective?


  15. If these bangs and crashes
    If these bangs and crashes indicate a readjustment of the earth’s crust and atmosphere, it implies that some globe-wide change has already occured (without our conscious awareness) and these are aftershocks from it.

  16. I did hear a sound a few
    I did hear a sound a few weeks ago on a Friday. it sounded like several garbage trucks had crashed into the stone wall around my house (it was garbage day). I looked out the window, but there were no large vehicles in the area.

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