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Katherine Ramsland is an expert on many different subjects, and one of the most important is intuition and how we can actually use it! Here she tells us how to actually induce powerful intuitive insights to change your life. Unlike ‘feel good’ books, Katherine uses the latest research into how intuition actually works.

Sudden flashes of inspiration have triggered many discoveries and inventions throughout history. Are such aha! moments merely random, or is there a way to train the brain to harness these seemingly unpredictable creative insights? In this fascinating interview, Katherine Ramsland tells Marla Frees about the latest neuroscience findings on spontaneous thought processes, or “snaps,” She describes how everyone—not just geniuses—can learn to improve the likelihood of their own “eureka” moments by adopting certain rewarding attitudes and habits.

A huge part of the mission of Unknowncountry and Dreamland is empowerment, and Katharine Ramsland is the real deal. Don’t miss this great show!

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  1. Knowledge really is power,
    Knowledge really is power, and as I listened to Ms. Ramsland, I felt validation for my own way of having “Snap” moments, because her process is pretty much identical to mine. I started out studying and learning as much as possible about UFOs, paranormal activity, physics, ancient history and archaeology, astronomy, biology, and various spiritual beliefs when I was about 11 years old, and it has served me well in helping me to connect the dots. The head and heart are definitely connected, and if they aren’t for you, they should be!

    The process is far from over for me, and I will never tire of learning, or connecting the dots!

    I would have liked to have heard more about Ms. Ramsland’s methods, and less about the whole serial killer thing though during this interview. The information about the disappearance of the reporter researching vampires WAS informative, because obviously we had not heard the whole story about the reporter, and it also displayed Ms. Ramslands objectivity in getting to the facts. I also would like to have heard more about her personal journey and and background.

  2. P.S. Just checked her blog…
    P.S. Just checked her blog… I went to her photo gallery and had a “Snap” moment! The first picture I zeroed in on was the first one in the upper left of a lone buffalo. While I won’t go into it here, Buffalo has a huge significance to me on a personal level.

    How cool! 🙂

  3. The first interview with Ms.
    The first interview with Ms. Ramsland left me with negative feelings. I would have preferred that the interview focus more on the “aha” moments rather than on the mindset of serial killers. I don’t think that this latter focus helps fulfill its stated mission.

  4. I enjoyed this show very
    I enjoyed this show very much. Thanks!

  5. subscriber interview was
    subscriber interview was amazing! thanks whitley you just get better&better over these years-but by the way posthumus agrippa was augusto’s grandson-not brother-much love&light to all

  6. Thanks for the topic!
    Thanks for the topic!

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