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Ever wondered why Whitley and Anne’s cabin had so many strange events happen in and around it?

This show explores a possible reason.

New to Dreamland, Glenn Kreisberg tells the amazing story of the ancient stone artifacts that dot the landscape where Whitley’s old cabin was located. He relates how artifacts in this very magical region are related to sites as far away as Angkor Watt, and contain an important and lost message from the past.

Whitley and Glenn go deep in their discussion of the area of Ulster County and the Catskills, where Whitley and Anne had their cabin and where Glenn has lived and explored all his life.

What is the past trying to tell us? What has been lost? And how does our lost past relate to the incredible events that unfolded at the Strieber cabin?

A really powerful and eye-opening show!

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  1. That book mentioned early on
    That book mentioned early on in the interview can be found here…

    Rocks and Rows (Sailing Routes across the Atlantic and the Copper Trade) – J Stuart Wakefield / Reinoud M. De Jonge

    …a sample chapter is available, along with a purchase and contact page.

  2. James and Glenn, both of the
    James and Glenn, both of the interviews this week seem to overlap for me so I will post this on both ‘THE EXPERIENCE AND DREAMLAND.’ Such great interviews.

    James, to start, I am wondering what part of Missouri your first remembered encounter took place?

    Several of my family members are buried in Ellington, (Reynolds County, Missouri). If this is close to where you had this encounter then you are not alone. Only a few things I want to mention here. My grandparents and other family members lived in Centerville, Missouri (Reynolds County) in the 1930s and 1940s. As children my older brother and I spent time there with our family. My brother was 6 years older than me so he remembered and experienced more then I did. He often told me that he was OK during the day but when night came he was terrified. At times while in Centerville he said there was a red glowing something in his bedroom. As an adult he always slept with a gun and ALWAYS had a night light on in his room. I think these early childhood experiences created a fear he experienced his whole life.

    THEN, one more thing. My grandmother often told her story about how she could fly at night BUT I do not recall if it only happened while she was in the country or if it continued when she was back in the city?

    This part of Missouri is beautiful but rough and rugged.

    Glen, Portals? YES, for sure and I too think they are in certain areas. I pulled out my world globe to check out GOBEKLI-TEPE/TURKEY and it appears to be close to the 37th parallel IF I am seeing/understanding this correctly?


    The Great Brushy Creek UFO Scare (some readers may not be aware of this).—1973.html

    1. Thanks for posting this. I
      Thanks for posting this. I am from Missouri as well. I grew up near DeSoto, Missouri in Jefferson County on a farm. As a child I would become terrified each night as the sun began to descend. I would run around and check the locks on the doors and windows. When I went into the bathroom, I would shove the trashcan in front of the door and stack things on top of it. I am a fairly brave person so my reaction was odd. I have several experiences there which were most certainly abduction experiences. One night when I was older a blue light followed me along the electric lines and then jumped across the road in front of me and went to the other side. Once I was in town, I sort of forgot about it and was shocked to see if following me home. When I slowed down, it slowed down. I stopped and it stopped. Then I have a screen memory of an owl that was sitting on the swing set in the yard that night

  3. A few years ago I read a book
    A few years ago I read a book called The Reluctant Psychic, by Susan Saxman. Saxman is a lifelong psychic who all throughout her childhood had felt a strong pull to England. (She believes she is the reincarnation of a British psychic/occultist.) When she was able to move to England for a while as a young lady she noted how powerful the spiritual energies around the area of Glastonbury are. She says that the energy just pours out of the ground there. She now lives in Woodstock, NY, which she claims is the only place in the US where she has found an energy level comparable to Glastonbury. This episode of Dreamland would seem to bear that claim out.

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