First, we remember Lorie Barnes, an extraordinary experiencer and Anne Strieber’s secretary. Then, we begin a series on conspiracies, beginning with the mystery of the Finders and stolen children. Lorie Barnes’s association with the Striebers began back in 1988 when she took on a job as Anne’s secretary. Because ofread more

Raven Dana had a face-to-face encounter with a visitor at the Strieber cabin in 1988. In this video, she and Whitley discuss it and other cabin events, and what the experiences mean to them thirty years on. Raven has been interviewed on Dreamland before, but has never spoken so intimatelyread more

Ever wondered why Whitley and Anne’s cabin had so many strange events happen in and around it?

This show explores a possible reason.

New to Dreamland, Glenn Kreisberg tells the amazing story of the ancient stone artifacts that dot the landscape where Whitley’s old cabin was located. He relates how artifacts in this very magical region are related to sites as far away as Angkor Watt, and contain an important and lost message from the past.
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Witnesses who had personal close encounter experiences at the Strieber Cabin in upstate New York describe what happened to them. This is virtually the only video of its kind in existence, and is eloquent testimony to just how remarkable the events were that transpired at the cabin. Whitley Strieber adds a thoughtful commentary that, as always, suggests that we take a larger view rather than assuming that we understand this profoundly strange phenomenon.

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