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There have been few controversies in recent memory as intense as that surrounding the Nazca mummies. It has been claimed that they are just old bones of animals, that they are Russian propaganda designed to confuse the west, that they are human remains that have been desecrated and many other claims.

Lost in all of this is the testimony of the archaeologist who has been studying them from the beginning, Thierry Jamin, president of the Inkari-Cusco Institute. Because he speaks little English, he has remained almost unheard in the Anglo-Saxon world.

In this week’s Dreamland, with the help of William Galison and his French cousin Alice, we ask Thierry Jamin to explain the situation to us from his perspective.

There follows an absolutely fascinating show. During the program, Whitley comments that the firestorm of controversy surrounding the mummies reminds him of what happened after he published Communion—the debunking came in raging storms and tidal waves. But, in the end, the Communion story, in all its mystery, prevailed.

Will that happen with the Nazca mummies? Theirry has announced another conference in Peru about them in late September. After the presentation is made public, we’ll revisit for sure!

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For Gaia TV’s response to the controversy, click here.

See the mummies and read more at the Alien Project.

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  1. That was fantastic! So
    That was fantastic! So interesting! Can’t wait for the follow-up.

  2. Absolutely fascinating
    Absolutely fascinating Whitley!! Please keep us up to date!! Killer show! (as always)!!!

  3. The picture does look fake to
    The picture does look fake to me… I like going to natural history museums and looking at the mummy’s. Just my thought on this. Im certainly not an expert.

    1. Hi,
      Will Galison here. The


      Will Galison here. The small beings are really strange, and it is not surprising that they look “fake” to you. There are features to these beings that don’t seem to make sense, to me, Thierry or the scientists he works with. For example, there is only one bone in the forearms and corresponding leg bones (shins). How could these beings twist their hands and feet as we can??? In many ways they seem to not be “well designed” for movement as we know it.

      What is clear from the analysis done by scientists who have examined and tested the bodies is this:

      1) All parts of these bodies have been carbon 14 dated to roughly 1000 years ago.

      2)There is no indication of any manipulation; cutting, drilling, removing or adding material in these small bodies

      3) from the one body that was sampled for DNA tests, no match has been found for any known species.

      4) One of the small bodies had eggs in the abdomen, indicating a “reptilian” physiology.

      5) Two of the small bodies had metal implants; one in the hip and one in the chest area. The hip implant seems t have been a prosthesis of some kind.

      6) several of the small bodies showed signs of age-related bone degeneration (disease).

      What were the nature of these creatures when they lived? Were they genetic experiments that failed and were “discarded”? Did they serve a very particular function that required only simple movements? All great questions!!! The experts are as baffled as anyone, but there seems to be NO sign of fraud.

      To me the most compelling proof is that the numerous skulls are virtually identical to one another but with variations one would expect within a species.

      The question to ask is how could such skulls be “manufactured”? MANY “skeptics” hacve claimed that these were made from a dog, cat or llama skull (they can’t agree on which), but no one has been able to demonstrate in a video the transformation of any of these skulls into the skulls of these small beings. In fact, it is obvious, when the actual skulls are examined, that this would be impossible.

  4. This was a good show, thanks
    This was a good show, thanks

  5. Bravo Whitley. This is one of
    Bravo Whitley. This is one of the best interviews you have ever done. Thierry Jamin really seems sincere and honest here.

  6. This was a remarkable
    This was a remarkable interview! I have been following this story for a while, just waiting to hear more. The website has some astounding-looking photos, scans, and x-rays, and I look forward to any news and results from the upcoming conference in Peru. Will it be ignored? What direction or turn will the information take?

    1. Hi,
      Will Galison here. Thanks


      Will Galison here. Thanks so much for your interest in this incredible case. I will be going down to Peru for the press conference (date still undetermined) and I will certainly report in English. I will let Whitley know the date when it is announced so he can post it here. Meanwhile, Bravo to Whitley for giving Thierry an audience.

  7. Whitley and guests, after
    Whitley and guests, after listening to this interview on Saturday and still thinking about it on Monday, I want to speculate on a few things. I apologize if this seems too wacky, it is just that there is something inside me today that wants to post it anyway. Sometimes my mind/thoughts take me in strange directions.

    Here is a quote from a website that for me feels right; NOT EVERYTHING FROM THE SITE THOUGH AND THE REASON I HAVE NOT POSTED IT.

    “(((If you were the extra-terrestrial Ruler and ‘King of the Universe’; Who had sent information CRITICAL to the survival of human+Beings, over thousands of Earth years, in exact and minute detail, and the relatively primitive inhabitants of Planet Earth had turned parts of it into nonsensical, ritualistic religious “rites and ceremonies” so that no-one read and studied the actual information with an open-mind and without applying incorrect preconceived ideas to it anymore; how would you reach those people who deserved to SURVIVE, when the vast majority were defying you and were insanely trying to destroy themselves and the planet’s eco-system (their own “life-support” machine), in the late 20th century?

    The Ruler of the Universe, Whom the primitive people here on Earth call God, during that same forty year period, picked a young boy and slowly and carefully trained him, without his being aware of it, to be the best film-maker on Earth.

    Then, when the boy had become a man and had completed the necessary training and was ready for the task, The Ruler of the Universe gave him the plot for a film that He Himself wanted to be made for Him and He did it, by telepathy, so that the film-maker would be unaware of what was happening to him and would think that the story and film-plot had both come from his own imagination.

    If it had been done with the film-maker being aware of where the information had come from and if he had then tried to explain it to people, in order to persuade them to help him, the people would have branded him as a lunatic and the film would never have been made.)))”

    “In this week’s Dreamland, with the help of William Galison and his French cousin Alice, we ask Thierry Jamin to explain the situation to us from his perspective.”

    First, as I am listening to this interview my thoughts kept drifting back to the movie, ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind.’

    Guest William Galison is a jazz musician and in the movie there are those 5 notes communicating with/ESTABLISHING A COMPATIBLE LANGUAGE with the mother-ship.

    Thierry Jamin has his main interpreter, William Galison, translating French into English.

    ALL of this to get to my wondering. Spielberg says he has NEVER had an encounter BUT I have to wonder about that? Perhaps he has but does not have the recall. While making the movie he MIGHT have been receiving thoughts/ideas about the movie/what was needed that he perceived as his own thoughts? Was Spielberg projecting some of the script into the future which is NOW?

    Is it only a coincidence that these guests, a Frenchman and his interpreter are being interviewed on ‘DREAMLAND’ and with an announcement coming this month in regard to the Nazca mummies???

    Bob Balaban as David Laughlin, Lacombe’s assistant and English-French interpreter. They meet for the first time in the Sonoran Desert at the beginning of the film. His former position as a cartographer allows him to interpret the alien signals as coordinates leading to the meeting at Devils Tower.
    French scientist Claude Lacombe and his American interpreter, cartographer David Laughlin

    François Truffaut as Claude Lacombe, a French government scientist in charge of UFO-related activities in the United States. The UFO expert Jacques Vallée served as the real-life model for Lacombe.

    Steven Spielberg believes “we’re not alone in the universe” and used to look for UFOs

  8. Simply incredible. I visited
    Simply incredible. I visited the Alien Project website and the evidence as presented is very credible. What immediately struck me about the beings is their smallness and apparent fragility. Whitley has commented in past podcasts that the beings are fragile. I would tend to agree. I have a very vivid memory of being on an observation table with a bright light overhead and being surrounded by the grays and one other. I have the sense that I was quite young at the time, maybe in my early teens. I was mad as a hornet at them for holding me down and said that I was going to break their scrawny little necks when I got off the table. I do not consider myself to be a violent person yet here I was, as a child, expressing this anger. Considering the size difference between us and them it is no wonder that we are incapacitated during encounters. I always thought that the gray color of the beings was some sort of garment as they appeared featureless and of the some uniform color. As for the being in charge of the procedure, he was taller, his face had prominent ridges, and his skin was shiny and iridescent, reminding of the inside surface of a conch shell. I thought how unique and beautiful he appeared. I can only begin to imagine how life might have evolved on earth if dinosaurs had not been wiped out by an asteroid.

    As human beings we, me included, often struggle to understand and accept those who are different from ourselves, whether it be race, religion, or have differing practices or political views. I can only imagine the coming human struggle as we try to understand beings so vastly different from us.

    Thank you Whitley for the work you do as it has helped me greatly in understanding my experiences and in putting meaning to them. Thank you Thierry and William for your integrity on this matter, in bringing this story to the world, and for working for the benefit of the peoples of Peru.

    Rick Man

  9. If 50% of the genome matches
    If 50% of the genome matches no known species on earth, well, that is mind blowing.

    1. Cosmic, thank you for this
      Cosmic, thank you for this three part interview. PRETTY AMAZING! Steve Mera mentioned the HOPKINSVILLE UFO INCIDENT.

      The incident, also called the Kelly-Hopkinsville encounter, referring to the nearby unincorporated community of Kelly, was well documented in the media and pop culture: director Steven Spielberg cited it as part of the inspiration behind such films as E.T. and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

      (((Edgar Cayce and his wife Gertrude are buried in Hopkinsville.)))

      July 2017…….
      Interestingly enough, this summer’s eclipse will take place on the anniversary of the infamous sighting—a coincidence that has conspiracy theorists buzzing and wondering if the two minutes of daytime darkness herald another extraterrestrial encounter. The fact that the original incident took place along latitude 37 north, a route lately identified by people such as New York Timesbestselling author Ben Mezrich—author of The 37th Parallel—for its high frequency of UFO sightings and other anomalies, only adds to the intrigue.

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