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Andrew Collins returns with major new findings about the ancient Gobekli Tepe site, currently among the world’s greatest archaeological mysteries.  But now THAT MYSTERY HAS DEEPENED. Listen as Andrew explains to Whitley just what we now know about what was going on at Gobekli Tepe, and why it is so astonishing.

Modern archaeology cannot accept the truth about the past, which is that something was happening that simply does not fit the established narrative.

 A big part of the mission of Dreamland is uncovering hidden truths, and this show qualifies as a classic example of that.

What is the connection between Gobekli Tepe and the stars? Why did the builders keep constructing new sites and burying the old ones—over the fantastic span of 1,500 years! What secret did they know that kept them working on this for such a long time. (No project in our own time has even come close to being maintained for so long.)

So who were they, really? What were they doing, and why? And, above all, what does it mean to us right now, because it does contain a hidden meaning, and a powerful one.

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  1. The extinct creatures…why?
    The extinct creatures…why? The clear giant sloth and the do do bird…
    Was GT a sort of focusing structure to capture Cygnus signals? Was it used for seed fermentation? Did they see the natural disasters coming and then bury the structure fro protection? Fascinating site. And the recent discovery of the Russian stone structures. Great Dreamland!

  2. Andrew Collins has hit the
    Andrew Collins has hit the nail on the head. From what I gather from various sources including David Wilcock, we as humans are evolving as spiritual beings. There is a cosmic wave that is coming into our solar system and effecting our DNA, causing a an evolution in consciousness. It seems Mr. Collins arrived at this conclusion independently from other sources, bringing a consensus on the idea making this message seem all the more believable

  3. Peace…

  4. Apparently, Mother Earth
    Apparently, Mother Earth (Gaia) took a shotgun blast in the gut at some distant time in the past. (Very sad).(

  5. All is connected, and this
    All is connected, and this concept is very old as discussed in this interview. For those that have studied metaphysics, The Great Web that connects us to everything is part of various traditions, not the least of which are legends of Native American cultures (Spider Woman).Some of us are aware of traveling this ‘network’ or grid during dreamtime, and also during meditation. We all have access to this.

    The discoveries at Gobekli Tepe are quite remarkable and I find all of them incredibly fascinating and also empowering for me on a personal level. Oddly enough, I am listening to this interview a second time. When I listened last night, I came very close to an OBE…I had closed my eyes and felt the pull and sensation of being taken out of my body. I didn’t quite get there, but it was enough to make me want to listen to this interview again.

    I highly recommend that everyone read Andrew’s ‘Gobekli Tepe, Genesis of the Gods’ along with ‘Path of Souls, The Native American Death Journey’ by Greg Little. Both cover much of the same territory, but from different cultural perspectives.

    Regarding the Cosmic Wave that may be affecting our DNA and consciousness, I can only say that is does not appear to be having an impact on each and every human being on this planet, or if it is, some of us must need a lot more tweaking than others! Apparently, we are all at different levels in this journey of spiritual evolution, but why? If the whole planet is being bombarded by this wave, why aren’t we all ‘getting it’? This wave should be affecting DNA all over the planet, including plants and animals. Do some individuals have a resistance built into their DNA that prevents them from evolving their level of awareness and consciousness? Are some of us locked out of this spiritual evolution of consciousness, or will we get it the next time around in another lifetime or reality?

    Great interview, and one that left me with many more questions…!

  6. Stunning New Gobekli Tepe
    Stunning New Gobekli Tepe Discovery…..

    Andrew Collins. I HOPE EVERYONE GETS THE OPPORTUNITY TO CHECK OUT YOUR WONDERFUL WEBSITE; it contains an incredible wealth of information. For me, you are one of the BEST of the best researchers on our planet today; trying to help humanity understand their origins. (I am sure your insights must be constantly changing with so many new discoveries). Thank you for opening up new doors/ideas and new possibilities while giving so much of yourself in the process. Thank you Whitley for this interview, it is excellent.

    There is a lot to explore on these pages…..

    How fortunate we all are to be able to pull up so much information and go to so many places as we view these sites.

  7. Hi Whitley! I really enjoyed
    Hi Whitley! I really enjoyed this interview with Andrew Collins. I thought you might find very interesting what I just heard in a talk given by UFO researcher and experiencer Suzanne Hansen (from New Zealand) at the Exopolitics Denmark in Copenhagen at The National Museum in Ny Vestergade in September of 2015. I’m including a link. Her presentation was entitled “ET Contact and the Dual Soul Connection.” The entire talk was quite interesting to me, but at about 30 minutes in, she began describing her experience of being shown something during one of her experiences that immediately made me think of your remarks at the end of this Dreamland interview with Mr. Collins describing what you perceived as some kind of energy connection between planets, stars, etc. Of course, I know the “soul” focus is of great interest to you (and also Ann) as well. It wouldn’t be surprising to find that you’re already aware of this individual, but this is my first time hearing her speak. She’s pretty impressive. Thank you again for your committed efforts on our behalf and keep up the good work! All my best to your sweet companion, Ann Strieber, as well, at this joyful season. ~Wanda (aka WonderFull)

  8. Wonderful show! Full of
    Wonderful show! Full of fantastic info/point of view/s. ^Re: cosmic waves [affecting DNA] — they do affect everyone/thing in the vicinity — but do not affect everyone the same way. For those souls/bodies unable to become compatible with the frequency of the incoming DNA-changing frequency — it is a very disturbing experience and results in fear and its constant companion, violence. The uptick in madness/violence seems to verify the immediacy of this effect. If one’s vibration is “keeping up” — the experience may be less noticeable.

    Some? in science see the weakening of earth’s magnetic field, thus allowing in more cosmic waves, as a potential horrible, death-blow delivering event. Seemingly, they perceive the influx of cosmic rays as a bad thing. I have observed that often the “quiet” earth-facing sun and cosmic ray bursts happen in sequence. The Sun moderates our interaction with cosmic rays — along with earth’s magnetic field — so, for whatever reason, Sun and earth, imo, seem to be working together in encouraging at least some types of cosmic rays to enter earth’s sphere.

    I see no need to refute the energy point of view re Cygnus’ appearance in cultural stories. It seems quite credible. Also, I think that Cygnus/The Swan also serves as a signpost on our cosmic calendar — and that it points the place in space that we are and the times we are going thru. Very interesting metaphorical connections — the soul, re/birth, transformation . . . and, interestingly enough — in the story I am most familiar with — black holes and the future.

    I think birds are used to signify the human? soul/s because the human soul is not earthbound — it can fly (unless, of course, it is wounded).

  9. Whitley, I hope you are
    Whitley, I hope you are writing down all these communications with Anne on the other side and will release them someday in a book!

  10. Really enjoyed this show –
    Really enjoyed this show – thanks!

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