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Nine of Dreamland’s most popular guests tell us their fondest hopes and greatest fears for 2016. Prepare to be surprised, fascinated, concerned and uplifted by these amazing people!

Jeffrey Kripa
l: What is Super Natural: a New Vision of the Unexplained, and what’s a distinguished academic doing becoming the world’s leading expert on Whitley Strieber? Preorder Super Natural NOW!

Linda Moulton Howe
: If alien life of any kind, from microbes to geniuses, is discovered in 2016, it will change the world more profoundly than almost any discovery in history. What are the odds for 2016? Hold on to your seats for this one!

Joseph Farrell: The world in 2016 looks disturbingly like the world in 1913. So are we headed for another huge war? What will be the warning signs?

Eben Alexander
: Will 2016 be the year of the afterlife, when science finally faces the fact that we are embedded in a greater spiritual reality of which we know almost nothing?

Catherine Austin Fitts of the Solari Report: Is the world economy entering another period of meltdown, or will we see some stability in 2016? (Look out below!)

William and Clare Henry: They have experienced an amazing breakthrough involving the enigmatic 3rd century document the Revelation of the Magi. Prepare to be amazed–and to join them in Turkey in 2016!

Jeremy Vaeni: The host of our popular new show the Experience tells us what he actually thinks about close encounters. Where are they going? What are they? He opens up as never before!

Matthew Frizzell: After watching the news across 2015, what does’s news editor see ahead? What were the most important stories of 2015, and what do they mean for the future? Also, why is he specifically attracted to this site? Could it be that he, also–well, listen and find out!

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  1. What a wonderful surprise!.
    What a wonderful surprise!. Thank you. By the way, I just pre-ordered “Super Natural” the Kindle version. February 2, 2016.
    Whitley was a wonderful guest on Coast To Coast AM last night on Christmas Eve.
    Having listened to this special Dreamland and Whitley last night, I was prompted in my memories to write about Staya Erusa. I have mentioned Jurgen Ziewe and “Multidimensional Man” to you before and I thought I would mention something about a wonderful (IMDB times it at 77minutes) DVD I purchased about three years ago(directly from their website in Europe and I received it promptly).

    Staya Erusa – The Beginning, was a pilot film by Harry Beckers, Claudia Bredewold and Ronald Jan Heijn. The film was released in the Netherlands in 2006 and shown in art houses. That year, Staya Erusa became the best visited film in a number of art houses. In 2007, the international remake Staya Erusa – Find the Book of Knowledge was launched, a film to which also Uri Geller contributed. Only this one film of the envisioned series was ever produced. Wikipedia states: “Staya Erusa is a series of films, a type of documentary, also called Notion Pictures, that provide insights into a subject. The films try to link the world’s needs and the measure in which we – as Mankind – are conscious. Staya Erusa claims, that through a broader perspective or more consciousness, solutions can be found for the challenges that Mankind faces. Using animations and interviews with renowned scientists and authors, insight is provided into consciousness, cosmos and life and death, especially life after death.”

    Staya Erusa – Find the Book of Knowledge is released on DVD in 13 languages, not in cinemas. It was about $15.00 which included the shipping.

    Ronald Jan Heijn would probably be an interesting guest. Though I am not sure about his command of English. He has an interesting website:

  2. Whitley the world is a better
    Whitley the world is a better place for having you (and Anne) in it. Your varied knowledge, compassionate heart, wisdom and spirit are a special kind of asset to the human (and perhaps beyond) experience. Merry Christmas and happy new year.
    Can’t wait to read Super Natural in hard copy!

  3. Thank you for a great
    Thank you for a great Christmas Dreamland.

  4. A wonderful show, Whitley. A
    A wonderful show, Whitley. A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you. You and Anne have been a blessing.

  5. Thanks for another great
    Thanks for another great show!

  6. Thank you David Rockwell for
    Thank you David Rockwell for posting the websites…..

    Christmas-New Years Extravaganza: Hopes and Fears…..

    It was so nice hearing these familiar voices and what they hope/fear for in the year 2016. THANK YOU, ALL OF YOU.

  7. I find Linda’s timeline
    I find Linda’s timeline mention incredibly intriguing, given all of the discoveries that have been made, at least monthly at this point, that point to life in the universe at large. Between the Martian water, the carbon on the comet, the ocean of Europa, the likely Dyson Sphere…it just feels like we are headed to a tipping point. If we got some kind of announcement of life this year, I would be less than shocked, but far more than thrilled.

  8. This is a very positive and
    This is a very positive and forward looking programme and while this has been a tough year for many of us, we’re all still looking ahead and upward, with a sense of a hidden bigger picture just out of sight.

    Call such an outlook ‘broad spectrum optimism’ if you like.

    Godbless all the Dreamland team, all the listeners and also all the new listeners that will find Dreamland and Unknown Country over the coming years.

    Peace, blessings and good tidings to you all. Merry Christmas…

  9. There is no better show than
    There is no better show than Dreamland. As I nod in agreement when points hit home, I realize that this show is the most important information in media. Bold statement, I stand by it.

  10. How do we terminate our
    How do we terminate our Dreamland subscription? I can’t get used to listening online.

  11. I have to disagree with Linda
    I have to disagree with Linda Howe that we must shift our attention to Mars. No, let’s stabilize our home planet first before we try colonizing other planets. If we can’t save the Earth, what hope is there for other worlds? The central problem is that every 24 hours, on average, 150 species are driven extinct while during this same time period the global human population grows by an additional 220.000.

    1. i have to agree with you inxs
      i have to agree with you inxs .If this mafia elite were removed and the tech the real tech given to the people we could clean up gia and change those numbers.

    2. I agree about Mars. It’s
      I agree about Mars. It’s totally absurd that we spend money to explore developing colonies off planet when we’ve done such a shoddy job with our native one. Reminds me of abusing one partner, dumping them, and searching for another, never realizing what one had in the first place. What we need desperately to do is find ways to humanely reduce the human population substantially, via aggressive birth control and family planning policies.

  12. A great show, Whitley.
    A great show, Whitley.

  13. Thank you so very much for
    Thank you so very much for this fascinating, adventurous show. Whitley, your efforts to bring intriguing and enriching guests and their work to us – including you and your work! – is so appreciated. I am grateful to be a part of it all. Blessings and warmest wishes for the New Year.

  14. Garlanda- Nobody is buying
    Garlanda- Nobody is buying what you have to sell. It is glaringly obvious that you are troll, if you don’t stop I’m sure you will be banned from here anyway.

  15. Prior to her death, Anne
    Prior to her death, Anne Strieber left a specific phrase that she said she would communicate to any real channel. In fact, she wrote it down, because we were both concerned about people attempting to exploit her. I have done the same, because I am sure that people will similarly attempt to exploit me after my death. All anybody claiming to channel her need do is to tell us what that phrase is. Otherwise, the channel is imaginary.

  16. Sheeet i almost welldid fget
    Sheeet i almost welldid fget 2 tell Whitley and Anne i wish you love and happiness in 2016 and years to come.

  17. I haven’t seen any evidence
    I haven’t seen any evidence of charlatanism.

  18. I really enjoyed this show.
    I really enjoyed this show. And I pre-ordered your book – can’t wait!
    May you have happiness in 2016!

  19. I hope that we can better
    I hope that we can better understand unity with the coming year. I believe that the Yin and Yang can be wrapped around each other, much like the Hippocratic medical symbol (the one with snakes). Once Yin and Yang remain attached for a given duration, without letting go, interconnectedness between the two energy flows can increase. This is what I submit happens with an accelerating object, the motion forward represents the Yang, and the acceleration of the object’s energy towards its center signifies the Yin. As energy levels rise, the object moves into closer proximity with unity. Increase of energy, without destruction or disconnection, enlivens the connection between a mass and its source, the unification confluence. All energy is connected at unity; E=infinity there.

    The Yang and Yin depend upon each other, one reveals the other. Processing of information takes place in the corpus callosum, the bridge between right and left hemispheres in the brain. When processing reaches unity, it moves at instantaneous speeds. This explains psychic powers (precognition). Processing speeds have reached unity, and therefore probing the future becomes feasible.

    The closer you are to unity, the slower time progresses. The brains of children reside closer to unity; they observe details and have more energy than adults. The more one departs from unity, the faster time unfolds. Destruction is the anti-unity. Drinking alcohol can demonstrate how time moves along more quickly due to the disruption of energy in the body. Separation from Nature increases aging. The hemispheres of the brain in the aged begins to separate and enlarge as aging progresses. The aged see time speed up for them, as the result of this process.

    Unity is the confluence of all energy, it exists in the background of reality. Arrive at unity, and there is timelessness. Quantum entanglement is due to unity. At unity, since all energy and matter exists and is interconnected there, E=infinity. One should be able to time travel once unity is reached, all time resides there. In the zone of unity, backwards and forwards time are all accessible. This eliminates the problem with time dilation (the twin paradox), as long as one can navigate from the zone of unity to a preferred destination in time.

    The fundamental equation for unity is that the action or event increases energy, rather than destroying or depleting it. This energy accumulation moves one closer to unity, and eventually one arrives there.

    The running energy technique (meditation exercise) helps Yin and Yang to connect and for the energy to amass. Once a critical juncture is reached, unity manifests.

    1. Great to hear from you again
      Great to hear from you again Mace!

      1. Hey EE. Good to hear from
        Hey EE. Good to hear from you. Things are coming into focus of late. Hope you enjoyed my dissertation on energy flow/unity. 🙂

        Now if only common information could be conveyed at instantaneous speeds. How can information merge with unity? Seems that psychic inclinations and abilities deal with information that is flexible, symbolic, metaphoric. Perhaps classical information is too discrete, hardwired and inflexible and cannot enter the unity flow easily. Information may need to melt into unity somehow to be transmitted at faster than light speeds. Also, what if there are individual types of resonance for specific types of classical information, that once activated, can help achieve unity immersion. Both information and conveyer energy frequency may need to be in harmony in that case. Getting information to merge with unity may be the method by which communication with advanced civilizations is accomplished, instantaneous signal speed would break all speed and distances barriers. That is, we could talk to aliens using unity signaling devices.

        To continue on with the subject of my first essay, there is entropy and then there is negatropy. Entropy may include a loss of energy, while negatropy simply increases the abundance of energy in a given system. With the amount of energy increasing, the closer the object comes to unity. Balance between Yin and Yang is essential to achieving unity, because one wants to retain and advance energy flow and keep it gaining momentum, rather than losing the energy into space.

        It appears that balance is indeed the key to unity, and can occur at low energies too, as long as conditions are satisfied (as with quantum entanglement, perfect cancellation of momentum in the unity flow zone).

        The point of increasing energy dramatically is to get the whole system functioning at unity, so it enters unity in totality, as a mass. This would allow a unity craft to enter the timeless realm and be exempt from the normal parameters of time and space. It would resonate with unity and would be beyond space-time concerns.

  20. I believe that the Fibonacci
    I believe that the Fibonacci series, which is conceived at its inception by applying 1 to 1 (1,1,2,3,5,8 etc.) may be an example of the interconnectedness of unity. Each product is the result of the addition of the former two numbers. This suggests a profound interconnectedness which is derived because of the initial unification convergence: 1=1.

    This may be similar to what happens with quantum entanglement, where photons or particles of opposing poles are conjoined at conception. The minus and plus signs, (opposing momentums) cancel each other out perfectly, arriving at unity.

    In the Fibonacci series, the initial 1 may be akin to a minus, the other 1, a plus (or vice versa). They cancel each other out completely, and become a quantum entanglement.

  21. I am used to contemplating
    I am used to contemplating unity as something that exists hidden in the background of reality, but something that can be uncovered as one delves into it. One reveals it by raising one’s energy levels, bringing one closer to the confluence of all energy.

  22. Good to know Whitley..Thanks
    Good to know Whitley..Thanks SO much for keeping this show going!! Love you and all the best for the new year.

  23. Mace, repeating what EE said,
    Mace, repeating what EE said, “it is great to hear from you again.”

    1. Thanks, Carollee! 🙂
      Thanks, Carollee! 🙂

  24. The field of unity is right
    The field of unity is right here, one simply has to enter it. The difference between a body existing in space-time and one living in unity is that the body in unity has tapped into the field of unity. Lots of common human practices tend to block access to unity, which is why we don’t know much about it. Some of these are for self defense, the others are damaging to the body. The eyes block out stimuli, for example, in order not to be overloaded. Poisons can interrupt the flow of energy through the chakras.

    By entering unity, one will be able to access teleportation, time travel, psychic abilities, manipulation of matter, levitation, manifestation of dreams, multiverse travel.

    The “luminal experience” fundamentally involves the addition of energy, which brings one closer to unity. Moving to a new town, having new experiences during a vacation, these all increase the scope of consciousness and total energy. One becomes more than one was, one moves closer to the unity field.

    1. You are the best Mace! I
      You are the best Mace! I totally “get it”. You express it perfectly for all to read. What a “coincidence” that I planned on seeing “Frequencies” again this afternoon on Netflix.

      1. Thanks for reading my essays,
        Thanks for reading my essays, EE. I have “Frequencies” saved on my Netflix list, and on my television DVR!


  25. Joseph Farrell’s predictions
    Joseph Farrell’s predictions were absolutely spot on. WOW.

  26. This was an excellent
    This was an excellent Dreamland show – a real treat. Kudos to the U.C. team and Whitley! And it was great to hear Matt’s voice – keep up the excellent work!

    On a side note….as exciting as the Mars expeditions have been, I echo the sentiments above that there’s something a little wrong about terra-forming on another planet before fixing the damage done here on Earth.

    Interesting times indeed……

  27. Oh, what a great show! I got
    Oh, what a great show! I got to it late, but better late than never.
    Thank you, Whitley! I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year!
    I also feel that 2016 has something special in store!

  28. Kudos to dreamland team!!

    Kudos to dreamland team!!

    Show was like a mini-Nashville Dreamland fest!

  29. Permanent. Magnet motor is
    Permanent. Magnet motor is the answer to many questions about energy.

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