Echo Bodine is a world renowned psychic and healer, and an expert at helping ghosts escape the traps they are in–for souls can get trapped after death. Here, Echo tells us of her experiences and how we can live a life that leads to an enriching afterlife. And no, it’s not a show about heaven and hell. It’s about the joy of living AND afterliving, and it all revolves around something Anne Strieber taught and believed from her heart, and what Echo also knows to be true: everyone’s afterlife is what they believe it will be.

Don’t miss this powerful journey through the heart to the beautiful home of the soul!

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  1. Once I was working a night shift doing bedside cardiac sonography at a local hospital. I was in the reading room getting the evening’s images studies ready for the Cardiologists to read. It was very quiet and late on the floors. I saw a patient coming down the hall and as I looked up I saw him pass by the door. He ws in the typical blue patient gown pulling an IV pole along. I walked out into the hallway to assist him all the while thinking he was lost or demented. He was down the hallway passing under fluorescent lights as I walked toward him and called to him he turned around with a confused look on his face. He then faded!
    Freaked me out! I would guess he had died and didn’t know what happened????

    I read somewhere that most spirits are in Bars & Hospitals…anyone else heard something similar, or is that just a urban myth?

    1. Since he pulling an IV pole i think it was more likely a time slip

      1. Oh wow.. Thx Kolyabahai I never thought of that! It was a hair on the neck raising chill bumps experience!

  2. I’ve heard that the dead hang out where they hung out when they were alive. With cemeteries not at all ‘haunted’ unless they were scenes of brutal warfare.

    It’s funny you bring up bars thought James because Echo has a brother, Michael, who’s also a psychic and wrote a book about his life. And in the book he writes about when he was younger he didn’t want to do psychic stuff anymore, so he became a bartender. And while working he’d see patrons come in and the drunker they got, the more spirits showed up to jump into the drunk person’s body. Apparently alcohol weakens our natural protection against possession.

    The book is great, btw, for anyone interested. And I’ve linked Michael Bodine’s website below.

    1. A friend who used to use an excess of alcohol and other drugs has talked a lot about this. When her addictions were at their worst, she said, she became kind of transparent to spirit attachments, and one in particular plagued her and even ruined a relationship she was in because he was so invasive and pervasive (not to mention perverted, apparently).

      For whatever it’s worth in this context, at that time street lights would also blink on and off as she passed. I didn’t quite believe that at first, but then I met someone else who caused similar electrical anomalies.

  3. Terrific interview.

    There seems to be an astonishing amount of psychic activity presently.

    Just yesterday, I popped into MacDonald’s here in the UK, before work, to grab a delicious and nourishing breakfast roll. Having devoured it like a chimpanzee and glugged my coffee, I was driving away when I suddenly heard one of my guides say surprisingly loudly “He’s all Mackied up!!” like I was Popeye swallowing a can of super-spinach or something. Arr arr arr…0,0

    I almost drove through a red light as I was laughing so hard! Of course, the comment was meant to be heard and they really don’t want me eating there. Kind hearts.

    Such presences are so incredibly subtle yet it’s quite easy to hear them once you give them a chance and stop ignoring them. They intend so much good for people. Goodness knows how they manage to have so much patience, especially with bozos like me?


  4. I absolutely loved Echo Bodine thanks Whitley for another great podcast it’s Saturday after 2pm here in Massachusetts and I just wanted to let you know that I had a little white moth experience while listening to your podcast and that wasn’t the only time just recently I finished Jesus a new vision and that little tiny moth just came out of the book hahaha 😉 loved the book 👍

  5. Love Echo Bodine.
    What she says here regarding the importance of not becoming stuck to this plane after death is another way of saying what the anthroposophists like Rudolf Steiner urged against: the powers of Ahriman, the force that pulls humans ever deeper into materiality and spiritual blindness, which results in getting stuck in a cycle of regression, unable to reincarnate organically along the organic life wave. The beings that regress further and further become aware they can’t incarnate as humans anymore, so they try to harvest our DNA and genetics to try and sidestep the natural progress of spiritual work. These are the Greys.

    1. Somehow, this rings true. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this.

  6. Echo said we get our work done faster here than on the other side. I have been told this by someone else. I really don’t understand. Faster is am aspect of time. We only have time here. On the other side there is no time. We have eternity. What difference does it make? I would rather do the work on the other side. What is all the hurry about!

    1. Good questions!

      I have wondered something similar regarding a spirit contact of mine, with whom I had a close relationship in another life. We have spent a lot of time (there’s the time thing again) during my present physical life working out problems we had with each other in the past. I can’t figure out why we could not have done that far more easily in the spirit world, where surely communication would have been a lot clearer? I’ve never been able to get an answer about that.

    2. I think many of us work better under some kind of pressure, or challenge, and working within a constraint is certainly a challenge compared to having no time constraints. Maybe you could liken it to, say, putting off your term paper until the last four or five days before it is actually due, even though you had a month to work on it. I’ve heard many people say they do work better under pressure. Maybe it’s just something as simple as that.

  7. Loved this interview. Love Echo Bodine. Really great interview Whitley. Thanks!

  8. Wow Peter NYC, so true.
    They don’t call it Spirits for nothing.

    VCM, it feels like they are advising more and more latelyn. When I drink even a beer I’ll be given a sign right away of disapproval.

    Great show as always Mr. Strieber, but we just touched the surface with Ms. Bodine. We need to talk about the higher dimensions she mentioned!🥰

  9. I don’t think I’ll be hanging around after death, but if I did it would be wander around and see the places of beauty, whether natural or manmade, I haven’t had the chance to see during life. But probably after death that curiosity will be gone, in the knowledge Heaven/Home will be more beautiful, and in curiosity about aspects of the afterlife beyond its immediate “look.”
    I am long acquainted with the teaching we create our immediate afterlife environment, our own initial version of heaven or hell. I like to envision Heaven as a Japanese garden.

  10. My niece is very psychic. She is an RN, and when she worked in a hospital would have dead people come up to her all the time, to the point it was annoying. She would tell them to go to the light. I guess they didn’t know they were dead. She has seen dead people other than in a hospital, including her grandfather, my late father-in-law. She has a great gift which she apparently doesn’t want.

    1. That is epic. Even tho I only saw that one verifiable incident I always had a foreboding and feeling, especially in the imaging lab scanning with ultrasound that the dead were nearby. I often wondered if the Hi frequencies of US brought them?

  11. thank you whitley for this terrific interview-with what i’m going comes to me at just the right time-hare krsna and take care

  12. Author

    This is quite amazing. They contacted me afterward and I watched it yesterday. I had no idea they were doing it. I’m going to have them on Dreamland soon.

    1. WOW! How interesting. I have only listened to the first 35 minutes of this remote viewing and will listen to the rest of it later BUT what caught my eye was the first woman drawing a hand with SIX FINGERS.

    2. Whitley…at 34 minutes in…”The Eye of the Cosmos is watching.”

      That can’t be a coincidence.

        1. It might be interesting to find out where, what day and what time each viewer did their remote views…for comparison.

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