Beginning with a thorough telling of her unique early life, which informed her decision to perform and study sex magick, Stephanie Quick takes us on a journey like no other into the realm of sex and the super natural–beginning in a Buddhist monastery!

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  1. We understand that Mr. Strieber needs a break. However, there are so many old podcast gems over the many years.
    Why not play one a month instead?

  2. An enjoyable show and I can confirm that, as a stiff under the collar Brit, I’m unlikely to discuss such things with either my Mother or the local Vicar.


    1. VON HAUSENBERG: You said…….”As a stiff under the collar Brit, I’m unlikely to discuss such things with either my Mother or the local Vicar.” You really made me laugh when you said that. After checking out the other reviews, this interview does not look promising. I will skip this one and am looking forward to next Friday.

  3. I had to give up on this one. Nothing was learned, nor was it even remotely interesting. I kept skipping around to see if it got better– it did not. She would cut her own stories short, then rambled along, punctuated with annoying giggling. I wasn’t interested in the subject but it’s Friday and that’s Whitley night so I thought I’d give it a chance. I did wonder if Whitley is finding it more difficult to book more engaging guests with relative information on interesting subjects. I was embarrassed listening to this woman and yet she is well educated. I don’t get it… sorry Whitley. Please try harder in future. Maybe consider ‘Lily’s’ suggestion as an option?

    1. I have no idea what the point of her interview was – just rambling free association. I didn’t hear anything about actual magic or sex.

  4. Masterful navigation of this interview bringing out some solid talking points for the listener to consider.

    Also very much looking forward to your next installment featuring your latest book. Many thanks, Jeremy!

  5. As a practicing Buddhist I had to stop watching after an hour which was too long. . So scattered it made me dizzy.If you’re an HSP ( Highly Sensitive Person) skip this one. I’m going to have to do some grounding exercises and take a shower. As a buddhist I couldn’t follow a lot of what she was saying. I can’t imagine what someone with no buddhist background would make of all of it.

  6. I stayed for the crazy ride because as a a subscribir I wanted to pay respect to WS and make sure I was listening right. I felt bad for the interviewer (his frowning in disbelief/uncertainty was not left unnoticed by me). I think made the best of a bad situation by trying to make serious and scant questions that were always turned into an opportunity for name dropping, extreme nervous giggling, and a lot of show-off of nothing. So sad!.There is a need for screening first before letting any person display their “knowledge and/or experiences” on the supernatural but it serves the listener to understand that there are some people like that out there, Looking forward for serious, enlightening “Strieber Fridays” which I have enjoyed for many years even when too deep or far-out themes were brought up. . I was saved by the bell when I was woken up 5 minutes prior to the end. Did not think twice about it

  7. Extremely annoying to watch. Good interviewer in the circumstances. OMG is all I can say!

    1. I totally agree with everything that everybody is saying here! I don’t know who this guest host is, but he’s annoying. I’m a regular listener and a subscriber and I tried to listen to his interviews and they’re just terrible. Maybe WS can get another host? There’s so many wonderful guests that might want to have the opportunity to host and would be much better at it than this guy. Sorry, not trying to be mean or anything but it’s just, not a good fit for the show and at not up to the standards of WS & Dreamland. 🙁

      1. Ditto…
        Both interviews I’ve heard with this guest host have bored and frustrated me — “Whitely Fridays” are just not the same and I’m forced to check-out other entertaining & enlightening podcasts to fill me up in his absence. My husband & I usually discuss the show on Saturday mornings over a French Press of strong coffee. He knows how much I look forward to Friday’s and enjoys my re-telling of the interviews. Sigh…

      2. I would say the material was not good enough to work with. No chance to be successful .

  8. I actually found her interesting. Her nervous laughter was distracting, but not enough for me to lose interest. Jeremy is a great interviewer and steered the conversation well. Sex magick isn’t a common topic and I found her perspective interesting and well informed.

    1. Yes, although i prefer Whitley’s Interviews i found this one to be interesting too. And the story of the dream invader monk shows that just because someone has achieved spiritual powers doesn’t nesecerally mean they’ve achieved equal heights in morality. And i think Jeremy’s interviews are improving.

  9. Well…I’ve engaged with Stephanie (Shout out to Oliver!) and she is very intelligent, and also knows what she is talking about. As much as I like Jeremy’s usual style of interviewing people (and he interviewed me), I think the problem may have been that these two were like oil and water, and that is no one’s fault.

    As evolved as we supposedly are, people, especially in the USA, are just not comfortable with sex, let alone talking about it. Stephanie, as I know her, is comfortable talking about sex, but Jeremy is a lot less so, which probably made Stephanie… uncomfortable.

    So, there you go.

    Regarding Stephanie’s NDE, it could have been very interesting to ask questions about the Tibetan Buddhism aspects of it. I think if Jeremy had more knowledge of The Tibetan Book of the Dead, and even the Tibetan customs about dying, as well as the typical Western version of an NDE (bright light, not wanting to come back, seeing Grandma and having her tell you it’s not “your time”, etc,) some great questions could have led to a deeper, more meaningful discussion.

    When Stephanie talked about her childhood and older men and sexuality, I remember having the same situations, even stopping off at a convenience store on the way home from school when some man in a fancy car kept following me, trying to get me to go for a ride. It happened to my sister too. It’s worse for young girls and women than anyone wants to talk about.

    Suffice to say, this conversation was a missed opportunity, and I’m sorry that Stephanie’s wisdom and experiences were not addressed properly…with good questions.

    1. I would say the material was not good enough to work with. No chance to be successful if she had so many offspring diverting themes and failing to answer the precise questions. Her personal experiences with sex are just that, but where was the wisdom gained or how did she to manage to explain “the magic”?? No idea how to grab that crab.. They are usually taken by the shell approaching from the back and holding tight their claws.

  10. I’d like to start by saying, I really enjoy Jeremy’s interviews. I’m glad he’s back. I grew up in the area she was talking about in the same time period. I lived just off Tollhouse road. At that time the area was full of sexual predators. Couldn’t go anywhere without a creeper trying to pick you up. Having inappropriate sexual attention is just part of being a female, especially when young. I have been around people with inappropriate sexuality and it is an energy that is palpable. When it comes from a female, predatory men pick it up quickly. I do not consider it a good thing. I’m also trying to figure out where the magic comes in. Having said that, I did have alot of unusual experiences living in that area. Looking forward to Jeremy’s next show.

  11. P.S. Have sex with me and you’ll get good karma or whatever, but you gotta keep it secret. This is classic predator.

  12. Too much giggling and laughing so annoying and disconcerting….lol.

    1. I would say the material was not good enough to work with. No chance to be successful if she had so many offspring diverting themes and failing to answer the precise questions asked by the surpised(?) or baffled Interviewer . He was cool and contained, not augmenting the chaos. –Her personal experiences with sex are just that, and no one, I guess, signed up for that. But…. where was the wisdom gained or how did she explain it? No idea how to grab that crab. They are usually taken by the shell approaching from the back and holding tight their claws. This crab was out of control.

    2. I haven’t listened but in general I find Mr. Vaeni’s ‘yuk-yuk’ style of comedy to detract from the quality of interviews. Not sure if that’s what you’re referring to but I thought it was interesting that someone else mentioned the topic.

  13. Yawn… bounce over to Linda Mouton Howe.

    Why not reshare an old Dreamland ? Vintage gems are in the archives!

  14. I generally avoid Mr. Vaeni’s shows by default but on occasion have tried giving it a go if there happens to be a dearth of material from other paranormal podcasts and the material has the potential to be interesting (e.g. magick in this case). I don’t think I’ve be able to finish even one but I just wanted to thank the reviewers who are warning us off of this one.

  15. Thanks for the warning, everyone. Also, I never care much for this guy who is filling in for Whitley. He always comes across like he’s condescending and disbelieving of the very subjects he’s on here to discuss openly. I didn’t watch the video but someone said he was smirking. Exactly what I always seem to hear in his voice. I’ll wait for Whitley.

  16. Hmm, some of these comments are inept to say the least. 🧐

    Sexual energy, some call it life-force, isn’t an easy topic to discuss openly as, by it’s nature, like a serpent, it oh, so often causes people to start squirming in their seats, fidget and look for any way possible to disengage until they reach their own harmony and feel comfortable.

    I feel this show has hidden empires of source knowledge/instinct to explore if you just sit still for 5 minutes and avoid worrying about changes in routines. Doing the work is like sleeping in a hedgerow; I can think of more comfortable places to spend the night, but oh, the dawn..


  17. I really feel like my head was the ball in a pinball machine being played.

  18. So many negative reactions!

    My experience of the realm/realms we explore on this website, includes much humor and wild diversity. This was an excellent demonstration of the true nature of reality.

    Loved it!

  19. Although I prefer Whitley as the interviewer, I have viewed those interviews with Jeremy V hosting & I do believe he keeps an open mind & asks probing & interesting questions. As for the guest Stephanie Q., yes she seemed a bit scattered, however there were a few good points I found during the interview. Though some have mentioned here that the interview consisted mostly of her personal experiences, isn’t that true of most quests? We the viewing/listening audience are not present during any of these quests personal experiences or even present during Whitley’s & Anne’s personal experiences. It is up to us for discern those we find credible or not credible because most of these deep spiritual experiences happen when we least expect it & rarely in front of an audience or even a witness & that doesn’t mean the experience isn’t credible or could be of value when shared with our community here & our global community ✨💓

    1. I would love to start a private conversation with you and don’t know how to do that on this website…

  20. Sorry couldn’t follow this show. Either one was hard to listen to.

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