One guest has a UFO sighting and winds up livestreaming nightly UFO hunts in Whitley’s home town of San Antonio, the other has a harrowing contact experience that is followed by a lifetime of search…and they meet and compare not just notes but lives, and here they are to tell us their great stories!

JohnBro Wilkie’s life involving high strangeness started out at Groom Lake when he was in the military. We’ll hear that story, which will leave you seriously considering that the U.S. may be in possession of some VERY weird technology. Then he learned a visioning technique he calls solar obliteration that makes it possible to see extraordinary things in bright sunlight. Some of them are insects, dust and blowing debris, but not all, and he tells us about that, as well.

Then his friend Ryan Keaton describes a UFO sighting in Government Canyon north of San Antonio that led him to take his phone out at night and start trying to do a John Martin/Melinda Leslie and video UFOs. He now livestreams his efforts every night (weather permitting) on FaceBook. Let’s more of us get out there and do this!

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  1. I plan on listening this weekend, but—you hooked me at Government Canyon.

    My partner and I have hiked all over Texas and parts of New Mexico, and in places as remote as McKittrick Canyon, Big Bend, and Big Bend Ranch State Park. About 10 years ago, we spent about half a day in Government Canyon, because that was about all we take! We both agreed that we had never hiked anywhere that was as draining and negative as Government Canyon. We didn’t enjoy it at all, and it had downright creepy vibe about it. I even remember thinking that I should ask Whitley if he knew anything about the place.

    Looking forward to the interview!

    1. It’s interesting how some places just have a good or bad vibe. Here in Britain I’ve always felt a kinship with places such as Salisbury, Winchester, Glastonbury and Southampton. Then again, I go to Northampton and it’s not a great ‘vibe’ but the people are totally cool, so what is that? I think it’s the ground beneath our feet.

      I can go to Glasgow and while it’s a tough city I get such a positive buzz from Glasgow. I do, of course, make sure I don’t tread on any toes up there! Rab C Nesbitt may appear and correct me.. 0,0

    2. We can talk about Government Canyon some more this weekend. That place has a very interesting history and not many people know about it.

  2. I really enjoyed this show, These two gentlemen are straight talkers and their veracity is obvious.

    The ones above us, who stay with us and guide us don’t go anywhere but I do think they are busy. There’s a lot to do.. the work.

    There was one, an old croaky voice that I called ‘Yoda’ who I used to hear now and again but not for years now. I wondered if it was me in a future/higher/parallel state but have no way of knowing if that comes close to an understanding.

    On Dreamland once I heard someone suggest that we are in shared bodies and that souls are ‘bigger’ than we can conceive. Perhaps that’s right.

    The main thing though, is that I feel so filled with optimism and wonder about life from listening to Dreamland and hearing from folk like these two chaps. It just keeps me on trucking when, at times, it’s so hard to look ahead.


  3. One thing I know for sure is that “we’re only looking through a glass darkly”. Those of us who want to raise our consciousness become more and more aware of glimpses into the vast, endless, eternal reality.

  4. Hi,
    I’m part way through watching the video on Youtube, listening to Johnbro. I have wondered, many times, for personal reasons, if it is true that the concept of the Grey beings, or the Greys if you will, was only brought into public awareness in by the cover of Whitley’s book, Communion, in 1987. Is it true? I hope my question doesn’t get me into trouble with the good people on Unknown Country here. Was there no one else before Whitley who described the Greys? Bud Hopkins wrote books, others too… But I’m not familiar with Bud’s books, or any other books prior to Whitley’s. If Communion was the first book to depict or describe the Greys then I had an impossible conversation with a friend in 1979, one of the most memorable conversations of my life but also one in which I was in some state of otherness. My friend was not impressed by much in regard to spiritual or psychic realities but he knew about and was impressed by the Greys, as he called them. And I knew what he was talking about.
    Great show, thank you.

    1. I think that ‘Greys’ have likely been around since the beginning of time, here on Earth.

      Mr. Strieber’s works – in my knowledge, brought the social icon… (not ‘little green men’ version – with angled ‘almond’ eyes’) as we now know them, to the front of public consciousness. The little ‘cartoon’ version… that everyone knows and loves – I do not remember being around… before ‘Communion’ was released. Now everyone knows that image. Not to say that someone out there… cannot make a prior reference. But that is my memory.

  5. So, so much to unpack…What a strange day this has been!

    I have a lot of questions, but mainly—Did I miss JohnBro explaining of Solar Obliteration? I definitely wanted to hear about this, since I have seen things while (very carefully) looking at sunlight near the sun (People, please don’t look directly at the sun—ever.)

    1. I have found… through years of searching, that there are multiple ways that individuals can glean knowledge of the anomalous – for themselves; sans ‘authority’s provisions.’ ‘Solar Obliteration’ was merely a diagram I drew… that set me off on a far greater path. As 98.9% of light is outside of our ability to ‘see’ (Hertzian Wave) – that makes us nearly blind. Imagine all of the things that are right directly around us… that we don’t experience.

      1. How well I know! (Because I have those kind of experiences!) I was curious about Whitley’s mention of a nuclear event near Government Canyon. It took some digging this morning, but I found a story about it in Texas Monthly. It helps that I know quite a bit about the area (My father was stationed at Ft. Sam Houston at the end of WWII, and my parents were also married there. My son was stationed. at Camp Bullis.)

        The nuclear weapons bunker blew up in 1963 at Lackland Air Force Base. What’s interesting is that it has largely been forgotten (And overshadowed by another major event in Texas in November 1963—the assassination John Kennedy. I could add much more, but but with my limited typing skills, I’d be here all day!

  6. “They look like X-rays” caught my attention. I saw and touched one in 2016. It did seem to have a slight glow and maybe even a very slight translucency. It’s hard to describe, but “X-ray” is not a bad description, if that’s how you meant it.

    Thanks for the show!

  7. Hi Whitley. I am 72 yrs old . I am getting closer to ending my time in this body and I want to tell my story so that somebody, anybody, will know what I saw. When I was 6 yrs old I had the only nightmare of my life. t least that’s what my parents called it. It’s 1956, I live in Hayward Ca. I attend Sunset Elementary school. It’s nighttime and I’m asleep in my room along with my younger brother. I’m saying ‘goodbye’ to this fella standing at the foot of my bed. He has a weird shaped head. I’m not shocked by his head probably because the grammer school I went to had an entire wing dedicated to kids with handicaps of one sort or another. As this fellow says goodnight/goodbye to me he raises his hand and that’s when things got weird for me. His arm was very long, longer than anybody’s arm. Then as he raised it, he extended his fingers to touch my foot, that was somehow out from under the covers. He only had three fingers on that hand and they were very, very long too. As soon as he touched the bottom of my foot I instantly started screaming. Parents ran into the room, the guy was gone , and my folks said I had a nightmare. They asked me what I saw and I said “the devil’ because I had never seen anybody with a figure like this guy had. Now, looking back, he was what is typically known as a Gray. There are more weird things that have happened in my life, but that was the first I was aware of. Thanks for being there. You have shined a light that illuminated my path. I am so grateful. Sincerely Allen.

    I would like to add that I have lived with all my unusual occurrences my entire life and have NEVER told anything about them to anybody.

    1. Thank you for sharing, Allan. Your story is well received here.

  8. I wish these men had had more time to expand on their actual experiences. I was intrigued but felt that they only touched on brief examples.

  9. I enjoyed the show. Very good information and anecdotal evidence. I wish John had time to talk about his experience with grays, because it sounded like he has some really great personal knowledge about them that I haven’t heard before. Maybe you can have him back!

  10. What stood out for me was the sincerity and good hearts both guests exhibited. It was palpable. Johnbro sounds like he has been through a lot.We can support him by buying his book which I have but wondering if there’s any other way to help him like a Paypal account or something. And Ryan’s good heart shined through the entire interview.I wish him well. But there’s no link to his videos.These are all ways to help and support them.I wish them both peace and happiness.

    1. Thank you, Adam. That is very kind of you.

      There is much more to the story that could be covered in an hour. Thank you for your interest in the ‘Solar Obliteration Experiment’ book. I have that, and a couple other titles available on Amazon.

      If it is okay with ‘the management,’ I would like to post my multi-platform website address here – as well as how people can check in on Ryan’s progress.

      We would love to hear from you… and are scheduled for an upcoming Live podcast – if you want to ask any questions – next Saturday, at 1 p.m. Central… I believe.

  11. Hi Whitley!! I am loving this audio! I am here for the movement Ryan is trying to start; I agree there isn’t a lot of people my age doing studies in this realm. Which it is the most important study of human existence! I just started Ufology school at MHIS to get more acquainted w myself and the work I will be doing and spreading to the people. I believe the earthlings have a right to know what is going on! You and your podcast is one of the puzzle pieces! I took up a degree also so people will take me seriously when I speak since I am a 26 year old female and have already had a hard time with people taking me seriously but for some reason in this country they take everyone more seriously when they have a degree or something to back up your findings! Anyways like Ryan since I have been deep diving into the metaphysical realm I have seen many ufo sightings and I never have before. Which just solidifies what we are fighting for! They are here, you and hundreds of thousands of other as well seen them w your own eyes, you would think people would just be awaken by now with all the proof and testimony us humans try to give out to save their fellow peers!! They believe people under the court of law so what’s the difference… #onelove

    1. So great to see you here, Santana. It is exciting to me that people like you are out there. Please do contact Ryan… and please participate. I believe the genre’ – and the world needs more like you.

    1. Santana… responding to question of ‘Should we be reporting all sightings?’ – I personally have regretted doing so to the many of the organizations that claim unbiased investigations; yet seem to sum up what others have experienced – in a span of a few short minutes – often telling the witness that they are mistaken.
      The only organization to report UFOs to – that, in my experience, won’t impart their cynical judgement upon those who dare to do so, – is the National UFO reporting Center – headed by Mr. Peter Davenport. His group simply passes the testimony of a sighting onto the public.

    2. I have been extremely tight lipped about my sightings. I’ve told maybe 7-people about them, outside of the other witnesses I was with during the events.

      It is my opinion (and my experience to a degree) that the amount of fear and dis/misinformation in regards to the subject can be irreparably detrimental to those willing to share. The ONLY other time I’ve been willing to share, that doesn’t include those mentioned above, is this website and anonymously at NUFORC. I vetted UC to the best of my ability before I paid my subscription. NUFORC not so much due to the passive and nameless way in which they collect data.

      So, should we be reporting all of our sightings? I have done so here with little reservation. Though I do omit some details and change the names of those involved when needed. Hopefully that helps with your query.

  12. Whitley

    I’m getting behind on shows but I wanted to say something about Government Canyon. I was born in Dallas August 1945 but raised in San Antonio. I was still living in SA at the time of referenced explosion. I remember it was out at Medina that close to Government Canyon. Maybe it’s my memory!! Good show! This is not related, I don’t think, but there’s a young DIA agent living next door to me & he’s out at Medina AFB..I thought Medina wa closed..guess not!


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