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Mediums can be fakes, and skillful fakes, and in our modern world, we dismiss them all. We do this under the assumption that there is no soul and therefore no afterlife. But is that a true assumption? Maxine Meilleur would say it’s false, and in this wide-ranging interview with Whitley Strieber, she relates some profoundly convincing stories of mediumship that all add up to the same thing: the modern world is making a fundamental mistake. Just as science is gaining the capacity to understand why there might be such a thing as conscious energy, the general media, intellectuals and many scientists are retreating into rigid denial.

As a Masters of Divinity candidate at Harvard Divinity School, she is the first Spiritualist and working medium at Harvard since they expelled Frederick Willis in 1857. She is also a medium and tells us more about herself and her work on her website,

Don’t miss this fabulous journey into one of the most wonderful and deeply interesting areas of human experience!

In her book, Maxine explores 200 cases of mediumship with the careful eye of a scholar and the open mind of a practicing medium. Don’t miss it. Click here to learn more.


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  1. Speaking of mediums, whatever
    Speaking of mediums, whatever happend to Marla Frees? She seems to have vanished without a trace.

    1. She is still She is still out there, glad you ask this made me check my bookmarks.

  2. Back to basic! Ahh the
    Back to basic! Ahh the fundermental Spiritual Root of Mediumship. Which has help to sprout our understanding toward the opaque world of spirit dwellers. Lets give praise to these wonderful souls who went out on a limb to lay the foundations from where we stand today and see Spirit. Refreshing to hear old school stories from old school souls.
    Thank you Whitley and Maxine

  3. This was simply the best
    This was simply the best Dreamland of all time!

  4. Whitley,
    These shows lately

    These shows lately have been fantastic. You need no further proof that Anne is by your side producing these shows. God bless you and your work and I thank you with all my heart.

  5. I agree, she is still in the
    I agree, she is still in the picture. It’s really something.

  6. Whitley, it is so wonderful
    Whitley, it is so wonderful to have a safe place to come to ponder the great mystery…Thanks so much to you and Anne for this. I’ve been offline for several years and it is sooo good to be back home!

  7. Marla Frees was a wonder in
    Marla Frees was a wonder in so many ways. She is an incredible psychic medium with extreme gifts, and she also happens to be on the very short list of the best Hosts I thought the show ever had.

  8. ‘Secrets of Mediumship.’
    ‘Secrets of Mediumship.’

    Maxine, I take my hat off to you. It must take courage to accept the responsibility of a MEDIUM; feeling the joy as well as the sadness when trying to help people. How do you deal with dreams that feel more like visions? Probably no easy task. Thank you for sharing……

  9. I was happy to hear Maxine
    I was happy to hear Maxine acknowledge the responsibility of mediumship. Some of us are natural mediums, but that does not mean that we are meant to do it for a living. I have assisted both the living and the dead as a medium, but it has been the context of friendship or, in some cases, when the dead just won’t leave me alone until I assist them with passing on a message to someone dear to them! I am lucky in that they usually give me a sign to help the receiver of the message validate that I am not just saying some generalization such as “Grandma says ‘Hey!'” 🙂 I don’t do trances, nor do all of my messages come through in the dream-state, and I am also very careful if something comes through for a stranger or someone that I don’t know very well.

    As for the feelings—One of the reasons that I do not do it for a living is that there is an emotional toll for connecting in this way, and I am glad that Maxine pointed this out. I am also empathic and also somewhat psychic so trying to stay grounded is very important for my own health and well-being, but those gifts can also be used day to day in the job that I do that is very service-oriented in public health.

    Anne really is still in the picture, and while I know that Whitley still misses her physical presence, there’s was such a rich partnership in life that regrets were minimal and the rich partnership has continued, albeit in a different way. Anne had no ‘baggage’ with Whitley or anyone else in her life, and was as prepared as anyone can be for the transition!

    Maxine was great, and I loved hearing some of the extraordinary stories about other mediums.

  10. Yes what happened to Mala
    Yes what happened to Mala Frees? I saw her at Dreamland Festival 3 times and she used to host the Dreamland shows occasionally….hope shes ok???

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