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A very long time ago, Christian leaders decided two things: 1, that sexuality was an unwanted necessary evil; and 2, that women were by their very natures an occasion of sin. These two ideas have affected the religion ever since. And yet, hidden in its past is a very different vision of the human experience, one in which sexuality was celebrated as sacred and women were looked upon like men, as holy beings. This week on Dreamland, we explore early Christian sexuality and morals.

Tobias Churton is one of the world’s leading scholars of Western Esotericism, an authority on Gnosticism, Hermeticism and Rosicrucianism. He is an Honorary Fellow of Exeter University and holds a masters degree in theology from Brasenose College, Oxford.

As always, Dreamland takes you where others dare not go. It is time for Christians to re-envision themselves as children of God in both soul AND body, and embrace a theology of joy that sees the sacred in the pleasurable, without guilt.

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  1. I agree that sex can be/is
    I agree that sex can be/is sacred in nature — but that is true of everything in nature — when experienced by an individual who has a spiritual paradigm. Physical sex (between a man and a woman) is the union of opposites. A study of physics reveals that duality exists throughout the universe — with the two always seeking balance/equilibrium with each other. I guess for people who think sex is bad — his book may be an eye opener — and hopefully may give them some reasons not to see sex as bad or merely an animalistic urge that we, as spiritual beings, must endure. But I think one can experience spiritual ecstacy anytime one forms a spiritual connection with the other.

    On the other hand, he seems to have the same old interpretation of Sophia and or the Feminine Divine as the source of our problems — something went wrong in the beginning or shortly thereafter: Evil beings came into the world. Au contrair. Nothing went wrong. Evil does not exist in the natural world — except as mankind has created it.

    Souls (individually expressing the Divine) manifest. We make mistakes. We evolve at different rates. We are negligent. We fail to confront injustice. Our insecure egos demand that others follow the same path. We blame others and refuse to take responsibility for our own happiness. The more we believe we are simply a physical self and deny or diminish the soul — the more we are controlled by physical (3-D) laws/forces. As people acknowledge the spiritual in themselves and stop seeing manifestation as a punishment or something souls must endure — the more able they will be able to use their physical self as it was meant to be — a vehicle for manifestation and growth. The more spiritual an individual becomes — the more s/he will be able to access their spiritual power to ward off consequences of the “mistakes” of others (as well as learn from their own mistakes).

    The Universe is always evolving. According to some teachings — when we reach perfection (which brings much ecstasy) — our universe ends. We go back to the nothingness from which we come — and when we are ready — begin a new universe (perhaps one with a different planck length ;).

    1. I find it hilarious that
      I find it hilarious that people spend years “studying” The Rosicrucians.
      Having been a Rosicrucian for some 30 yrs.
      For Pete’s sake! They have a open membership, join and find out the true facts!

  2. What a gem of a show. Thank
    What a gem of a show. Thank you both!

  3. This guy is cool! Please have
    This guy is cool! Please have him back, Whitley. I wonder what his insights about Cabala are?

  4. Whitley and Tobias
    Whitley and Tobias Churton…..No doubt humankind will finally figure this thing out. Thank you Tobias Churton for sharing your knowledge and deep study…..A MUST PURCHASE BOOK.

    I have included parts of a really good article.

    THE LIVES OF (((LEILA))) – One Soul’s Journey
    by John Van Auken

    At this point in her celestial life, Leila was not a female spirit. Like all companions, she possessed both male and female sexual forces. Her nature of “form” could best be described as a consciousness which could, in moments, be very defined and unique, focusing-in on the minutest parts of manifested life, and at other moments could expand into the Universal Consciousness and perceive the Whole of Life. She was a microcosm of the Whole, a miniature of her Creator, a “chip off the old block.” If we approached her, we would see how life was being expressed, perceived and experienced by this one point in the Whole.

    This was Leila in the heavens, long before she made a home in the Earth plane.

    Using this image-form she began to sojourn for the first time in what was to become the continent of Atlantis. Here many souls were living in various degrees of solidity and awareness. Since Leila retained her attunement to the Universal Consciousness, she was considered to be a (((goddess))). Many came to her for guidance and help in understanding what was happening to them and their companions, but she also met with strong, aggressive challenges from the leaders of the terrestrially bound souls. They challenged everything she and her companions held to be true about the Universal One, the higher dimensions and our true purposes for being.

    First on their list was to prepare a new physical form that would allow the companions of God to sojourn in the Earth with some semblance of their true, spiritual nature. Their animal-like forms were totally ill-suited for spiritual endeavors and actually added to their problems with perception and understanding. As companions of the Creator, they needed a physical form that suited their particular spiritual characteristics and yet was based on sound principles for functioning well in the third-dimension.

    (((Furthermore, their sexual oneness had been eroded by the natural duality of the planet, causing them to accentuate one aspect of their sexual forces (male or female) and subdue the other (the respective male or female opposite). No longer were they united, androgynous beings; they were now either predominantly masculine or feminine in their appearance and energy. Physically, then, their new Earthly form would need to reflect these changes by being either male or female. Asamee and her fellow “double-sexed” companions began the work of creating forms for these souls, male and female, separating their double-sexed natures into single-sexed physical projections, Amilius being the first to completely achieve this))).

    As this work continued, Leila withdrew from the Earth to prepare herself to be a channel through which the Children could enter into the new human bodies. She chose to accentuate her feminine forces and subdue her masculine, and throughout her many incarnations never changed her mind, remaining female in each.

  5. Sorry not tonight Whitley
    Sorry not tonight Whitley I’ve developed a ‘headache’
    I tried in vain to stay with the conversation between yourself and Tobias sorry but I got bored.

  6. What an interesting show.
    What an interesting show. Whitley, as always, you ask the best questions and have such deep insights! Thank you for taking us below the surface of things…

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