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Get set for ultra-high strangeness as Linda Moulton Howe reports on a case of an unknown being INSIDE a completely unwitting woman. Linda reports briefly on this case on Coast to Coast AM on Friday. Here, she and Whitley give it the full treatment–and it turns out that Whitley has a LOT of knowledge of this hitherto unknown phenomenon, of visitors being found inside people who have absolutely no idea that they are there.

Can this be real? If so, who is vulnerable and why does it happen? Is it dangerous? This will be one of the most thought-provoking and unexpected discussions you have ever heard.

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The show leads off with Whitley, William Henry and Dr. Eben Alexander discussing William and Clare Henry’s Theurgy Conference to be held in Nashville October 18-19. Whitley will attend, and will read a passage from his extraordinary new book Super Natural that reveals proof that governments have known that something very unusual is happening, and tells exactly what they know, and what it means. It is no longer possible for rational people to deny the existence of this phenomenon, because there has already been official acknowledgement. It was just done very quietly!

Please Note, this program will become live at 5PM Pacific Time on Friday, September 25, 2015

Whitley has fond memories of the Dreamland festivals, and hopes that some Dreamlanders will join him for this conference and reunion. To learn more, go to

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  1. Great program, Whitley, but
    Great program, Whitley, but can something be done about Linda’s audio? It sounds terrible.

  2. Visitors inside people? That
    Visitors inside people? That would explain a great many things…

  3. Thank-you for the lovely
    Thank-you for the lovely reading of Anne’s Diary, Whitley. It was beautiful (Anne’s words + Whitley’s voice == magic).

  4. The book you were talking
    The book you were talking about in regards to the Greek gods is Ancient Greek Gods and Lore Revisited by Frederico Ionnides (not sure if the spelling of the author’s name is correct). I remember this from the Dreamland show some time back. I wrote the information down in my own vain search for this book. I would also like to comment on the idea of the Visitors uploading life experience information from our DNA. I read somewhere, I think in a Dreamland news article, about our DNA having the ability to store our traumatic experiences. These experiences can then be inherited. Perhaps this is so with all life experiences. Perhaps the entire human experience from countless generations can be found in our DNA. Maybe this is one of the things the Visitors are studying.

  5. Whitley and Linda. My
    Whitley and Linda. My mind/thoughts are all over the place with this interview. LOVED THIS INTERVIEW.

    I agree with (Bearing) when he posted….. Visitors inside people? That would explain a great many things….

    Whitley, would you consider a follow up with Linda if some of the e-mails YOU OR LINDA receive are exceptional?

    Could some of these entities act as guardians? Might this be where sudden inspiration comes from? Is humankind being made ready for a sudden change?

    I couldn’t help but think of the New Testament ‘DEMONS’ that Jesus was supposed to have cast out of people.

    Mark 1:34

    “And He healed many who were ill with various diseases, and cast out many demons; and He was not permitting the demons to speak, because they knew who He was.”

    One last thought/comment, is about the movie K-Pax. The movie ends with a few unanswered questions and it is up to each individual to come to their own conclusions.

    K-Pax (movie trailer).

    After claiming he is an extraterrestrial from the planet ‘K-PAX’, 1,000 light years away in the Lyra constellation, prot (uncapitalized and pronounced with a long O) is committed to the Psychiatric Institute of Manhattan.

    Using information gained from these sessions, Powell figures out that prot may simply be an alter ego of Robert Porter, a man from New Mexico. (MY WORDS HERE ‘NO’ NOT AN ALTER EGO).

    A few clips…..

  6. These embedded aliens are a
    These embedded aliens are a horrifying aspect of this phenomenon. It sounds like “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” What in God’s name do these creatures plan next? Is this their true agenda? Are the hybrids supposed to be hosts for them to use like shells or vessels?

    Lord help us all if this is true.

  7. I found it interesting that
    I found it interesting that people who do bio-energy work are experiencing these events. It totally makes sense. imo, the energy /work was bringing balance back into the energy centers of the body (body-soul connections). The gray being no longer felt comfortable co-habitating the body and needed to leave. Given the environment that many people who do energy work surround themselves with — and the altered, often meditative states that the energy worker can enter while doing energy work — the possibility of perceiving/seeing the gray is greatly enhanced.

    It also supports my experience. I used to sense (actually stiill do) that certain people were “evil”. But when these “evil” people started showing up as people I did not always think of as evil, or even people I knew that I knew were not evil — I began searching for alternate explanations. I have found that whatever this presence is — it is not always in control — AND, that, sometimes — perhaps often — the person being controlled (at times) is not even aware of the control. Yet they sense something not right — out of balance, so to speak.

    As the possibility of experiencing atrocities escalates in our world — people become vulnerable as their energy field is assaulted, creating leaks and holes in our energetic bodies — allowing? vampire-like forms of energy to enter this field that surrounds and sustains us and manipulate it in ways that suit their own needs. It seems quite positive that something as simple and pleasurable as a good massage can build up our defenses, heal our pathways, and boot out unfriendlies.

    Call me a party pooper — but in a different day, people might consider another being cohabitating one’s body a form of possession or oppression. On the other hand, if the symbiotic relationship is one of mutual consent and continues to remain that way — perhaps there are upsides to such a bonding for someone who feels ok about sharing their house, so to speak. But as I have written before — sometimes it can be hell to get an unwanted roommate/houseguest/renter, etc. to leave when you feel they have outlived their welcome.

    Could these entities be the “walk-ins” that some people talk about?

  8. This was a stellar
    This was a stellar ‘Dreamland’ and I particularly enjoyed Whitley and Linda’a insights. I feel that Whitley is spot on regarding the idea that maybe not everyone possesses a soul.

    Having a soul may not imply that one is ‘good’ or ‘bad’, but it is about experience, although if lessons aren’t learned across the various lives being experienced, the road will be extremely harsh and not without repercussions, i.e. a soul that is so split and out of balance that reconciliation may be almost impossible to achieve. I do not believe that these incidents such as the one with the masseuse mean that possession or ‘walk-ins’ are involved, but I do feel that those of us with souls are living various lives simultaneously, and that occasionally one of our other ‘avatars’ may somehow make it through to this ‘reality’. (Extreme physical relaxation along with a meditative state can do that, and a massage will do it!) There are a some of us that are aware of our other lives, and that in and of itself is a bit stressful, and staying focused in this reality entails more work! In any case, this life and this reality are what matter because who we are and how we react and feel ripple out to those other lives and realities.

    I once had a masseuse tell me that she knew that I walked between worlds and how that upped the stress level as reflected in my body and its reaction to stress, so I would not be surprised to find out that a lot more people have done some ‘morphing’ while on the massage table than we know about!

    Linda and Whitley’s discussions have become richer and more insightful over time, and this is great!

  9. Folks, I’m not sure if you
    Folks, I’m not sure if you realize this, but the subscriber rss feed contains the same Dreamland as the free show: it is half as long and features commercials. I don’t really mind the commercials, but I would like to have the full show on the rss so I can listen to it in the car. I seldom have time to sit in front of the computer to listen to dreamland.

    I know I can download the show as a separate file, but that is an unnecessary nuisance in 2015.

    Otherwise, great content, as always. I love Linda’s appearances on Dreamland, and its great to have Whitley’s personal insight on the phenomena she is describing.


  10. Oddly enough, i cannot say
    Oddly enough, i cannot say where i read this, but in the past week -10 days, i read about the “flat fingers” of the greys.

    part of post edited by me as irrelevant

  11. “And He healed many who were
    “And He healed many who were ill with various diseases, and cast out many demons; and He was not permitting the demons to speak, because they knew who He was.”

    I was reading on some site maybe ‘Phantoms and Monsters’ that a woman said she was beamed on a space ship and was looking at the one alien flying it and ask, “Are you Jesus Christ?’ H was dressed in all white. The alien gave her a look of such disdain that she said he looked like he wanted to kill her. The other alien tending to her than loudly screamed.(in her head).”Not this one” And she found herself back in her house in seconds.

  12. How about this…. (because
    How about this…. (because Im unsure). What about the Egyptian belief of 9 levels of soul?
    Someone mentioned earlier the possibility of that an alternate reality avatar is coming in. What if …. some of these avatars are peeking into this reality. “Shards” of God learning and experiencing. what of the entry about an abductee speaking to a visitor and was repelled by the visage and told, “…you will look like us.” or some such. They are us and we are them.
    Thanks for the interview.

  13. Before my comment. I hope
    Before my comment. I hope Whitley gets his sound issues straightened out. I hate to see him losing listeners over small issues like this. I noticed that the sound issue exists in the Dark Matter Dreamland broadcasts as well.

    I believe everything is infused with the energy/information we call soul. But individual souls can evolve. Earth provides a variety of experiences for soul and soul growth. Humans contain the highest levels of soul on the planet — highly energetic organized unit/s of information — that are extremely mobile while manifest and retain varying levels of continuity between life experiences. The more advanced/experienced the soul — the higher the continuity. Even non-living things like the nail in the railing are infused with soul as well — and the insects, the plants, the rocks — everything.

    But often an organized soul will leave/detach from the body if the body is assaulted (and or heavily drugged) — maintaining a core thread of connection without which one’s body is at best — a zombie-like human. Children (and grownups) that are continually assaulted/abused begin to exist in this pseudo state — allegedly with demons running the show. Usually multiple demons share the same body, though not necessarily all at the same time (sound familiar?). They use the body like someone taking your highly tuned (or not) sportscar for a joyride. They feed off the horror (or delight) that may be experienced by the body owner (now taking a backseat to his/her life) — or just the confusion that results from leading a life full of missing time or odd memories. According to the exorcist priests, the demons can come and go in a heartbeat. It seems to me that this is the state they (the demons) would like all human beings to be in. and, if they cant get our unwavering consent — then they hope they can find a way to initiate and maintain control from birth. Its a futile task in the final analysis — but just because they are creatures of mind doesn’t mean they are more intelligent or have more experience than the average human soul. Its just that they exist in the dimension that humans in this stage of development must learn to manage, respect and coexist with . . . as humans integrate the dimension of mind and its subset — conscious mind — into its evolution. If humans allow them to gain complete control over us — its like putting the cart before the horse. A non-sequitur.

    Although I am still confused as to exactly what people mean by “the visitors” — I think the grays that seem to morph, seem sometimes good/sometimes not, seem to be workers and/or robot or cyborg being type creatures — are creatures of another dimension. They are real, they exist, perhaps they are the highest evolved being in that dimension (which I think is mind). I think the reason we perceive them the way we do (and/or the way they perceive themselves in their unembellished, nonbyrid state) with big eyes and very understated or missing anything else — is because they are primarily voyeurs into our world. They experience what we experience vicariously when they are able to find an opening into our bodies. They are quite happy to manifest as anything we might imagine if it suits their purposes.

  14. Wonderful show Whitley and
    Wonderful show Whitley and Linda! Thanks for sharing your story Whitley. It was fascinating.

  15. Blue, please don’t get so
    Blue, please don’t get so Blue about the sound! It may cause a Blue! Crystal clear audio at my end. Thank you for another mind bending experience Linda and Whitley. More food for thought to mull over..

  16. I enjoy that Diary entry of
    I enjoy that Diary entry of Anne’s so much ~ so simple and true ~ and it is a treasure to hear your voice, with its echoes of her own lovely, melodious tones ringing through ~

  17. Who are we? We are
    Who are we? We are consciousness, the purest energy. Like gravity, it is a force which can be factored into a God equation which has yet to be cyphered. Think of the monolith in 2001 a Space Odyssey if you need a visual. Concsiousness can travel faster than the speed of light, explaining quantum entanglement and perhaps the strange phenomenon of seeing ourselves from the future and the past at the same time as “grays”.

  18. Dear Whitley:
    I hope you read

    Dear Whitley:
    I hope you read this before your Nashville trip. I could not help connecting Athena’s serpents to the lizard like creatures spoken about in your broadcast on embedded aliens.
    I would like to draw your attention to Nashville’s Parthenon and particularly Athena. Notice that she wears a necklace of snakes, there’s a serpent on her shield and a large snake next to her. The snake is a major symbol of Wisdom in some nature based religions and in Ancient Greek and Sumerian cultures
    According to Robert Bowie Johnson, Jr. The Parthenon Code, the temple is a hieroglyph of the war between the Greek gods and the followers of Noah’s god. “Ancient Greek religion tells the same story as Genesis except form the point of view that the serpent is the enlightener of mankind rather than our deceiver.” (Bowie)
    This might be another clue in our discovery process.

  19. So, are the greys embedded in
    So, are the greys embedded in us or are we the greys?

    If we are the greys, just exactly who is visiting?

  20. I found Whitleys comments at
    I found Whitleys comments at the end of the show some of the most penetrating insights on the spiritual life I have ever heard. The idea of life n=being a very important school that we can only attend once was very well stated. I have learned a great deal from this episode.

  21. Hi, I’m a new subscriber.
    Hi, I’m a new subscriber. Whitley and Art have always been my favorites.

  22. Linda’s research skills don’t
    Linda’s research skills don’t impress me much. Apparently, she uncritically accepted the strange noises phenomena that are allegedly being heard around the world, even though it was shown that several of those videos copied the same sound. They were proven to be fake. Go to Youtube and type in “Strange Trumpet Sounds Debunked.” If Linda was thorough and meticulous like some of us, she would not have fallen for this deception. It’s also possible she was intentionally lying, but I doubt it.

  23. I wish Whitley would give a
    I wish Whitley would give a comprehensive philosophy of life’s purpose and living and what we are all about. He has had a unique and valuable EXPERIENCE AND I AM SURE HE HAS LEARNED A GREAT DEAL ABOUT life and that his insights are valuable.

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