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William Henry interviews Dr. Eben Alexander and Karen Newell on the transformation of the soul and the human journey toward heaven. How can we recognize our inner divinity and let it shine through? Listen as Dr. Alexander and Karen Newell explain powerful ideas about nonlocal consciousness and the use of sound as a means of awakening the soul to its celestial identity.

“Proof of Heaven”, was a milestone in NDE experience, consciousness research and human spirituality. Dr. Alexander’s credentials as an MD and neurosurgeon, and the authenticity of his story, added resonance to the accounts of many others who had come forward before him and shared their personal stories of NDE. “Proof Of Heaven” brought the topic out of the shadows and into the light of the mainstream – or rather it cast light on the shadows of the mainstream — and it provided much-needed wattage that highlighted and built interest in the field of NDE study and research. His story sparked millions of conversations about death, dying and coming back, and what is possible for us as humans.

In his follow-up book, The Map of Heaven, he shares the stories people have told him and shows how they are echoed both in the world’s faiths and in its latest scientific insights. It turns out there is much agreement, across time and terrain, about the journey of the soul and its survival beyond death.

Dr. Alexander and Karen Newell will be joining William in Nashville on October 17-18, 2105 at a conference called Theurgy. Theurgy is defined as the deification of the soul. To learn more, click here.

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  1. SUPERB program!
    As we know,

    SUPERB program!
    As we know, William Henry always Brings It to the table in his podcasts, and he’s outdone even his own efforts here! Eben Alexander and Karen Newell are fascinating guests, and just listening to them brought much encouragement and inspiration to me.
    This William Henry masterpiece was like the opposite swing of the pendulum to the Peter Levenda podcast, which pointed out the negative influences in the world. As a learning experience, it’s great to have both.
    THANK YOU, Whitley and William! The last two weeks’ presentations have been real eye-openers.
    PS – I would LOVE to hear another interview with Claire Henry. She emits so much peace and light, and is such a gentle soul that I find myself thinking about her interview on Dreamland from time to time.

  2. THANK YOU! Having had my own
    THANK YOU! Having had my own NDE and experiencing the difficulty in translating that story into language, this program was the encouragement I needed to continue on my path of teaching meditation and the awakening of the intuition. I read Dr Alexander’s book “Proof of Heaven” and have enthusiastically recommended it to anyone who even looked like they might be open to the NDE experience. It was exciting to me to hear him speak of his experience and how he has taken it to this next level. It has inspired me to know where I need to go next. Thank you William, and Whitley too, again for such a wonderful show!

  3. Happy Birthday
    Happy Birthday

  4. Some
    Some thoughts…
    Consciousness is formless; it is that by or in which forms appear.
    Forms are finite and imperfect; they have a beginning and an end; thus they are associated with fear.
    Consciousness is not finite; it has no structure; is infinite; perfect. Be ye perfect…
    Forms include anything with structure including objects but also ideas, memories, history, emotions, ecstatic states, light bodies, souls….all will end
    Most are not ready to be sugar; we want to taste sugar, which means we want to experience a state; experience the awe of a Creator as a separate something; from an ego’s perspective.
    At some point one longs for the death of this ego and accepts or surrenders to the Infinite; until then, there is fear (which leads to anger, violence, desire…)
    It’s a question of identity. what is this ‘I-ness’ associated or identified with?
    While lost in form however we can learn to play with forms; manipulate matter, space and time; learn the technology of the soul.
    Why not put a soul in a machine? Isn’t the body just a biological machine?
    Consciousness is first; everything is made of consciousness; everything appears only in and by it; nothing is ultimately without awareness.
    Love thy neighbor as thyself…

  5. ok let me break this down to
    ok let me break this down to the best of my ability. The catholic church is wrong- bell rung!… the evangelical, fundamementalist are wrong-bell rung again! , however whatever came down from history about the bible has to do with social control which was necessary!- 3rd bell rung! bing bong bing. Now with these new perspectives on the nature of conciousness and death, people get agitated from the beliefs of their systems. Well , it is simple, reality is reality!, and reality is what it is, more complex not only than we imagine … BUT CAN IMAGINE. Great show we love Eben! I really wan’t to get into these tones and sounds!

  6. This thought crossed my mind
    This thought crossed my mind today……If a person or group is lucky enough to find a gifted facilitator; MEANING (if he or she has enough heart and also has the ability to bring both hemispheres of the brain into harmony), then a deep and meaningful REVERIE might be experienced. The most wonderful things can and are often revealed, sometimes knowing our predestination at the time of birth. Opportunities are with us always but our free will can lead us in a different direction.

  7. How great to hear you again,
    How great to hear you again, William. Great interview.

    30-40 (or more) years ago near-death experiences were hidden, not understood, seen as “crazy”, devil stuff, etc. Those who had them were ostracized and “alone” through their time making sense of their experience, “the world” or of life. Although different, i think in many ways the same as those who had encounters like Whitley’s. It was through the courage of Whitley’s books, that people were both reassured they were not alone while others were busy ostracising that which they didn’t know or understand – and which they feared.

    Eben’s book had done the same as Whitley’s. It really helped/s folks process their experiences. It broadens and challenges the “given view of the world/life.”

    Carollee, i agree with you. Folks are looking for the knowing / proof through personal experience. There is, perhaps, a developing “pressure” to have some “experience” almost as a way of feeling “I’m ok.” The search for meaning continues…

    I thank you William, Whitley, Eben, Anne, Jeremy, and all those who are sharing their support as we all walk the journey. It is not being alone… that really helps so many.

  8. Lorem…very well said.
    Lorem…very well said.

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