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One of our most popular Dreamlands of 2012 was Dark Lord with Peter Levenda. Now Peter returns with new revelations about how evil works in the world. This time, we explore Thelemic Magic more deeply, and ask whether or not it works and what influence it might have in the world. Peter brings up some surprising material about such revered figures as the Dalai Lama, and responds to the big question: is some sort of conscious evil present in the world, and if so, is it weaving a web around us with the intention of ultimately destroying us?

Why do horrors such communism, Naziism and ISIL keep happening? Why are so many people attracted to death cults, which include not only insane political institutions but corporations willing to risk human extinction for profit?

Is there a malignant hidden power at large in our world, seeking our ruin? Do not miss this provocative discussion with a man who truly and deeply understands black magic and how it hides behind the idea that fills our whole culture: there’s no such thing.

No? Listen up!

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  1. I say that this applies to
    I say that this applies to cat lovers as well! Just saying!

  2. Two people that never
    Two people that never disappoint on Dreamland are Joseph Farrell and Peter Levenda. They are great researchers and absolutely brilliant! They also get us to think in new ways and I might add, set us to pondering what the heck is really going on, and our roles in making a difference by questioning who we are, our intentions, and also empowering us with information to come to our own conclusions about how to proceed on a spiritual level.
    Once more, Peter Levenda has assisted by pulling back the curtain a little bit more to let in the light by exposing the dark. We are both light and dark, each and every one us, and sometimes we need a reminder that we should probably question ourselves daily about the path that we are on in this reality.

    Excellent interview (Also, somewhat scary too!)

  3. someome told me they were
    someome told me they were going to bible study, I did tell I had already been there and done that, and was going to dreamland. They said “that I was in bed with the devil”. I asked them to deliver proof that I was following satan or the devil and they could not!

  4. animals are people as well!
    animals are people as well!

  5. on the
    <applause> on the reading.


  6. Seek the truth, you are on
    Seek the truth, you are on the side of the angels. Find it, you are on the side of your own ego. Force it on others, you are on the side of the devil.

    1. I love that– a good reminder
      I love that– a good reminder for us all…

  7. Well said, Whitley!
    Well said, Whitley!

  8. In some Jewish traditions it
    In some Jewish traditions it is said that Hitler is an ancient evil, ala Lovecraftian memes, that is the reincarnation of Agak, King of the Amaleks – the ancient rival tribe of the Hebrew people. When Agak was killed by the prophet Samuel, he was cursed to reincarnate in every generation to be the enemy of the Hebrews/Israelites/Jews and the world in general. He certainly was Haman of the Purim story as told in the book of Esther, and is considered to be many of the great villains of history, though not all are know. I believe Torquemada of the Spanish Inquisition may have been one too. Hitler is the most recent known incarnation. He may have been reborn now and may be working behind the scenes as one of the modern evils we face – possibly within ISIS or the NWO.

  9. Good interview. I also
    Good interview. I also really enjoyed the dog story. Whitley did a great job of reading it. Thanks, Whitley.

  10. I’m glad you liked the Dog
    I’m glad you liked the Dog Heaven reading. It will be out on Audible soon. The ebook is available now.

  11. how do i view dreamlands as
    how do i view dreamlands as video?

  12. The night before this was
    The night before this was posted I dreamt of the devil tarot card from the ryder white pack the card looks just like the devil on peters book cover

  13. we will BE our light

    we will BE our light encounter beings before we know it! enjoy!

  14. I have always been fascinated
    I have always been fascinated by the notion that the guest in your cabin saw an entity that morphed into a falcon headed being. This has always signaled to me that the visitor / UFO scenario is not what it appears to be and is linked to our deep consciousness somehow.

    I did not know that Uri Geller had claimed contact with falcon headed beings – another fascinating piece of information in another fascinating interview and show.

    I will also point out that there were ancient Egyptian deities that were frog – headed. Kekiu, Kerh and Hehu formed part of the Ogdoad: the 8 primordial creator beings. Hehu is also depicted as entirely human and associated with the concept of infinity and eternity.

    The other frog – headed deity from the Kemetic pantheon worth mentioning here is Heqat (undoubtedly the Greek goddess got her name from this One whom pre-dated her). Heqat was a goddess associated with childbirth and also magick. (Most conventional Egyptologists spell her name with the “q” but “heka” is the ancient Egyptian word for magick and a god of the same name).

  15. It is wonderful to have Peter
    It is wonderful to have Peter and Whitley back for another Dreamland!

  16. I am a Buddhist and there is
    I am a Buddhist and there is concept in our philosophy about the simultaneity of cause and effect. I believe in all of my heart that the reason Tibet fell to the Chinese is because of the connection between the Tibetan monks and their function within the Nazi regime.

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