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Last November, during a period of extreme stress, Starfire Tor was nearly killed by a devastating seizure. On her road to recovery, she has come to mind-opening and mind-bending new insights about the nature of evil and the hidden realities of life. Listen as she describes her journey through a dark underworld, and the discoveries she has made there, not only about the hidden truth of our fractured reality, but about what awaits us all in a future so strange and so unexpected that most of us dare not look at it.

Face turned toward the dark wind, Starfire dares.

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  1. I am glad that she is doing
    I am glad that she is doing better.

    The initial experience she described sounds to me like a panic attack (with dissociation). As an Autist with some OCD, I have experienced many of them.


    1. Starfire and DR Mark, I too
      Starfire and DR Mark, I too have experienced these types of episodes a couple of times and they are very frightening. I ended up in the ER myself and thought I’d had a stroke or some kind of seizure. After getting clear CAT scans and an MRI it was diagnosed as a panic attack, but not being able to remember friends names and phone numbers etc. was terrible.

      My episodes also passed fairly quickly after a few hours and I now have an appreciation of how badly constant stress (work related in my case) can affect our brain function.

  2. I am always impressed by
    I am always impressed by whomever writes up the descriptions for each episode of Dreamland, this is an important tool for promoting the show!
    Well Done!

  3. I like her definition of
    I like her definition of “angel,” and suggest there are several races of angels and archetypal opposition. Both are part of the universal blueprint. The push and pull between them propels evolution along a variety of archetypal paths. The people of this planet are still trying to decide their primary archetype, so we generate chaos. And, I believe, there are different blueprints for different universes.

    The medical situation is a tough road, but a logical result of the chaos generated by competing archetypes. I went to a walk-in clinic at a fine hospital in 2009, because I thought I had the flu. Within 4 hours I was in surgery and then on life support for two weeks. In that period, I was in an induced coma for 1 week. The doctors told my family I would live for only hours, and they did not have time to catch a flight before I died. My UFOlk came online with the crisis and, frankly, saved my life.

    I have been cleansing medications the doctors gave me to induce the coma, inflate the lung, and massive antibiotics for ecoli, which is what started the crisis. As far as medical care goes, my doctors were excellent. They did everything by medical standards, but the medication was hell on wheels.

    My body started cleansing out the medications in huge amounts in 2012, with something that looked like plaque psoriasis. Once I figured out how dreadful the medications were I stepped up the process with essential oils and herbs. I feel stronger and more energetic in 2015 than I have since 2009.

    Changing medicine requires a change in consciousness. At first I was angry about the insane medicine, then I realized how much the doctors really wanted to help but are locked into a system that ties their hands. After getting off life support, I had been trying to get out of the ICU for a week with no luck. One day I really appreciated the doctors’ desire to help, and decided to invite all the medical staff to a barbecue when I got out of the hospital. I wrote the invitation with a menu of meal selections and asked the nurse to copy it and give it to all the doctors and nurses. Within one hour they moved me out of the ICU, before I could distribute the invitation to everybody in the hospital. I went home two days later.

  4. I think evil is ignorance
    I think evil is ignorance (misunderstanding/mistakes) compounded and institutionalized. The medical establishment and the pharmaceutical industry are definitely part of this evil. What makes it all so sad is that, just like a lot of institutionalized evil, compromised institutions often consist of many good people trying to do good things. (They are interwoven, unfortunately, by very strategically placed evil-oriented people doing selfish and/or careless things for evil reasons . . . ). I have been working to educate people to the perils of modern medicine for decades. What remains sad is that often people do not realize what they hear, see and/or read until it hits them in the face/heart. Starfire Tor’s case is not unique. I struggled with these issues w/my mother. Fortunately, it seems that many people are finally waking up to the issues involved and becoming less complacent. Certainly lawsuits are one way of extracting some justice. I am sure many us wish we had the time, money, and record keeping skills to take on such an undertaking.

    I haven’t read this book yet but if you can stomach horror non-fiction, you might consider checking it out. The author was interviewed on The People’s Pharmacy — a wonderfully informative show on NPR.

    I rely on natural sources for most of my health problems. Just like the push to cover up the horrors of GMO foods/additives, there is a movement by groups of people and institutions to ban natural medicines (vitamins, oils, even plants like garlic and peppermint) and the spread of information about them. So far, those of us who are informed have been able to stop this push, but hopefully more people will become involved and watch what is going on politically regarding these issues and act when necessary.

    Best of all is preventive medicine — practicing Yoga (Happy International Yoga Day) Qi Gong and just plain walking, stretching, etc. Eating healthy, good hygiene, meditation, a balance of activity, etc.

  5. Starfire I simply LOVE your
    Starfire I simply LOVE your BRAIN and How it works. You are a truly remarkable wonderful woman. Thank you for SHARING your many years of research, conclusions and amazing insights. With we hungry humans aching so bad for nourishment like yours. When I listen to You, Whitley and Anne banter together, light bulb moments appear to GO OFF within me revealing great insight.
    Thank you Starfire.
    May the Healing Angels have YOU in mind right now and forever.

  6. as always for info this is
    as always for info this is the SOURCE.

  7. Interesting, I wish she would
    Interesting, I wish she would let others be part of the discussion. It’s something that has turned me away from listening to her in the past.

  8. snolion…I agree. She is
    snolion…I agree. She is experiencing amazing things and has a lot to say. I wish her nothing but the best, and a complete recovery, but there is there is an ego issue with her that is somewhat disconcerting…

    1. A little bit of EGO/SELF is
      A little bit of EGO/SELF is indeed required when the meeting point of Knowledge, Wisdom and sheer Higher Intelligence is infused together. Urging the individual to delve deeper into that sensitive space where one knows with a profound sense of insight.
      ‘When ONE has arrived’ into that special moment in life something wonderful happens. A trust held in communion with EGO/SELF inspires one with the ability to speak freely upon a desired topic and with gumption. A stockpile of clever research combined with experience and the willingness to share doesn’t necessarily EQUATE to EGO.

  9. Karen,
    No, that ain’t


    No, that ain’t it…

    There are many people on Dreamland with amazing experiences and wonderful information. Most of them also possess considerable levels of insight and wisdom. I also realize that we all have preferences is style of communication. What happened to Starfire was pretty awful, and she was gobsmacked by The Universe, or possibly the ‘Core Matrix’, which she continues to call her ‘discovery’.(I do not intend that as a joke, by the way). She and John Hogue are both great interviews, but they both have that certain something that puts me off somewhat. I just feel that their level of confidence goes above and beyond to the bravado level. That being said, I will continue to listen to what they say because they share great insights, but I have learned to tune out the personality and focus instead on the information being shared.

  10. I realize that this isn’t a
    I realize that this isn’t a popular opinion, but I have to say that I find Starfire Tor very off-putting. Which is too bad, because her theory of the Core Matrix and edited timelines is fascinating. Sometimes the message gets overshadowed by the messenger, you know? And I find it hard to swallow that she wouldn’t remember the name of the medication that almost killed her, sickened her for months, and now features in an ongoing lawsuit. I can believe in ETs, time travel, ghosts, multiverses and all manner of freaky things discussed on Dreamland, but THAT I find just highly unlikely. And she seems to vacillate a lot when asked for specifics about many of her theories and claims. I realize that she might be protecting her work, but it raises doubt in my mind. I was reluctant to post this because I know the Streibers love her, and most of the audience appears to as well. I was interested enough in what she had to say to visit her web site–but I didn’t really find any specifics there either (of the kind I would expect to see from someone who identiies as a scientist rather than a visionary).

  11. C.L.

    THE AGE OF ‘A QUEER IUS’ HAS ARRIVED! The Plot and The Cast within this great cosmic stew is sure to leave one with a ‘bitter taste’ every now and then.

  12. I have to agree with BP, and
    I have to agree with BP, and a step beyond. Even after looking over Starfire’s website, I can’t put two-and-two together to grasp her ‘research’ to support the time slip theory. What I mean is that I cannot make heads or tails of each alleged evidentiary support, and how it actually purports to provide evidentiary support that there was a time slip (or at least increased likelihood of time slip). That is not to say that the phenomenon does not exist, but I do not see how Starfire’s propositions are supported by her “scientific” data. A good contrast to this is Linda Moulton Howe’s Earth Files, which is organized, and for the most part, a clear “just the facts, ma’am,” approach.

    Further, as sorry as I am for Ms. Tor’s medical issues, the first ten minutes of this show just sounded like a wailing complaint against her prior doctors for what sounds like a clear case of medical malpractice. The drama surrounding those first few minutes sounded like some dark murderous plan, when all that was actually being discussed was negligence. I have worked on cases before (attorney) where doctors haphazardly prescribed medications without considering potential allergenic effects, and they were resolved through appropriate compensation. I just think that this was wasted time that could actually go toward explaining Starfire’s theories or providing data in support of them. (I have listened to all her prior Dreamland pieces as well, and I felt that she never could clarify how her theory is supported by any substantiated scientific evidence.)

    Dreamland has so many great personalities who bring in new, unique perspectives, or provide interesting scientific/historical information that helps to provide new worldviews to its audience. While I respect the Striebers’ relationship with Ms. Tor, I hope that future webcasts with her will be much more focused on her actual research to support her time slip stories.

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