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It is being drilled into us by the big media, big science, big advertising and other big liars that we are just meat puppets, here to eat hamburgers, buy cars and die.

The result of this is that most of us die in passivity and ignorance, or clinging to religious systems that may or may not reflect reality. 

But what IS real? Are we just meat puppets? The great Ervin Lazlo, twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, and returning Dreamland guest Anthony Peake say absolutely not, and in their new book the Immortal Mind, they point to scientific studies that show, at the very least, that consciousness survives brain death, and suggest that it does not and cannot die. 

This is a provocative and empowering edition of Dreamland. Don’t miss it, and be sure to tell your friends about our unique program. Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland is one of a kind, a center for empowerment in a world that is trying hard to turn us into passive, empty machines.

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  1. The analogy of the radio
    The analogy of the radio receiver and radio signal is a very good one, the mind is connected to an energy field (shaft) that extends into other dimensions. Any one has access to this energy tunnel, it is part of one’s own being. Awareness of and participation in this field’s activity may create time dilation.

  2. I’m glad that Anthony
    I’m glad that Anthony distinguished between pure Mathematics and Mathematics+Consciousness in this interview. The force that activates mathematics is the creative impulse, which manifests its existence in accordance with the singular nature of the idea, energy, context, or perception. This is the difference between being passive and active, if consciousness is not holding the Mathematical reins and creating reality from scratch, the reality that is being created is merely a trap imposed by something or someone else. That is why I always abhorred Math as a child, because I felt that the path was already there, (well worn) and that I was simply following that path. I came across a quote recently that is apposite: “There is no path, paths are created by walking”. Impulse is required, and mathematics is only a dead entity unless an instigating creativity is applied. In fact, I would argue that since every instance of creation is dependent upon an individual interpretation of energy, nothing can be replicated in an exact sense. That means that 1+1=2 is different every single time, because the initial conditions that spawned it are always unique. Without impulse, mathematics seems to point the way, along a path, but in truth there is no path. The illusion of Mathematical discipline seems to point in the direction that there is a path we can follow, but it is a fabrication—every moment is born out of creative impetus. Consciousness creates its own relationship with mathematics, and its power over mathematics is administrative. Information+Consciousness is also applicable, and information has be to be born in order for it to be legitimate. Classical (dead) information that can be reused again is not the same thing as consciousness-created information. There is no inert, objective information “out there” only information “in here”.

    Seeming instances of replication only point to a circumstance of energy density, where mathematics creates a niche of relative stagnation, or lack of change. For example, 1+1=2 (1+1=2) (1+1=2) forms a more dense grouping than 1+1=2 (1+1=2) (1+5=6). SAME SAME SAME is more dense than SAME SAME CHANGE. “Replication” can therefore create energy density, but not an exact copy. Reality fundamentally must be recast.

    Alien Motherships may be able to switch in between the physical and non-physical dimensional states, simply manifesting one state or another as desired. Since Motherships are connected ultimately to the zero point field, they should be able to tap into it, (much like a kundalini experience). If all dimensions are accessible from any point in reality, then they are usable. All that has to be applied is the proper mathematics, as determined by the creative impulse of consciousness. Manifestation of a particular vibration will have a certain effect, affecting the nature of the entity that is utilizing it. Vibrational keys will open doors.

    1. Very interesting and abstract
      Very interesting and abstract thoughts, Mace. Thank you for sharing.

      1. You are welcome.
        You are welcome.

    2. p.s. (Mace – vibrational
      p.s. (Mace – vibrational keys) Do you mean like an established device? The sacred pipe, for example… Tibetan bells, divination tools, an altar, or, perhaps, even something far less communal, such as a piece of art made by one’s own hands. Trailblazing, as it were.

      The more I interact with the established channels (say the pop music circuit, for example ….a modern sangha setting, even — although not necessarily the dharma itself) the less grounded I actually feel. Almost as if I were sinning or something. Drowning in bog of collective consciousness.

      (By the way, I recognize the differentiation between the radio signal and receiver from Jyotish, in fact. It’s applicable to the two main readings procured from a chart.)

      1. Concerning vibrational keys,
        Concerning vibrational keys, I was referring to spiritual energy rather than devices, but those can probably open windows or landscapes, if the expression is sincere. The human element is paramount in any expression of music, nothing else can substitute.

  3. Thank you Mace!
    Thank you Mace!

    1. You are welcome, EE.
      You are welcome, EE.

  4. Yes, very interesting
    Yes, very interesting Mace.


    1. Peace to you, Von Hausenberg.
      Peace to you, Von Hausenberg.

  5. I think a case could be made
    I think a case could be made that following a well-worn path means that you are probably on the ‘wrong’ one. Creating your own path is very difficult, not for the faint of heart, and also means that you may not be the most popular person in any given setting, and also face moments of feeling alone…yet rarely lonely. When you create your own path, you are truly creating something entirely new with infinite possibilities, and staying in the comfort zone of the familiar is the temptation that diminishes growth and leads to stagnation, which leads to…Doing it all over again!

    Mace, I abhorred math as a child as well. 🙂

    1. Yes, that seems to be the
      Yes, that seems to be the trend. I did not get into Math enough, so I continued to dislike it. I tried other disciplines, like writing and composing.

    2. I totally agree, CL.
      I totally agree, CL. Extremely difficult to trail blaze with an individual or group which is unable to conceptualize outside of the established comfort zone. Lonesome indeed.

  6. Thank you Whitley and
    Thank you Whitley and Anthony. A good friend, and a ‘patient’ for 30 years, died two weeks ago aged 54 of an ‘aggressive’ cancer. A week before he died we discussed this very issue of leaving our dimension of time, using sleeping and dreaming as a simple example we can all relate to. What he was feeling at the time was the immense love of his family – something also beyond, and not conditional on, time and space. We decided it was likely that the purity of this love would stay within him and his loved ones forever, maybe even greatly amplified for him as he traveled away from our earthbound fields of fear and complication. He died in great peace.

  7. Thank you for all of this
    Thank you for all of this food for thought. Wonderful concepts and ideas to play with ! My copy of The Super Natural just came in the mail, [woo hoo, yippeee] so i thought I’d check in to say how much I am enjoying these recent programs. I don’t comment much, but I am here every day . Now I am off to the porch swing to read while the robins are bouncing around the yard. Spring is here.

  8. Just some thoughts… grist
    Just some thoughts… grist for the mill, perhaps.


    I guess, if I could wake up on a spaceship, or some faraway paradisiacal planet, remembering exactly where I’d been and what had occurred just previous to the moment of my death, I could see the good in something like this. (And, especially when trying to mesh the whole topic with a conceptual template surfacing from a more or less “biblical” or “apocalyptic” inference.)

    Is there some relationship between this and the concept that the ego is active outside the sentient brain? Can experience be transfused or siphoned, from a collective consciousness, back into another sentient brain, like blood or plasma? Noting, again, apocalyptic inference: Consider what would happen if Earth were suddenly and utterly obliterated from the sky. Would Mars move into place, and the dust of the Earth become infused with that of the new terrain? Would Phobos come crashing to the ground, leaving only one moon? What are the possibilities?

    I, myself, am very skeptical of my personal experiences regarding extraterrestrial and/or super-dimensional contact. I sense both benevolence and hostility, with the possibility of some kind of outside interference, whether it be coming from another extraterrestrial source or some sort of Earthbound agency. I’m simply not sure and am unable to locate an appropriate retreat, in order to properly filter my own thoughts on it; I simply do not have the time or money.

    Using concepts like angels or devils to describe the experience, almost seems archaic to me, at this point. A Hebrew rabbi once told me that the two were simply extreme polarities of the same being, so… who is to say? What other light do we have to hold the experience to?

    Similarly, I am finding that traditional spiritual advice coming from modern interpreters (gurus, priests, what have you) is leading me down a dead end path. Rather than challenge them, I simply choose to ignore their instructions and rely on my own instincts. In a related context, I have also abandoned the Tarot as a source of psychic discernment. I am a crack shot, in fact, and have never given a false reading. Yet, when considering the fact that there is still a set number of cards, with a set number of outcomes and a set number of outside interpretations, I feel I am limiting myself by subscribing to that reality. Perhaps I should make my own deck.

    Anyway, thanks for reading, if you did. I am being prodded to connect with the community, for whatever reasons…

    1. I think your own path is the
      I think your own path is the best one.

  9. Back on topic..
    Not to drag

    Back on topic..

    Not to drag it on, but I have one last thing to note, in reference to the signal and receiver analogy. Is it possible that the roles of an external consciousness and a body be reversed, in such a scenario? If an individual consciousness could remain intact, in some form or fashion, upon death of the body, could not its own experience feed off of the experience of another or, even, a physical clone of that person?

    A sort of tandem reciprocity, with a tendency to act on a very dense level. I mean …what is a spirit? What is a soul?

    What is a memory?


    1. Are you saying that a
      Are you saying that a detached soul/spirit could animate or derive sustenance from a physical body while not fully connected? I suppose that could be partially true, and who knows what kinds of agreements subjects enter into taking.

  10. City o f Corpus Christi tx
    City o f Corpus Christi tx and the experiences therein oh my god SOURCE!

  11. thunderandlight…Not sure
    thunderandlight…Not sure where you are coming from on your statement above, but I was born in Corpus Christi, TX.

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