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Maureen Caudill brings us face-to-face with impossible realities in this exciting interview. We are taught not to believe in anything except what we can see in front of us. But what can we really see, and what lies beyond? The media, science and the intellectual community want us to believe that when we die, that’s it. But that’s just to disempower us and get us to concentrate on the things of life–what they have to sell to us and impose on us.

In her empowering book Impossible Realities, Maureen shows the data that science prefers to ignore, and in this deeply strengthening conversation, she reveals to us why  data proves that ‘black swans’ such as psychokinesis, telepathy, afterlife communication and much more are almost certainly real effects–as Whitley Strieber says, not “supernatural” and unexplainable, but super natural, and possible to use and understand if we take off the blinders of belief and look at them objectively.

Dreamland is about engagement with our true power and inner richness in the face of a world that drums into our heads day and night that we are small, powerless machines.

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  1. The belief that inanimate
    The belief that inanimate objects (even robots or computers) have souls or consciousness is a very old concept called animism, and many ancient peoples, as well as contemporary shamans and aborigines believe in animism. The idea that Maureen connected to the missing robot on Mars is really nothing new, but just a modern spin on animism. If all things are connected, I think that a case could be made that the designers and builders of the robot added some of their own energies to the consciousness of the robot as well. (Psychometry is the ability to connect with energies left on an object, and pick up on the history of the object by touching it. For instance, holding a ring and ‘reading’ information about its previous owner.)

    A few months ago, I spent a couple of days hiking at Big Bend National Park. Big Bend is a desert environment, but a living environment with diverse wildlife and plants, as well as breathtaking scenery and its own special magic. Cactus plants are ubiquitous in the park and come in all shapes and sizes. One day on the Lost Mine Trail, I glanced down and noticed one little barrel cactus with what I can only describe as a great personality! Strange but true…I called my boyfriend hiking ahead of me to come back and take a look at it. Before I knew it, we were snapping photos of what we called, “The Little Guy”. Now, this plant was not particularly pretty, but it had a cuteness about it not unlike a 6 week-old kitten, and we even said ‘good-bye’ after we were done snapping photos. (Fortunately, the trail was quiet that day, or I’m sure other people would have been making a wide berth around us, and raising some eyebrows too!)

    The same goes for rocks and crystals, and I am sure there are quite of few of you out there who have given names to your cars, computers, and other inanimate objects and machines. If you have done that, take a moment to remember why you named the object and the reason for the name that was given. (And just think about all of the Star Wars fans with a soft spot for C3PO, and BB8!)

    1. Thank you for sharing Cosmic
      Thank you for sharing Cosmic Librarian…very interesting


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  4. the problem with the matrix
    the problem with the matrix is hey it’s not perfect! fist flying no! source said check out Nanci Danison Awesome revelations.

  5. Another excellent show.
    Another excellent show. Thanks. The comments by both of you relating to the need to use such energy with loving responsibility were very helpful.

  6. Being one of the veteran
    Being one of the veteran listeners from wayback, let me say that Maureen has been on Dreamland before; in 2006 for an interview about her then new book Suddenly Psychic on her experience of attending a Robert Monroe Institute Gateway Program where she became “Suddenly Psychic” & had the ‘Beagle Experience’; she refers to this time as “attending a meditation workshop”. Finally at 42:20 min. Maureen gets to this information. At 54:48 min. Maureen finally gets into Suddenly Psychic book & a valuable example of Healing Experiment from the future to the past with documentation questioning the whole ‘notion’ of ‘causality’, that occurred at that long ago Monroe Institute Gateway.

  7. Is there no Subscriber
    Is there no Subscriber Special for this guest?

  8. Awesome!! Have the book in
    Awesome!! Have the book in hand. Thank you sooo much for sharing!

  9. What’s most incredible about
    What’s most incredible about this interview isn’t the material being covered (which is definitely incredible, but not the most incredible) is that Whitley is relaying questions directly from Anne.

    Does Anne already know the answers to the questions she’s asking, and is asking for our benefit? If not, it’s disappointing to know that passing over doesn’t fully enlighten one’s self.

  10. Is there a way to get in
    Is there a way to get in touch with Maureen? For some reason her website comes up in another language. I’ll like to look into her workshops.

  11. I have worked with computer
    I have worked with computer machines for years. I worked as a telecommunication remote technical engineer. One of my job duties was to check the customer’s telecom servers alarms and get “them” back in good working order. One of the reasons why I was good at my work as I knew that many of these “communication” devices were aware in their own way. I had a technician working on site that had constant problems with one of the communication servers … there were constant alarms. We replaced several different “cards/blades” equipment in the main server. I finally asked the technician to hold his cell phone next to the server so I could hear it. I listened to it for a time … and then I told him to check the electrical input to the server and plug it into another wall outlet. We never had another problem with the server.

    I miss working with these servers. Some of them I really did know when they were not “feeling well” or just wanted some human that “understood” them. I never talked about it much as I knew that people would think I was “weird” or off. You were supposed to be practical and “Spock” like.

    We never think about our “network” of communications that started with the telephone and the telephone wires … and then the Internet as “nerves”. The “neural” network is already in place.

  12. There was a lot of trouble
    There was a lot of trouble both with this stream and with Awakening, which did not post with this Dreamland. It is Awakening 9, and it is maybe the most extraordinary one. I’m glad that I saw comments inquiring about it. Otherwise I would not have realized that it didn’t post.

  13. For nearly 2.5 years I lived
    For nearly 2.5 years I lived with animists (Tharu in far western Nepal) and I now believe as they do. Trees and plants and of course all animals have a soul. We need to recognize and respect this. It’s beautiful.

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