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Implanted Memories

From a recent news story: "Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have successfully implanted a false memory into a mouse’s brain, a seemingly far-fetched idea reminiscent of a science-fiction film."

If scientists can implant false memories in mice, what does that say about the close encounter experience? Could it be that false memories can be implanted in people--not by somebody from MIT, working in public, but by people with a very different agenda and far greater scientific knowledge and technological skills than are possessed by those working in the public sphere?

In May of 1989, I was just dropping off to sleep when I looked up and saw two people entering my bedroom. The alarm system was armed, and I could see their faces in the red glow of its lights. Even though they were in the house, the system was not working. As I startled fully awake, I heard a male voice from the back yard say softly, 'condition red.' The next thing I knew, I was overpowered. I later found a painful lump in the top of my left ear, but no wound.

When a doctor tried to remove it, the thing darted away from his scalpel, moving under my skin down into my earlobe. He was shocked and withdrew. It was later found that the sliver of the object that he had removed had a metallic base with cilia in it that were able to make it move. The surgery was recorded on video, which is on my website, and the doctor has been interviewed about the incident many times. The object is still in my ear.

Now, that object was put there by people in possession of very advanced technology. They installed it without breaking the skin. They overpowered me by unknown means. They entered my house by defeating my alarm system with powerful magnetic fields that persisted the next morning, even though they had no detectable source. (The alarm installer found them around some of his switches, which had to be replaced.)

So, if there is somebody out there with technology like that, who's to say that they can't also implant memories in people right now?

Unfortunately, it's an unanswerable question. The whole close encounter experience could be something designed, or worse, a good experience could have been twisted into something terrifying by people bent on controlling our relationship with the visitors by altering our memories of what really happened.

Would there be any way to tell, I wonder?

Actually, there probably is. I think that if I went across the vast store of memories I have from my experiences, I could pick out a few that stand out as definitely founded in real experience. I could also pick out others that seem more like film clips. They have a strange sort of 'observational' quality, rather than feeling 'participatory.'

For example, the memory of the implant: it is a participatory memory. It happened. Not only that, I can reach up and feel the object in my ear right now.

The December 26, 1985 close encounter also feels like that, as do many of the experiences I had between then and 1994 when we moved to San Antonio. After that, the memories take on a more 'observational' quality.

From childhood, the memories of being taken out to Randolph AFB for those unholy classes seem very observational. I would suspect them all if one of my closest friends did not himself remember some air force personnel trying to convince his parents to put him in the same program. So I know that it existed. What I don't know is whether or not the horrendous memories I have of it are real.

The memory of the Master of the Key is a mixed bag. I was so concerned about it that I called my wife the next morning from the hotel room where I'd met him and told her not to let me decide that it was all a dream and blow it off. Without being entirely sure about its origin now, I'm glad I didn't blow it off, because the Key is probably the single most important thing I've written.

I believe that the whole community of close encounter witnesses should be aware of the research going on at MIT and keep abreast of it. Perhaps, in the future, it will become possible using some sort of instrument like a functional MRI scanner to detect the difference between implanted memories and memories of events that actually happened.

There is obviously a strong reason to seek such an outcome. After my initial terror and confusion on meeting the visitors, I went out into the woods again and again, and found that the relationship changed. I was no longer treated as a lab animal. In fact, I ended up on the most sublime 11-year course of study imaginable. It led to a powerful new understanding of the meaning of being, and a realization that not only does the soul exist, its care and development is the whole purpose of life.

For me, this isn't speculation. I have been in the soul state. Lived in it. Interacted for years with people in that state, who had means of projecting themselves into the physical. These are not 'implanted memories.' They happened.

In other words, I have two types of memory about the visitors. One is that they are monsters with evil, unholy motives. The other is that they are sacred beings, seeking to free us from the cancerous, spreading lie that we are nothing but physical bodies, and to establish among us a new vision of ourselves as part of a far larger and more ecstatic universe of consciousness than we have ever before dared to imagine.

Given how much the government seems to hate and fear the visitors, I know very well which of these groups of memory I trust. There is a dark side all right, but I don't think you will find it among the visitors. It's right here at home, its foundation among the people who have known the truth from the beginning and desired to control it. I think that they might be using advanced technology that they have acquired from the visitors to alter our perception of them and make us fear them, all in the name of continuing control by a system of leadership that failed us utterly long ago, and deserves only to be abandoned and forgotten.

I think your distinction between "observational" and "participatory" memories is a good one, and, after reading that, I immediately knew you had genuine experience with this issue. I'd like to add, however, that inserted or altered memories may have a distinctive feel to them and sets them apart from "true" native memory. Based on my personal experience with the visitors, non-native memory can have an "especially true" quality to it; it is apparently imbued with that feeling to compensate for shortcomings. For example, a fictional event may be remembered as absolutely true especially when there is a marked lack of corroborating evidence to support it.

I should add that experiencers who have "observational" type memories might try and examine the memory's "point of view," that is, how the mind's eye is pointed at the scene. Observational memories, I've found, may have subtle defects: False childhood memories may have a point of view as if a tall adult was viewing the scene, which would be impossible if the experiencer was a small child. Other imperfections may be noted as well, including points of view that literally move up and down or side to side, as you are seeing the memory in your mind's eye. What the source of this movement is and why it occurs I can't say.

Thanks very much for your columns, Whitely, your thoughts on such subtle and subjective experiences like visitor-affected memory are spot on.

Dear Whitley, After reading you excellent article.. I felt kind of left out... that is... my past memories are sketchy at best and practically non existent of my childhood which was traumatic and abusing. I do not remember long periods of time that should stand out in the life of a adolescent and teenager. Birthdays, sports games, playground antics and simply daily life. These lapses in memory lasted well into my thirties and seemed to stop around age forty. Could the implanted memories that you speak about be applied in the reverse... that is, blocking long stretches of actual experiences and replacing them with nothing at all? I am now seventy-two and some memory loss is to be expected at my age but not at a much earlier age. I do not recall anything strange ... Oh wait, I do remember two events that might help. One was during the close of the WWII, I went fishing with my best friend and his grandpa down by an old, wheel driven grist mill pond in Northern Ohio. It was getting dark and we were admiring the stars. I remarked to Grandpa Charlie that I wished that I could meet a person from outer space, a real space man. With that, Charlie reached out his hand and said "Glad to meet you." "Aw come on Charlie, I protested, "You're not from outer space." Charlie look at me and then looked up at the stars and softly said, "Suppose that on one of the lights up there sat three people fishing and looking at the stars and saying the same things?' That's when it hit me Whitley... we were in outer space... we were the spacemen! It changed my whole outlook and perspective on life and what it means to be alive in a Universe so vast that no measurement is possible. Some time later that evening, after we caught some fine channel catfish and had them roasting on a fire, a bubbling agitated in the middle of the wide, moon lit river. As we watched, a small, beach ball sized devise, silver in color, noiselessly rose from the river and hovered, dripping water. It slowly revolved as if orientating itself then faster than we could see it was gone. I don't know if it just vanished or sped off at such a supper rate it was untraceable. This was at the end of 1945, Nazi fervor was still very much alive and we thought that it was a new Military, secret weapon or something like that and never spoke of it again. I can.t shake the feeling, however, that old Uncle Charlie knew something about the devise and was teaching us a very profound and important lesson. Surprisingly. this is the best remembered experience of my life in every detail, bar none. What do you think? Thank you Ed Martell (member)

Real memories are a tricky business to begin with. We don't need anybody putting false ones in our head.

Whitley, I can REMEMBER being in the front yard of my childhood home and sitting on the steps. (Probably no older then five or eight years of age). It was dark outside and I was looking up at the stars. My thoughts were.....How far does the sky go, does it end somewhere or does it go on forever. THEN, I was overcome by an overwhelming sense of loneliness although my family was close by, inside the house. I had this feeling of being abandoned; what people today might call, 'SEPARATION ANXIETY.' Strange how I can still feel the emotion of that evening after so many years.

Whitley, thank you for bringing up the subject of implanted memories. What about implanted dreams? A friend of mine, the late Karla Turner, Ph.D., a UFO researcher and contactee, wrote a book called Taken: Inside the Alien-Human Abduction Agenda. It has a foreword by Linda Moulton Howe. Karla discovered that there are actually three dreams that are common among UFO abductees. I'm among a group of contactees that I know personally that have had the same dream. We've had a dream about the "skies being full of UFOs." In our dream, the UFOs were almost touching each other they were so close together. Karla calls it "The Night of Lights." The second dream shows scenes of a coming disaster and chaos on the planet, and in some cases the abductees are led to believe that their upcoming "jobs" will be carried out at the time of destruction. The third dream type is prophetic, showing events which come to pass after the dream.
Have you heard of these dream scenarios and have you had one the three I mentioned? Anyone else?

I have some areas of my childhood that are just blank, not much in the way of memories. I wonder if something wiped them and never bothered to put in screen memories, or if I'm just blocking something really traumatic? I've thought about finding a good hypnotherapist to work with, but at this point I feel like it's better left alone. I wouldn't be surprised about installing memories. There are so many parts of the brain that subtle energy can influence IMO....

That light is used to imprint these types of memories is a clue, methinks. Science and the visitors may be able to burn memories upon the very structure of the brain tissue (which is fundamentally connected to the fabric of space-time). However, they may not be able to etch false memories upon the upper reaches of a human being's consciousness, where the stream of energy leaves our local space-time realm. While the imprinting of local memories may make someone a puppet to a degree, they may not be able to reach higher dimensions of mind. This of course would mean that humans are essentially free if they remain in their higher states of consciousness. Tampering may only be able to be applied to a degree.

I, too, am aware that some type of disaster is coming, but I don't have any conscious memory of how I received the information. I don't know what will cause the disaster. My intellect tells me it could be climate change, but there are certainly other possible scenarios, such as a Coronal Mass Ejection or comet impact. Karla Turner was only half correct about prophetic dreams being a type of dream connected with contactees. You don't have to be a contactee to have precognitive dreams. Most contactees that I know are very intuitive - psychic experiences are common. The disaster "memory" is also common among contactees, but I don't know how the information comes to most people.

Oh my...

I was just reading through the comments and when I got to the part about 'Experiencers' having a common thread of three different but distinct dreams, the one dream about seeing a night sky filled with UFO's chilled me to the bone! I have been having that particular dream for decades now along with a dream of a 'Super weapon' being detonated just outside of our atmosphere that destroys mankind. The dreams are always the same of seeing all of those UFO's and commenting to myself in the dream that "It's true - all of it is true !" and still remembering the dream almost completely once I wake up - and never forgetting the 'experience' in the dream(s). I also remember the exact time and day that I was 'switched on' mentally and began an almost feverish quest to study in depth all things ET and UFO, and then starting to see the damn UFO's in the sky during the daytime hours in Phoenix for months on end, every single day. That was only 6 short years ago, just a few months before I was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer (that is currently in remission - YAY !) The more I learn, the less I know and it's frustrating to me that the ET's don't let me see them or remember what has transpired if indeed I too am an Experiencer. Thanks folks - just wanted to add my own little bit to this, our patchwork of events and ideas in this subject.

Whitley, I have had strange experiences since childhood, some of them would be waking up from sleep with a strange panic that would set in even my skin would vibrate and I would try to wake my parents and couldnt get them to wake when I would ask them about it the next morning they would just blow it off as a bad dream .I was told that I would sleep walk and they would find me in the woods behind my home. I later was sent to an therapist for night terrors.Iam now 38 years old and still have strange events usually at night . I just want to thankyou for what you are doing this site and your podcast mean so much to me and my family .

I have been in touch with an alien grey, a Zeta Reticulan from 39 light years away, had a discussion with the being......it told me that it's brain had been sculpted to think only certain things, which doesn't bother the alien at all, it's got no ego........so Zeta Reticulan masters do use that technological/scientific development......it was if this being just transmits a watchful development of mankind, but that seems to be important enough to them to place someone here, like Britain's MI5 place secret "funny men" all over the world, there is one MI5 'funny man' in every major city on Earth - the MI5 man I met had been on duty in Vienna, & believes that extra-terrestrials tailed him there, that's what actually made him leave MI5, it was so frightening. That's all very confidential stuff.

Even real memories can be remembered from points of view that don't hold to cold logic. Our minds are creative beasties. Further muddying the waters I suppose, but easy answers seem few and far between in this life.

Can it be done en masse?

This worries me more, in fact:

It's an every day reality for me.

In regard to the May 1989 event, above Whitley says, "The surgery was recorded on video, which is on my website." But where on the web site? I can't find it. Can someone let me know at ejg1@lehigh.edu? Thanks, Prof G

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