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Dr. John Brandenburg on the horrendous and violent past of our sister planet Mars. Was Mars murdered in an atomic holocaust millions of years ago? The evidence will horrify you.

John Brandenburg and Whitley Strieber have a long association, going back to the earliest days of study of the Mars face. Listen as John tells of findings that JPL and NASA simply will not face–and explains the science that supports his startling claims.

If John is right–and the evidence is very powerful–then we don’t understand our past at all, and remain in ignorance at our peril.

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  1. Ever since I was a kid and
    Ever since I was a kid and was shown a map of the Solar System, I knew in my heart that there was something wrong about the asteroid belt and the big space between Mars and the outer planets. Something must have blown up a planet in that spot.

  2. A universe of 10
    A universe of 10 dimensions…..

    Anne, Whitley and John:

    Today, I was at our St. Louis Art Museum to view a special exhibit…..

    You mentioned the Olmecs in this interview so I want to include my impression of the ancient ATUA.

    As was explained by the guide:

    …..Some gods had extremely high foreheads and understood the concept of the all seeing third eye. They used this ability.

    …..I noticed a few had a ridge running down their backs.

    …..There was another piece showing the entire vertebrate in the spinal column.

    …..Some only had three fingers.

    Standing there so close to these figures gave me a sense of awe, reverence and wonder. COULD these figures also represent the remnant of a distant and off planet civilization? It appears these ancient people go back to around 6 or 7 thousand years past.

  3. Hey Whitley – Just wanted to
    Hey Whitley – Just wanted to thank you for the show and say that it’s really great that you pepper in names of other books or interesting facts along the way.

    For example: this time I’m going to pick up Catastrophobia (the new title is Awakening the Planetary Mind) along with Mr. Brandenburg’s book.

    Please keep doing that. I picked up so many books and learned so much other stuff not only from the main subject of the show, but also from the “footnotes.” This is stuff I would have never known about had it not been for your show.

    Thanks again.

  4. I thought it was a shame that
    I thought it was a shame that there was no chance for discussion of the ideas about Mars mentioned in The Key: the idea that Mars WAS destroyed… by us.

  5. I agree, it’s excellent to
    I agree, it’s excellent to see Dr Brandenburg back. Mars is a subject very close to my heart and it may be worth keeping an eye on some of the leaks about Mars images in the coming year.

    Are there secret Human bases on Mars right now?

    Will Mars be the lifeboat for selected humanity/genesets in the event of our Sun becoming much hotter for an extended period of time due to our solar system’s course through a much denser region of this spiral arm of the milky way galaxy?

    Has this happened over and over throughout our ancient history?

    Was Mars nuked to sterilise it to assist a more controlled future return when this cycle repeats? Zero hostile resistance to return would make for a more comfortable resettlement.

    When the Sun cools (after moving into less dense region) will ‘we’ all move back to Earth?

    I love this subject.. I just wish I was taller..!

  6. I lost my thought, oh my
    I lost my thought, oh my golly my gee, there is only one being and we are are just thoughts in her mind- thats it!

  7. Here are the first 3
    Here are the first 3 paragraphs from my missing/deleted? post: (and I know this time it wasnt me — it clearly was t/here last night around midnight).

    Very interesting set of shows, particularly the Special Interview. Esoteric history relates that it was the planet next orbit out from Mars that was the planet on which the war was taking place. It blew itself up, causing havoc throughout the solar system. They had colonies on Mars as well as earth, although it seems as though it was the Martians that maintained the outposts on earth.

    I have long theorized that the red sandy covering of Mars crust was the dust that settled over Mars from the explosion of that planet’s outer core. I think such an explosion of a planet accounts for the asteroid belt, Mar’s moons, and the dust and irregularly shaped moons surrounding the outer planets. Some of the dust may have eventually developed into natural satellites (imo, naturally developed satellites in space are always round). The base said to be on our moon may have been an outpost.

    What Brandenberg has uncovered and/or theorized, namely that there was some kind of nuclear explosion leaving heavy traces of an element associated with them, is definitely another fact to contribute to the validity of this esoteric history. He comes to some logical and interesting conclusions from the facts that he has uncovered — however, if one is to believe the ancient stories, said planet blew itself up destroying all the life upon/within it, as well as any life on the surface of Mars as Mars’ atmosphere was stripped away. This wld explain why there was no colonization of Mars after the explosion (as Anne alluded to) — or large scale colonization of the earth, which is said to have mostly been covered by water at the time of the explosion.

  8. Milk, I think that MOTK didnt
    Milk, I think that MOTK didnt exactly say that it was earth that destroyed the other planet, altho this seemed to be Whitley’s assumption at the time. It was more specifically talking to Whitley. As I said in my first post, according to esoteric history it was the planet west of Mars that blew itself up — and also — that many of the souls from the Mars and that planet may be living in earth bodies now but still have memories (and longings) for once was their native planet. (You may wonder — what post? It wld have been the first post, (actually there were two posts from me — one very long — one short) but they seem to have been deleted — no matter, I will repost –probably way too long to be the first post anyway). Not sure by whom or why it was deleted. Didnt get any memo re a problem w/it.

  9. I wanted to enjoy this show
    I wanted to enjoy this show but it was rather difficult to take Dr. Brandenburg seriously. He is purported to be a nuclear expert, but he can’t even pronounce the word correctly (he says nu-cu-lur instead of nu-cle-ar), and claims he “believes in the Jungian collective super-conscious, or sub-conscience.” Jung’s term is the “collective unconscious.”

    Also, I wouldn’t call Mars “blood red.” That’s a bit dramatic. *Blood* red? I don’t think it’s quite that bright.

    1. If you check out the usage
      If you check out the usage comments in both the online Merriam-Webster dictionary and the online Free Dictionary, both sources say that while the pronunciation with the misplaced “l” is overwhelmingly rejected by usage experts, it is actually quite common among educated speakers, including scientists, the military, and politicians including at least two Presidents. Dr. Brandenburg is in good company.

  10. Enjoyed every bit of this
    Enjoyed every bit of this interview. Strange we called them the Vikings and than the face on Mar has horns on it. Didn’t the Vikings wear horns in their helmets. When I heard the war or catastrophic event that destroyed Mars I thought was this the real planet of the apes movie. It seems reasonable to assume that if a worldwide nuclear event did occur and destroyed a populated living planet than Mars would be basically a dead and barren world but microbial life and organisms could possibly be left to survive and this explains why this is all the life we find on Mars. Also if NASA knows or suspects Mars past would say anything because it raises numerous questions that are relevant and pertinent to the E.T. disclosure issue of today.

  11. I am not persuaded that a
    I am not persuaded that a civilization capable of building the Face and the other massive structures at Cydonia and its antipodes was a primitive bronze-age culture without advanced technology. If we are their distant descendants, then our own addiction to chronic warfare may tell us something about them. It seems more plausible to me that the Martians nuked each other, than that they were capriciously destroyed by alien invaders.Our challenge is to not repeat their mistake. The “quiet universe” could well be due to other civilizations lying low to avoid attracting our notice and becoming the targets of our insatiable greed.

  12. The Fermi paradox isn’t
    The Fermi paradox isn’t nearly as relevant today as it was when it was it was postulated because it was wild guess to begin with. My ears perked up when I heard about the scientific paper that was mentioned. I’d definitely want to look at it. Is Einstein being vindicated again when he claimed god doesn’t play dice with the universe? I submit this paper seems to suggest so. Now for the ghost town paradox if there are parallel universes like I’ve been claiming for years and its a matter time science and a further extension of Einstein’s theories on gravity that gives us new understanding about the physics of time in our cosmos than this physics of time would allow us to detect, communicate and eventually travel to and traverse these other parallel universes. This the only real way to travel our universe. Moving through time is the only real means there is to explore these parallel universes. Some of us do it in our dreams or through the third eye meditations but we don’t grasp it yet. If we are a group of primitive souls that cosmic beings don’t yet want out in the universe how would they contain us until we were ready? We’d be placed in a part of time in creation which would in effect be frozen (like a time bubble) so we couldn’t move beyond it so we wouldn’t be able to travel the greater universe. I don’t know if this dimensional slice of time we now occupy is a natural extension of or cosmos or is artificially induced but it has the same effect no matter what. Time and the true understanding of the physics of time is how I believe these cosmic beings travel here. They can move all up and down the entire time line of our universe’s creation. This is how these cosmic beings do it so all the eons and epochs of past histories since the beginning of the creation of this universe are still in existence and exist on a time line and if you can move through creations time line since its beginning every period of time that has come and gone in since universe’s creation can be still accessed and visited. I think we are on the verge of making real breakthroughs in how the physics of time works in nature and this will lead to new understandings like the one I’ve just put forth.

  13. I’ve been think about the
    I’ve been think about the master of the key suddenly and I think there is something there regarding what we are currently discussing on dreamland. It’s about time so to speak. I think there is more waiting for Whitley in his experience with the key. We should ask ourselves are the moments of our lives just frozen in time or do they exist on a time line where we can go back to them reenter into these moments and find the answers we never had in that experience? I think this is a possible but when we go back to revisit a past experience your answers won’t be found by simply reviewing that initial experience for clews instead one must walk-into or reenter and merge with one’s body in the experience and than consciously direct the conversation from there to find the answers one seeks and when one has obtained their answers disengage your bodily copy in the your past and travel back to where you currently reside in time and merge back into yourself with your new knowledge of that past event.

  14. Hey – Listening to the
    Hey – Listening to the special interview and between about 3:09 and 3:17 there is a whispering voice in the background saying something I can’t make out other than I think I hear ‘face on Mars.” Maybe it was just Ann whispering to Whitley or something, but it was creepy – I ask people to check it out and see if they can verify what it was.

  15. @syzygy2 – it maybe quite
    @syzygy2 – it maybe quite common but I personally find it quite annoying. It is in a similar vein to the mispronunciation of Orangutan – I hear so-called professional broadcasters adding a ‘G’ at the end quite frequently…both strike me as more than a little ‘George W’.

    @Pssqd – yes there was a whispering voice on three occasions I think throughout the interview. I am 100% sure it was Anne and I found it a little disconcerting – I wish she would just write her questions down for Whitley, so as not to form that kind of distraction. Maybe she didn’t realise how sensitive the microphone is.

    As for the rest of the show – I enjoyed it but I think I preferred the one from a couple of years ago.

  16. I heard the whispering once
    I heard the whispering once or twice. Its not that bad — even before one realizes its probably Anne whispering in Whitley’s ear. Its a lot less distracting than guests on Coast to Coast and elsewhere slurping/gulping their drinks while they are on. I think Anne’s input (her coments/questions) continue to be quite valuable — perhaps Whitley cld switch his mike off momentarily to hear Anne — while the guest is speaking. But, if not, I’d rather hear Anne’s input and if that includes a little whispering now and then, so be it.

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