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Linda Moulton Howe interviews John Burroughs, a direct witness to the Rendlesham Forest UFO event, with explosive results. This event, which took place in the UK near the RAF Bentwaters air base, is second only to the Roswell Incident in importance as a UFO event, and, given all the military witnesses who have come forward, could be considered even more important than Roswell.

One of these direct witnesses, John Burroughs, has now forced the British Ministry of Defense to admit the truth: the incident happened and the men who were present were exposed to an unknown form of radiation.

Listen as Linda Moulton Howe conducts one of the most explosive and compelling interviews she has ever done.

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  1. Ash Carter has been nominated
    Ash Carter has been nominated by President Obama as the U.S. Secretary of Defense. Dude has MJ12 written all over him. Star Wars exec; Rhodes scholar in Physics, Goldman Sachs, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Council On Foreign Relations. Bout time the real dogs came up front.

  2. Yep its a time visit. Problem
    Yep its a time visit. Problem is if you can travel through time how can you navigate it successfully? The o’s and 1’s are probably a time map used and plotted by the crafts onboard computer to navigate its path through time but what are the 0’s and 1’s a mapping of and how is this trajectory used to move through time? It is the gravity waves that Einstein claim exist from his general relativity theory. I think the time map is a map of a gravity wave that occurs at your location before departure and it’s route is followed to your time destination otherwise how could one navigate in time? I would take these 0 and 1’s to a trained physicist and ask him if he could mathematically find and determine gravity wave that fits with these computer binary code data. It isn’t quite phone home for E.T. anymore instead it’s a case of finding the gravity wave or bread of crumbs in the wilderness back home so he can travel through time back to his home.

  3. I have an explanation for
    I have an explanation for some of these small points of that suddenly appear and than expand into a large bubble and out steps a being. How can someone enter another dimension or time space? Special relativity by traveling at high speeds close to the speed of light and altering your time from the relativistic effects of your motion. You would than exist in a different time that is separate and apart from the flow of the outside time. A dimension is simply a shift into different time from the outside flow of time. So when these pin pricks of white light appear and enlarge accompanying an entity what I believe is happening is the relativistic effects of the motion of this time space is decelerating and its speed quickly drops below the relativistic effects of this different time placement and it merges with other time stream. This helps explain how many of these visitations occur. Its a kind of time travel or time manipulation based on the science of how the physics of time works.

  4. Thank you Linda and Whitley
    Thank you Linda and Whitley for persevering to make this Dreamland episode happen!

  5. It seems using special
    It seems using special relativity physics as I’ve mentioned earlier you can create the “Philadelphia Experiment Effect”. I believe the Philadelphia experiment did occur but the truth and details of what transpired were deliberately obscured to hide the real truth because what I was describing earlier sounds too eerily similar to the effects they were trying to produce in the Philadelphia Experiment. How can that be? Go figure.

  6. Of course what I’m suggesting
    Of course what I’m suggesting opens the door for an explanation of what dark matter could be. Perhaps dark matter is an apparition of an aforementioned thought and its essentially foot prints in time. It’s something to consider as one stares into the cosmos and eternity and ponders the timelessness of creation.

  7. Disclosure? What is meant by
    Disclosure? What is meant by disclosure? This century will be known for the dawning of a new awareness which is man’s understanding and relationship with time. Time science or the physics of time will emerge and begin to be understood and it will forever change our cosmic views. Personally I think Easter Island is a stone monument built by our ancestors to honor the timelessness of creation. The large stone statues are staring into the vastness of space like frozen relics or foot prints in time but what they watching for? They are staring into the heart of space which is dark matter and dark matter is basically just footprints in time. What does that imply about creation and our origins?

  8. Anyone with even a slight
    Anyone with even a slight interest in these topics should subscribe to Unknown Country. This show was beyond awesome. Linda and Whitley are bringing the most important information, facts and inspired speculations as to this incredible enigma. I pray we can understand much more before the world falls apart.

  9. I usually don’t have any
    I usually don’t have any trouble playing the programs, however, this time it’s wanting sometype of codec that apparently I don’t have. It comes up on both bandwidth choices. My system is not the latest and greatest.

  10. Is there a linear connection
    Is there a linear connection or link too be made in the continued rise and steady progression of ufology to current times? What if researchers considered that the Philadelphia Experiment, Roswell 1947 crash and the Rendelsham Forest incident were all interconnected and bound together in some way? Of course time science is glue that binds them altogether. It would make for interesting times.

  11. Very informative Dreamland
    Very informative Dreamland this week. May I add some of my findings too. I find the comment about Time Travel very attractive and along that thinking…Close to Rendlesham is Sutton Hoo, Woodbridge, Suffolk, East Anglia, England. It is a place with megalith stone-formations.
    -”The ship-burial has from the time of its discovery prompted comparisons with the world described in the heroic Old English poem Beowulf, which is set in southern Sweden (Götaland replaced the old Götland). It is in that region, especially at Vendel, that close archaeological parallels to the ship-burial are found, both in its general form and in details of the military equipment contained in the burial.”
    When you navigate you need reference-points, in time and space. See also the work of: Decoding the Message of the Pulsars: Intelligent Communication from the Galaxy by Paul A. LaViolette Ph.D
    This is facinating ! Thsnk’s Linda for your webpage.

  12. Perhaps Whitley’s implant is
    Perhaps Whitley’s implant is being used by the ‘Breakaway Civilization’ as a way to gather information about what happens to him when he has interactions with the Visitors. If there is more than one group he may have been ‘bugged’ by one to spy (through his implant) and gather Intelligence on the other.

  13. I wonder when the time comes
    I wonder when the time comes that we finally understand the troubling answer to our all of our questions, uncertainties, and confusion on this planet about the nature of this universe –when we finally ‘get it’, if the whole human experiment won’t spontaneously self-annihilate back into the Singularity.

    As long as we continue to approach reality as an inherent separateness between ourselves and ‘others’ in this 3-D world we will continue. However, once the human mind finally grasps the artificial nature of experience and we see beyond the Illusion, the effect will be the same as when a particle and anti-particle collide.

    This is beginning to look like a very dangerous game…

  14. This weeks’ Dreamland was
    This weeks’ Dreamland was very thought provoking. From what was discussed, the entire understanding of what UFO and The Visitor experience could be called into question. If we are dealing with very advanced, time traveling species of intelligent life, there is no telling what may be really going on. The idea that electromagnetic radiation can essentially induce experiences in the human mind could help explain why so many people’s experiences are similar, yet difficult to remember at the same time. It would suggest that at least part of the experience is mental, but with physical evidence, such as implants, there is also a physical nature to them.

    What I do think would be interesting would be for humanity in this civilization, to get our hands on some of this self activating technology so that we may be able to begin to develop ways to save ourselves. If The Visitors are really us, we need to begin to become active participants in this world and save ourselves. We can’t wait in denial for the spaceships to save us, for if we don’t act now, they may never come.

  15. I expand on Dreamland
    I expand on Dreamland considerably in my new journal entry about Interstellar. Increasingly, I find myself speculating that we’re not even looking at something that originates on other planets in this universe.

  16. I used to get upset about the
    I used to get upset about the operation paper clip fiasco and asked myself why they let it happen but in hindsight what else could have been? Operation paper clip was necessary because of what they found at the end of the war. I believe the German scientists had made some advancements in time and their research into time terrified our government so they made the decision to bring some of these people over here. It was a national security matter of the highest order. Nasa isn’t just a front to hide the another space program its a disguise to hide the research into time science. Eisenhower alluded to it vaguely in his famous warning before he left public office and than he oddly died of a heart attack. Kennedy was going to expose this time science and inform the public about it and I believe that’s why he was assassinated. I think the time secrets are what the real space program is about. If somebody had such a science and possessed such time capabilities they could rule the world so why would they want to tell anybody else about it?

  17. Are any of the mathematicians
    Are any of the mathematicians who are attempting to decipher the ones and zeros, who have come up with earth-based latitudes and longitudes, also looking somehow at much larger coordinates of where our planet is, at given moments in time, in relation to any off-world points, perhaps in relation to the location of our sun and some neighbor stars, and where these stars are in relation to each other and/or to the galactic center, and much farther beyond?

    Over time our home planet travels vast distances of space in mathematically predictable ways, not just within our solar system but within the galaxy, which also moves. I presume that plotting the location of earth within vast space might help locate the earth in time, and vice versa. I’m thinking analogously to the fast-paced vacation itinerary that, “If it’s Tuesday this must be Belgium,” and its corollary, “If this is Belgium it must be Tuesday.” Perhaps knowledge of time travel relies in part to knowledge of the desired destination’s location within vast space, as well as to the location of the interconnecting dimensional bridges.

    If, as has been suggested, there’s something emanating from earth that can be detected from elsewhere (or elsewhen), perhaps it would need to be triangulated (dodecahedrated, etc.) with off-world (or off-when) coordinates to figure out where (or when) earth was when the emanation began. If additional dimensions are being traversed, additional coordinates that we cannot yet fathom might be required for navigation.

    What fun to speculate how one would plot those! And what would the maps look like (or smell/sound/taste/pulse/etc.) that were translated from their most basic expression of ones and zeros into the models and formats used by the travelers? How is plasma expressed and experienced? Are crop formations related?

    I hope these ideas aren’t too simplistic or obvious as to be wasting space (and your time) here.

    I so enjoy these programs and the comments they inspire from other listeners, and where my mind wanders and wonders in response to such wise folks. I’m delighted to be a subscriber. Thank you Whitley, Linda, Anne, and everyone on your excellent team!

  18. Why is it that on the iphone
    Why is it that on the iphone i cannot fond tge second hour?????

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