John Martin is a close encounter witness, experiencer, and talented classical guitarist with the astonishing ability to consistently summon strange lights in the sky, which he films and posts on his Youtube channel (John Martin UFO and ET Intelligence) and Tiktok account (@johnmartin1779). He has developed a deep relationship – perhaps even a friendship – with those mysterious lights, using music as a medium to offer his gratitude and love to the cosmos – and he almost always receives a response.

In a rare interview, two individuals with incredible histories of deep and meaningful contact come together to discuss UFOs and UAPS, the role of music in the contact experience, John’s surprising friendship with Jimmy Carter and their discussions of UFOs, and much more. 

What John is doing is an example of how contact can transform into something beautiful, and here, he tells us exactly how he does it.

John uses a SIONYX Aurora 1 Night Vision Camera to make his videos. To learn more about this camera, click here.

This show is part of our ongoing series about personal contact. We all have the potential to do just what people like John and Peter Maxwell Slattery are doing. Plus Melinda Leslie leads nightly tours and can give you the experience. BUT, once you are seeing verifiable UFOs, what do you do? That’s going to be an ongoing topic in the future on Dreamland.

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  1. Love and appreciation, all around. ♥️ Such a beautiful show, in every way.

  2. Lovely show and lovely human being. I so relate to John and his gentleness and desire for communing with the star family because I’m that way myself. I wish I had people in my 3D life like John, but I don’t yet. For now we have to nurture whatever relationships we have with our star family and pray for the great awakening and ascension so we can all be together. I want that kind of love all around me. Thanks Whitley for bringing John to us on your show. Love to you both.

  3. What a wonderful interview – he is an inspiring interviewee, and, as mentioned in the show, his talking to his star friends on his YT channel (and the music – including in the interview) are wonderful.
    Something else this episode led me to reflect on is an alternate nostril breathing exercise I came across in the 70s, when I was a teenager, that is effective for me at raising my vibes: I’m going to have to get back into using that more regularly. When I was using that daily, I can relate to the sensation of developing a light/aura presence/emanation (my clumsy rewording of part of the discussion) that was mentioned.
    Thank you – both of you.

  4. This was wonderful to listen to. It helped me with something I needed to focus on.

  5. Great show so far. I would however, Whitley, take issue with your comments the last two shows suggesting that Putin is somehow solely to blame for this conflict. For greater context there are the rare reputable journalists who put the situation in what I consider it’s proper context. Glenn Greenwald, Matt Taibbi, Max Blumenthal, Aaron Mate, etc. The recent Grayzone interview is a great example of this.

    At least imo refrain from fingering blame altogether. Fakebook has allowed calls for violence against Russia and Russian people on their site, what do you think this leads to? For Russians living in western countries those repercussion are occurring already. CNN had a literal neonazi on their show the other day, interviewed in a favorable light. The only call for a nuclear strike I’ve heard in the news is from American warhawk republicans. What of what was happening in the Ukraine in 2014? What your country has been doing for *decades* and are *still* doing in places like Syria and Yemen is arguably worse, considering Ukraine borders Russia, and the complex geopolitical history and current situation there.

    I hope for rather a focus on love, peace & unity of ALL people and to leave the finger pointing projection to the talking heads and psychopaths who’d be another place to begin looking at to critique.

    Apologies if this post is contentious or ill mannered, you’re free to your opinion, I’m just sick of lies and propaganda everywhere I turn, and would only hope for a more balanced evaluation, generally speaking.

    My 2 cents to take or leave as you wish, of course. Thanks for your time. As Solzhenitzen said, evil is a line running across the hearts of all men (and women too, ofc.) I pray for peace.

    1. Even if the USA is extremely culpable for trying to turn Ukraine into a Western nation, and even if this angered Putin, this does not justify invasion and a strategy of killing as many civilians as possible. Putin is a throw back (like Trump) to a barbaric despot who directs a nation’s resources for revenge, anger and petty vindictiveness. NOTHING the USA has done rationalizes or validates Putin’s bloody thirsty killing of women and children simply living in their high rise homes (which seems to have always been the Soviet architectural style – to cram as many people as possible into tiny apartments). If there was a human being who was constantly making you angry and violating what you consider your own personal borders/space, would that justify you stabbing this person 100 times?

    2. I know how you feel with the frustration. I, too, have been deeply disturbed by the neo-nazi presence that has infiltrated Ukraine or maybe never left it, depending on who you talk to. I was looking at some Gray Zone articles myself and wondering why this is not being reported in the West. I teach folklore and mythology so was very wary about the types of rhetoric that Zelensky was using to draw the West in, which to me, looked like nazis trying to create WW3, the chaos and destruction they desire so greatly even while they step in as “the liberators.” Nazis rebranding themselves this way, especially in Eastern Europe has really frightened me because it is working. The complicity of the US media has frightened me because of the white supremacist, neo nazi agenda in the US that has become so emboldened with Trump and Bannon sewing seeds of the Far Right destabilization of the West. Meanwhile Putin’s invasion was devolving into genocide like tactics, death and destruction to civilians that we have seen before in places like Syria, where he is also involved. I began to look at Max Blumenthal a bit more closely and he has been widely discredited as a journalist and is considered to be biased and unethical with his reporting so I have stopped reading The Gray Zone for info. I can only assume that the U.S. military and the WH, which thankfully are not full of neo cons or Trump’s people with their agenda to destroy the US, are aware of the neo nazi problem as there has been quite a bit of intelligence gathering over the past 50 years when they were still considered to be a domestic terrorist extremist faction and a thus a threat. They monitor those people and what may be happening is that the larger problem is the way that Putin has consolidated power. He has more power than the communist dictators before him because there is no Politburo. I think we have to trust our leadership to choose their battles at the moment, which in this case is to stop the monster with the nukes without starting WW3. Whatever the other agendas are, Biden’s admin has done a good job of walking a very delicate thin ice situation. Except for Biden’s HUGE gaff, lol.

      1. Reference or link for the Neo Nazi presence in Ukraine ? You can say it all you want but let’s see the evidence. Matt responded with references on the same kind of comment on one of his stories and revealed not much evidence of NAZIs!

        1. John Hogue spoke at length about the fascist nature of the current Ukrainian regime on last night’s Coast.

          In particular, he identified Azov fighters war crimes since 2014 and highlighted increasing suggestions that some of the recent atrocities were committed by them to both blame Russia and conceal their own dark operations.

          Like it or not, the current Ukrainian regime is an EU/US shill, put in place to assist both the continuing encirclement of Russia and the persistence of US hegemony.

          I do not suggest that the average hard working American or Ukrainian share any of the blame for these awful goings on. America was warned about missile bases and the Bear is making a nuisance of itself to remind its other neighbours what to expect if they step further out of line.

          Russia, in my opinion, seeks to slow or stop NATO expansion by short sharp shocks. They don’t seek full scale invasions. Limited incursions that destroy infrastructure, create swathes of barren territory and drives hundreds of thousands of refugees West will achieve the same aims.

          People shot queuing for bread? Take notice of Azov fighters in the area. Don’t forget, both sides wear almost identical uniforms with little more than coloured armbands to differentiate each other.

          As John Hogue masterfully pointed out, Russia is reacting like Kennedy did during Cuban crisis and it is best to avoid grasping at binary reactions to this propaganda saturated quagmire.

          As a Brit, and as someone who is only too well aware of how powerful entrainment technology is, I say this: if you read/heard it in mainstream media then find something else more enjoyable to be fooled by.


          1. Author

            If by “EU/US shill,” you mean a country attempting to join the free world and be rid of the dominance of a Russia that once tried to starve the entire population out of existence, then I would agree with you.

            One good thing is that this war is doing is causing people who dislike the freedom of others to reveal themselves.

          2. John Hogue is a QAnon fanatic who adores Donald Trump and now uses his platform as some sort of Nostradamos psychic to bash everything even vaguely out of line with the current propaganda on Fox News.

        2. It may not hurt to consider the increasing loss of freedoms and semblance of democracy in both the EU and the US.

          Whilst I certainly agree that Russia is indeed a hard dictatorship (their leadership will always sting you), I can’t help but grimace at the current state of free expression in the West.

          I’m not interested in taking sides, far from it. All the major international players on the World stage appear to be, at times, more interested in pushing technocracy than perpetuating democracy.

          I understand that UC isn’t a political forum and I applaud that. That said, here we are, peacefully debating this quagmire without a single bad word being hurled.


  6. Author

    It can be argued, of course, that his actions are part of a larger context for which he is not entirely responsible. But he alone is responsible for pretending that a threat existed that did not exist and causing enormous suffering in obedience to that pretense. He is a dictator and as such must take a dictator’s responsibility for actions he alone ordered.

    1. The U.S. lead Nato proxy in Ukraine is not a threat? How would the U.S. feel if, for instance, Russia began arming Mexico with weapons along the southern U.S. border? Would you consider it a threat? Putin has been warning for years not to continue building up armaments along his borders. Forgive me, but suggesting this was Putin acting out of the clear blue is inaccurate. There’s plenty of blame to go around, more than one bad guy here, but I do not see that line of approach as helpful to this dangerous global predicament. Instead let’s ask where is the route to peace? What are the solutions?

      I’m not defending the invasion. Needless taking of human life is always a tragedy, whether it takes place in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan (and so on…) or the Ukraine. Where is similar outrage for U.S. war crimes? I remember clearly the Iraq invasion, “This is not speculation, we know for certain they have weapons of mass destruction…” says Colin Powell, bold faced, in front of the world. How many Iraqi’s died? A million or so? To say nothing of U.S. soldier suicides? Speaking of pretense.

      The drone strikes under Bush, Obama & Trump? Are the loss of those lives less worthy of outrage somehow?

      I won’t belabour the point, I do wish to make it however. The gulf, as I see it right now, is not b/t countries but rather b/t people and the leaders of their countries (and companies…)

      I would recommend the 3 recent videos on ‘The Grayzone’ Youtube channel for some perspective on Ukraine. Should we not make the effort to listen and understand all sides? Interviewed are a former top advisor to the pentagon and a former U.S UN weapons inspector. They tell a different tale Whitley.

      Aside from the (to me) offputting Putin comments, I enjoyed the episode this week. I hope, again, my comments are taken as spirited, not accusatory. Maybe it’s a boomer thing, my parents believe every lie the cbc and legacy media broadcasts, which I find incredibly disconcerting. Maybe it’s U.S. cold war generational thing, Russia is the enemy, and that’s that, kind of ingrained attitude.

      This is a direct quote from a Cayce reading;

      What is the spirit of America? Most individuals
      proudly boast “freedom.” Freedom of what? When ye
      bind men’s hearts and minds through various ways
      and manners, does it give them freedom of speech?
      Freedom of worship? Freedom from want? . . .
      What then of nations? In Russia there comes the
      hope of the world, not as that sometimes termed of
      the Communistic, or the Bolshevistic; no. But freedom, freedom!
      that each man will live for his fellow man! The principle has been born.
      It will take years for it to be crystallized, but out of Russia
      comes again the hope of the world. Guided by
      what? That friendship with the nation that hath
      even set on its present (1944) monetary unit “In
      God We Trust” . . .That principle (is) being forgotten
      — when such is the case, and that is the sin of America.”
      – B. Ernest Frejer, ‘The Edgar Cayce Companion: A Comprehensive Treatise of the Edgar Cayce Readings’, 3976-29, p. 861.

      Intriguing to consider at least. God knows Cayce seemed better at channelling health remedies than prophecy and prediction, is my impression.

      1. Whitley, why are you allowing this kind of post on this thread? This is pure Russian propaganda. NATO is a defensive organization. It would never have attacked anybody and will never attack anybody. This beautiful show about a lovely man and his contacts is not about this stupid stuff and these lies. It’s as if this person has given this thread cancer. I wish he would take his cancer and go home.

        1. I agree with George. First off, Whitley’s comments are hardly incendiary. Second if this isn’t Russian propaganda, Jon C., then you’ve bought into it. Third, it has no place bringing down the vibe of this beautiful interview.

        2. We should be wary about deeming anything that disagrees with our preconceived ideas to be propaganda. As with any such situation the reasons behind the current war are likely multifaceted and the overall socio-political and historical context is bound to be complex. Questioning the standard narrative in the West does not make one pro-Putin or a ‘Russian troll’. Unfortunately, censorship seems to be the go-to reaction nowadays in dealing with unpopular opinions. Sadly, I think Russiagate made this sort of kneejerk reaction all too easy to indulge in for some.

          1. There is no crime that Ukraine could have committed to justify the invasion and the goal of killing as many civilians as possible.

      2. I will repeat: Regardless of the actions of the USA, this does not justify Putin’s bloodthirsty invasion where the major strategy is to kill as many civilians as possible. Stop watching Tucker Carlson and the other traitors who are trying to justify Putin, since the right wing movement in the USA practically worships authoritarianism. We saw the result on 1-6-21. ENOUGH! Also, if Mexico went full fledge communist with Russian agents, do you seriously think the USA would invade and start leveling cities with the intent to kill as many average Mexican citizens as possible? The USA would create stiff sanctions and increase the security along our border. To think the USA would start missile strikes on Mexico City to turn it to rubble is nonsense.

        1. Trying to contextualize a situation is not the same as justifying it. Calling Tucker Carlson or any journalist who is offering a different perspective a traitor sounds to me like an atavistic callback to McCarthyism – haven’t we learned anything from history? Isn’t ‘traitor’ what the ‘freedom fries’ neo-cons called anyone who wasn’t on board with the Iraq and Afghanistan invasions?

          1. A different perspective?????? Carlson is repeating Russian talking points word for word. Yet you have no problem (?) with Russia banning ALL news media except Russian state TV and making it a crime to even speak truthfully about what is going on in Ukraine?

        2. Let’s not get too hot under the collar here. Remember our posting rules: “Argument is fine and the posting of information is encouraged. But direct statements disparaging other posters are not allowed and will be removed…”

        3. We all agree that the can never be any justification to kill and cause such awful mayhem. It may be of some use in terms of perspective to bear in mind that the Ukrainian Azov fighters have killed thousands of separatist civilians since 2014 and no-one lifted a finger to help them other than Russia. Cities have been shelled by them since 2014 without a word in Western press. These Psychopaths are the Nazis that Russia refers to and whilst I don’t really think that the Ukrainian government is Nazi (fascist yes but not Nazi) these Azov animals are the people that reflect the darkness alluded to by Russia. The Azov fighters are now a formal part of the Ukrainian forces; National Guard of Ukraine nonetheless. This whole thing is awful and neither side holds the moral high ground. Seeing darkness rise like this depresses me but does not dishearten me. Having peaceful discussion with folks here on this thread has proven the worth of following conscious work toward more light and a better tomorrow. Peace to all of you.

      3. Those outcomes by Cayce are not set in stone or could have represented the opening in the 90s, which ended when Putin was beginning to formulate his plan based on his desires. I encourage you to read Girard to understand the human brain’s susceptibility to desire as a prime driver of victim/perpetrator scenarios and the scapegoating mechanism cycle. We are just playing out cyclical narratives here and without understanding how our Egoic Operating System works, we cannot dismantle the viruses that drive it.

      4. You might want to look into Scott Ritter who plays prominently into the Gray Zone. Who he has worked for and what he’s been convicted of. Blumenthal certainly has his biases as well. You can criticize the media but how can you say your source is better. It’s a question we all have to ask.

    2. Whitley, thank you for your candor. Frank honest truth of what you believe. I salute you.

  7. Music is indeed a part of contact, connection, communication. It is a higher form of communication. It is an Axis – Bold as Love…

  8. I find the following two quotes from the Glory of the Unknowable Essence relevant: “The well-being of mankind, its peace and security, are unattainable unless and until its unity is firmly established. This unity can never be achieved so long as the counsels which the Pen of the Most High hath revealed are suffered to pass unheeded” (Bahá’u’lláh, Gleanings from the Writings of Bahá’u’lláh, p. 286).
    And: “…the Lesser Peace. This, indeed, is the greatest means for ensuring the tranquillity of the nations. It is incumbent upon the Sovereigns of the world—may God assist them—unitedly to hold fast unto this Peace, which is the chief instrument for the protection of all mankind. It is Our hope that they will arise to achieve what will be conducive to the well-being of man. It is their duty to convene an all-inclusive assembly, which either they themselves or their ministers will attend, and to enforce whatever measures are required to establish unity and concord amongst men. They must put away the weapons of war, and turn to the instruments of universal reconstruction. Should one king rise up against another, all the other kings must arise to deter him. Arms and armaments will, then, be no more needed beyond that which is necessary to ensure the internal security of their respective countries. If they attain unto this all-surpassing blessing, the people of each nation will pursue, with tranquillity and contentment, their own occupations, and the groanings and lamentations of most men would be silenced. We beseech God to aid them to do His will and pleasure.” (Bahá’u’lláh, Epistle to the Son of the Wolf, Wilmette: Bahá’í Publishing Trust, 1988, pp. 30-31).

  9. Absolutely terrific show.

    Quite incredibly, I tuned in to BBC Radio 3 this Friday afternoon to find a programme in progress on the music of John Williams in film.

    They were especially focussing on Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Thoroughly enjoyable show that compliments this week’s Dreamland perfectly.

    BBC Radio 3: The Listening Service
    John Williams – the Force of Music!

    You’ll likely need to use a VPN/British Proxy to listen to BBC content outside of the UK unfortunately but I’ll post the link regardless:


    (possibly works without VPN)

  10. Ya’ll had me at ‘Segovia’…🙂 I have more than one CD/Album of the guitar master. John’s lovely guitar playing, paired with his UFO vids are cool, and lend an overall peaceful feel to the vids as well.

    Gratitude is an important component of John’s sightings, and it also was part of my beautiful sighting about four years ago. In addition, for those of us who have been around a while, whatever you thought of Jimmy Carter as a president, you know that as a human being he is among the best—and also filled with gratitude and love for All That Is. That alone explains his friendship with John— along with being blessed with the knowledge that we really aren’t alone.

  11. Those quasi dark predictions of nuclear war strikes down the road give me pause…are you getting messages or vibes?

    Do tell…

    1. I doubt Whitley is speaking from a deep spiritual psychic level. Anyone SANE and INTELLIGENT who monitors what Putin does and says (outside of the positive spin of Fox News for any authoritarian action) knows that he has already threatened to use nuclear weapons on any nation that thwarts his will. The man is deranged and therefore dangerous. Since everyone in Russia seems terrified of him, we are on our own in terms of reigning him in. But even trying to do so could spark a catastrophe because the man knows no limits. This reminds me of an incident years ago. The neighbor’s teenage son damaged a children’s park next to my house. I told his parents who reprimanded him. To get even with me, he keyed my brand new car sitting in the drive way, costing me a bundle to repaint. This was a childish teenager seeking revenge, but I see the same mentality in Donald Trump and Putin, two peas in a pod.

  12. Such a beautiful episode. I felt like I entered a higher state of consciousness just listening to it. At one point, someone came up to me and I practically jumped from my chair. I truly cannot believe that John is connecting with the Greys. Whatever he has encountered is far beyond them. Just my opinion from personal experience.

    1. Human beings run the gamut from Jimmy Carter all the way to Putin (or Hitler). In terms of temperament we can be very conscious—or psychopaths. It seems that other beings are seen as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. We see these attitudes towards other living things, and people, on our planet. Why must we pigeon-hole everyone and everything the way that we do? Why can’t there be Greys that are highly evolved consciously, and some Tall Whites who tend towards evil? Maybe the most conscious and highly evolved beings look like ‘bugs’ (Mantises).

      My experiences have been with kinder, gentler beings, yet I have never seen what they look like. Maybe there is a reason for that. If I have always experienced a kind and gentle nature, then when I do have the ‘big reveal’ perhaps I will be more accepting of the beings, whoever, or whatever they are. Or…maybe they have no form at all…

  13. Lovely! On the topic of music and the “little lights”, I want to share one of my favorite ET pop culture related songs of all time: Eric Serra’s “Little Light of Love” from the 5th Element. The words and music really speak to me:

    “From a little light of love
    I was born and in my cry, my cry
    Was a little light of love
    For the honoring of life
    And the Pharos of my soul
    Is this light of love
    Precious little light of love
    There’s a candle burning on
    In the breezy shades of night
    I keep up my faith and underset my hope
    To call on a realm of light
    A treasure
    Your shimmer
    In the middle of the shady desert
    Brings on a field of light
    In a light of love
    Fairy light of love
    Only one religion
    Will lead us to the love we aim for
    Over the dark illusions
    Of the warring nations
    A wind of anger leads the power
    The destruction glorifier
    And when the war is nearly over
    How come the leader’s held in high honors
    Would you die
    For their lie
    The greedy hunting cry
    Rely on your light
    Little loving light
    A little light of sole religion
    We will lead a light of love
    A little light of soaring freedom
    Just a little light of love
    A little light of sole religion
    Take this little light of love
    A little light of love and freedom
    Take me
    A little light of soul religion
    A little light of love and freedom”

    1. I love that track…it was on my favourites playlist for a long while… His voice always reminded me of Peter Gabriel, which is no bad thing.

  14. I think his answer about how “it mires you in this 3rd dimension” was the perfect answer to Whitley’s question about how we deal with the complete and absolute disregard for life of “the dark side.” When we focus on it, it mires us. John does not focus on it. The more we focus on a unified field and not on the polarized field, the more free and able we are to be able to transcend this dimension if/when it is necessary to do so to survive. This requirement for survival through a new way could help us to evolve past our polarized adaptations, products of our egoic operating system that has created this world’s m.o. John is obviously leading and I love that it is not about religion because we have moved past it. That’s kind of the point. We forget that we are a species and to survive as a species, we have to know that we are one species; but we may have to become a new version of our “species” to survive the blight of what some humans have become as they have devolved in a sense by their submission to the collective egoic operating system of humanity, because it is networked; but it is not as powerful as the network of the unified field which it knows and that is what it is afraid of. It wants us to believe it is more powerful than anything and it likes to demonstrate that power through violent events that create the fear and terror response that it can then pretend to have the answers to protect us. The ego is the original creator of the False Flag event, of course, because we are the master projectors.

  15. Expression through art in contact experiences is an ageless recurring theme.

    I’d be thrilled to see artist David Huggins on Dreamland. I just fell in love with the documentary about David Huggins and his artwork ‘Love & Saucers’.

    In particular, the soundtrack to ‘Love & Saucers’ just blew my mind and I often drift off to sleep with the soundtrack playing in the background.

    We can but dream..


  16. Whitley and John Martin, thank you for this interview. Toward the end of this discussion you both mentioned missing items that magically reappear. YEP, this has happened to me as well as another family member. TOO FUNNY. I listened to this interview today and on a serious note, I have had this feeling for many years now that it is going to be our star that erupts, it is not going to go well for our planet.

    This alert came though on the 28th……..

    MORE SOLAR FLARES: This morning’s strong M4-class solar flare (described below) looks like it was just the beginning. Active sunspot AR2975 continues to flare. Since the instigating M4 event, it has produced additional C3, C9 and M1-class explosions. Stay tuned for more solar flares. Solar flare alerts: SMS Text.

    SOLAR FLARE, TSUNAMI AND RADIATION STORM (UPDATED): A lot of things just happened all at once. Sunspot AR2975 erupted on March 28th (1129 UT), producing a major M4-class solar flare. The blast propelled a ‘solar tsunami’ through the sun’s atmosphere. You can see it rippling away from the blast site in this movie from the Solar Dynamics Observatory:

    This tsunami was ‘radio-active.’ Its rippling leading edge beamed radio waves toward Earth. “I received a fantastic solar radio burst at 56 MHz,” reports Rob Stammes who recorded the outburst at his space weather observatory in Lofoton, Norway. At about the same time, the US Air Force says they recorded both Type II and Type IV solar radio bursts.

    Ironically, while the sun was turning itself into a temporary radio beacon, it simultaneously wiped out some radio transmissions on Earth. A pulse of X-rays from the flare ionized the top of the atmosphere over Africa, causing a shortwave radio blackout:

    Aviators, mariners, and ham radio operators in the area may have noticed fading and other unusual propagation effects at frequencies below 30 MHz.

    Energetic protons accelerated by the flare+tsunami are now peppering Earth’s magnetosphere, causing a minor S1-class radiation storm. Our planet’s magnetic field is funneling some of these particles toward the poles where a second type of radio blackout is underway–a Polar Cap Absorption Event. Airplanes flying over these regions may find that their shortwave radios won’t work during the transit: polar cap absorption map.

    UPDATE: Newly-arriving coronagraph images from SOHO confirm that a full-halo CME is heading for Earth. Stay tuned for movies and estimates of the CME’s arrival time. Solar flare alerts: SMS Text.

  17. The abuse on those people that do not agree with the general consensus of opinion is very sad, that we should try to control others valid opinions by shutting down anything that threatens the common narrative is worrying and getting more common, especially for us that know how we are treated for daring to go against society’s popular beliefs with regard to our experiences with our Space family.
    What chance does humanity have if we, who are supposedly striving to be open minded and forward thinking cannot show love and respect for each other’s opinions.
    I believe that all our society’s need to face some ugly truths if we are to be part of the new time that is coming and not just partake in jingoism and vitriol. It is imperative for this new cycle of our time.

    It is shocking that many people would witness and accept the bullying of any private persons, in this case Russians, last year it was the unvaccinated …… Horrible ……Will it be us next? Will we be the next victims when the state decides that our experiences with UFOs mean that we are dangerous traitors who are communicating with enemies of the Earth, in order to support their war narrative, weaponize space and line their pockets with the war dollar. Who will stand for us? Personally I do not want to vomit out more hatred into the Universe…… I try to ask myself what am I feeding, Love or Hate?

    1. My husband has a kidney transplant and fortunately has been able to work from home to avoid exposure since he takes immunosuppressant drugs and would be one of the ones who would have died or else taken a larger toll on an already burdened medical and insurance system for which we all have to pay at the end of the day. As a person of science, whose life was saved by science 30 years ago, he has had a really hard time understanding why people would be so selfish and inconsiderate as to not get vaccinated if it would help to protect the most vulnerable and especially, why people would rather die themselves, often leaving their family without their love and support, than get vaccinated. Yes, I am familiar with all of the conspiracy opinions and in fact, was into similar conspiracy theories in the early 90s before most of these You Tube experts were born; but I realized over time that at the end of the day, I have to live and trust life and that what I focused on, I was giving power to and not to view myself in a victim/perpetrator way. My husband just prefers to look at actual statistics and data and I have learned quite a bit from him showing me how to use them correctly and it definitely weeds out a lot of extraneous, incorrect, and distracting information.

  18. Last thought, I PROMISE. I woke up with something I must have been dreaming about because the first thing that came to my waking mind is, “THERE WILL BE WARS AND RUMORS OF WARS.” I looked up a few quotes, then again, I am not sure how accurate they are. Nevertheless, here it is. 

    THEN, in regard to the second quote. Yesterday as I was listening to the interview, I thought John said the word HORSE when my phone rang. I paused the interview and it was my daughter-in-law wanting to share a story she had just seen on the television. It had something to do with HORSES and their fear of spiral staircases. I have looked at the video interview to see when John used what sounded like HORSE, it was about 1:00:57 in. This is the crazy thing. I do not always hear it, only sometimes.???????

    Matthew 24:6-8 ESV / 94 helpful votes Helpful Not Helpful
    And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not alarmed, for this must take place, but the end is not yet. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are but the beginning of the birth pains.

    Revelation 6:4 ESV / 66 helpful votes Helpful Not Helpful
    And out came another horse, bright red. Its rider was permitted to take peace from the earth, so that people should slay one another, and he was given a great sword.

    1. I grew up on those prophecies and it took me a long time to come to terms with them because I was taught that it was God, in this case the Hebrew God who became the Christian God, who was giving the prophecy to the prophet. It seemed untenable to me that a God of Love would treat his children this way–sending monsters and demons to devour those who did not bend the knee and obey–and I learned, of course, that is how we define a tyrant and dictator and history has certainly provided enough human examples of it to the day. Now I understand that humans are the ones who have created the monsters out of their own consciousness, the demons of pestilence and so forth as we “reap what we sow” and we “love each other AS WE LOVE OURSELVES” which is to say, not very much apparently. We are unable through the lens of the egoic operating system to understand the unified field of consciousness from which we originate and are still a part of in our pre-natal form; thus we only see separateness. We do not understand that our individualism is our contribution to the whole either, so we only create the polarized social and political systems. They are simultaneous, like particle and wave, but we only want to be the particle. This is why we continue to end our species, even when we have been warned. Our ego tells us it is inevitable because it lives for the war, but prophecy is meant to be a warning of an outcome not God’s plan for us.

  19. Whitley..I was born in Aug 45 & grew up in San Antonio TX. Just wondering which AF base was connected to “the boy in a box” program. I had a strange experience as an adult..Army federal Randolph AFB. I was there for a meeting in a bldg close to the flight line..mid-1990s..dejavou type thing..I knew I had been there..that bldg..before. Really enjoy your podcasts..Brenda

  20. Regarding the comments concerning the West, Russia, and Ukraine, I usually never like to get involved in these discussions, but somehow feel compelled to share my opinion on this topic. I think the time has come that we are forced to take a side. Let me first give a little background as to what I base this opinion on. I was born in the 60’s in the US and came of age in the 70’s and 80’s. I spent a great deal of time during the 80’s traveling and living abroad. I traveled everywhere but spent most of my time in the developing and undeveloped world. In some cases, I have lived under and in other cases spent long periods of time under authoritarian governments, military dictatorships, and other similar regimes. As a youth I was very dissatisfied with life in the US and a staunch critic of my country and its government. I can fluently speak and read three dialects of Chinese and have lived in both Mainland China and Taiwan. Currently I am the COO of a company that does business in China. In my younger days in China, I personally witnessed horrible atrocities randomly carried out by the security forces that resulted in the deaths of innocent civilians and children. At one point in 1987, I was arrested, jailed, and deported just for being in the wrong place and witnessing some of these atrocities. My experiences of this type are too numerous to mention here, and, without having any false illusions about my own country’s dark side and the evil that it has caused in this world, I came to have a new appreciation for the good and positive side that it also represents. Among many other things, I am an avid China watcher and have many contacts within China that provide me with updates on local conditions that, under the leadership of Xi Jinping, have continued to deteriorate. In the 90’s and 2000’s there was a lot of optimism in China among the local population that things were changing for the better and their society was becoming freer and more open. That optimism is long gone due to the CCP under Chairman Xi taking China backwards into the destructive cruelty of the Mao era. Now that China has built up considerable economic clout, it is trying to export its model of a highly controlled, highly surveilled, and less free society to the rest of the world. The CCP is literally crushing the human spirit and soul of its people to reassert what it views as its historical right as the world’s leader. There are many in the West that also see Authoritarianism as the direction to go in to compete with China. Although in the US we narrowly dodged a bullet recently, there are still many who would support an authoritarian regime in the name of freedom and patriotism. This is wrong and misguided, but completely utilized by certain powerful interests. My experience has always been that when people who do not have the relative freedoms that we have in the West are given an opportunity or choice, they will always choose freedom, and when people who have relative freedom and are under threat of losing it, they will always fight to keep it. Despite all the history of Ukraine and all the hidden deals and arrangements that may have gone on, it is the Ukrainian people that are fighting to keep the freedom that they do not want to lose. The same thing will happen in Taiwan as I know that they will not give up their freedom willingly if or when China invades. The alliance between Russia and China is now a powerful force in the world for replacing free and open societies everywhere they exist. Despite all the evil forces in the West and all the selfish things it has done, we still live in relative freedom. This still separates us from the pure evil that the regimes in China and Russia represent and are hell bent on expanding throughout the globe. I live with open eyes and have no false illusions of what us humans are up against both internally and externally, and so It is my opinion that we must take the side of freedom and the advancement of the human soul as there is more of a chance for progress on issues such as climate change (albeit not much) and spiritual development with the western model. That’s why I think it is important to take the side of the West in the Ukraine conflict.

    1. I appreciate your taking the time to share this because your experience certainly gives it quite a bit of merit. I read somethings about Xi recently (maybe in Wikipedia even) about his life biography and he is truly indoctrinated and was assimilated into the mindset. If you read about his childhood trauma and that of his parents and family and his own rebellion as a teenager during the Cultural Rev, you can see how he is truly a “success story” of the Party and it is truly scary. I think that Putin was also fully indoctrinated as he was kind of the “98 lb weakling” type to use a cliche from the 70s. Now he is a strongman type, which for him I guess defines success. I wonder what his childhood was like in the USSR in the shadow of the monster Stalin’s legacy? I think Trump was also indoctrinated in some way into the religion of Capitalism by his notoriously cruel and sadistic father who probably did horrible things to him to “initiate him” into the dog eat dog way of things with NYC white collar crime. Joe Trump had clawed his way to the top and he wanted to ensure his legacy at the very least. These generational traumas are collective golems that are stomping the world like in a Japanese B movie. One thing I would point out in your assessment is the problem with polarizing ourselves and I don’t have the answer, but there’s this:

      It is the far right Azov (aka neo nazi) battalion that is fighting the Russians in Mariupol. Just to be clear, I am NOT pro-Putin. We just need to understand that the situation is not black and white. Putin may be the immediate threat to the stability of the world at the moment and that has to be addressed, but the fact that the U.S. has sent billions in military aid to the nazi “freedom fighters” unfortunately does equate to arming the Taliban, which is a road we have been down before. We can’t stand by and just watch so I guess it is what it is; but we have to be careful that we do not fall into the trap of viewing this mythologically as a battle between good and evil as we are prone to do because that blinds us to the reality on the ground, as you are well aware. Peace.

        1. One of the reasons that things are as fractured with regards to disbelieving the Western news relates to precisely what you’re saying here. I hate being in the position of having to ‘defend’ Trump, but once again, he did not defend Nazi’s in Charlottesville. Trump may not be an eloquent speaker but a full reading of the transcript shows he clearly and unequivocally condemns Neo-Nazis during the course of the same Q&A with the press. One may believe whatever they wish about what’s going on inside the man’s head – I have no idea myself – but at least his statements do not support the notion that he ‘defended nazis in Virginia’. Moreover, this sort of thing – the skewing of what people say to suit their preconceived notions- seems to me to be a pervasive problem when talking with people that disagree on some issue. I know it’s happened to me in this comments section.

          1. Corvinus do you remember when he was asked during a debate about disavowing white supremacists and waffled? Then only said stand down and stand by to the Proud Boys? Do you remember when he made fun of a handicapped reporter then denied doing it, Doesn’t this put the Charlottesville thing in a different light? Pardon me if I think he has nationalistic and even nazi-like tendencies. I don’t believe he was just pointing out Civil war statues lovers when he said “Good People”

      1. Well said Twiggy.

        Discussing the overall picture does not mean we support any side. I understand why Russia bit back but I don’t like seeing any of this.

        1. Indeed! I’d have to say the most frustrating aspect about discussing these topics is that many, either willfully/consciously or not, begin making these false equivalences and putting words in one’s mouth. To top it off there are the accusations of being a troll of this or that regime.

    2. I also have 9 1/2 years of (Mainland) China experience and completely agree with you (and with Mr. Strieber).

  21. Thanks for the feedback. I agree with your points. My perspective is always evolving based on what I learn and experience. I usually never take a firm side on these kind of issues. I am just afraid that if this time we do not, we may end up in a much worse place than we are now. Take Care.

  22. VonHausenberg: You reference what John Hogue said about Ukraine on Coast to Coast. Maybe you are aware that Hogue revealed his true colors on UC a while back. I’m not surprised that he’s on Coast.

      1. In deference to Whitley’s desire to avoid politics (and especially on a thread for the most gentle peaceful John Martin podcast) I’d rather not say, but you can listen to Hogue’s last appearance on Dreamland if you’re interested.

          1. Peace, sure. I am not easily fooled.

  23. Thank you for the camera reference. I’ve been looking at IR capable body cameras, but they seem to be limited to about feet and it’s not clear to me that they aren’t just capturing IR light emitted from the camera and reflected by nearby objects.

    It figures that I see the link for a better camera when I am between jobs again. I hope to get a decent IR capable camera when I can.

    1. Correction, body cam IR seems to be limited to about 30 feet.

  24. Wonderful interview Whitley.
    John Martin is a wonderful man with such a positive, hopeful outlook on life. He’s just the kind of person we want to represent the human race. (Except he’s not running in a race – he is patiently walking!)
    Thank you.

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