Kathleen Marden, the niece of Betty and Barney Hill, is one of the world’s leading UFO/close encounter experience researchers, as well as being an experiencer herself. We welcome her back to Dreamland to discuss her new book: Forbidden Knowledge, a Powerful Journey from Alien Abduction to Spiritual Transformation.

Whitley and Kathleen go deep into a dialogue about Kathleen’s lifetime of bizarre experiences, from the moment she learned about her aunt Betty Hill’s abduction and her own close encounters, to the profound spiritual journey she is on now – and where the future might lead her…and us. 

Around 12 minutes into the interview, something incredibly STRANGE happens involving Whitley’s radios. (These are the radios tuned to the little used 144.1 MhZ frequency that never stop receiving an unknown signal–but only in Whitley’s apartment.)

This is an interview like no other, so be sure not to miss it! You can reach Kathleen at Kathleen-Marden.com. To get Forbidden Knowledge, click here.

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  1. Thought provoking as usual. I remember seeing a TV show on Betty and Barney Hill. It was a live interview show with both of them around 1968-9 on the Baltimore channel 13. I was fascinated by it because I had seen a UFO a couple of years earlier. I remember Betty did most of talking because Barney seemed a little out of it. I wish I could remember more.

  2. Thank you! Kathleen is such an intelligent and well spoken woman. Yes, it is the work of overcoming fear & learning all you can about the power of Love that will turn us away from the brink. It takes a very long time to learn the lessons, but, everyone can start; anytime, anywhere, & at whatever level you’re at. I have just purchased her new book and am looking forward to the read. <3

  3. “You can choose what hitchhikers accompany you.” – Whitley.

    I think this is a great summation of the fact that we attract sentient beings on many levels by the energy we are emitting. Life may be embraced as a continual refinement of one’s energy, one’s compassionate love, but its a constant dedication and yet it is a richness which is transcendental. Or one can embrace selfishness and attract the parasites and degenerate on all levels: and even though such a one gains the whole world, they lose and are in vast poverty.

    1. Author

      We have to be firmly on the side of the good, and to understand what that truly is. That means we have to strive for real self knowledge because you cannot tell the difference between right and wrong in this complex world without knowing yourself. But if you are working for the good, Then you will attract real help. Some of what I have attracted has appeared to be incredibly ugly and terrifying, but in the end it has been there to help me. In the dark side test the waters of your soul, you will know the difference immediately between that and an angel who is trying to free you from your fears.

      1. Absolutely true Whitley, as you said, needing to be firmly on the side of the good and to understand what that is. During the young formative years of my life, I believe I knew what that was/is but had to experiment to “prove it to myself” and to trust my own instincts for “good”. I found that brings mentors and like minded people into my life, which in turn, enriches my earthly journey and my spirit. I think of you, Whitley, as a very important mentor in my life. I thank you and Kathleen for very important insights every time you present together.

      2. Ah yes, Whitley. But everyone defines “the good” there own way. I have all my life as a gay man faced evangelical Christians whose idea of good includes condemning me for my given (not chosen) sexual orientation. There is great danger in telling someone to choose the good only because as a species we have no common definition of the good. Of course, we have the ability to define the good in a way that includes ALL people, but sadly this is seldom the case on planet earth today. The entire Trump movement along with 1-6-21 resulted from an errant vision of “the good”. Putin thinks he knows the good as it pertains to Russia, as the nation’s economy collapses and the intellectual elite flee Russia now. To me, the good includes letting each person thrive and grow within their own particular destiny without interference and oppression from others.

        1. Yes, but. . .I think Whitley is not talking about contrived “good” by which people are manipulated using the symbolic mythic language, even the greatly studied and lauded “hero’s journey” narrative, which for Jung, was that internal journey only. It’s the narcisstic conflagration of that that we see in dictators and moguls of all walks and now, thanks to social media, the many dictator wannabes of Jan 6 ilk. It amazes me now, approaching the age of 60 this year and having walked numerous spiritual paths, how many times I am reminded of the simple words of Jesus taught to me in the Southern Baptist Sunday school, like this time, “You will know them by their fruits.” ( I’m no apologizer or defender for Christianity, however, as it little represents the teachings of Jesus.) I think Whitley transformed those gnarly ones in his process of transforming his own fears. That is true liberation.

        2. You are very right about this. As I come from a mediumistic family, and sometimes follow the work of various mediums, and, have had several amazing reading in my life. Yes. From my study this is a vital fact that teaches you so much about the quality of our lives. And about being in charge of our destiny. Again Buddhism 101. Also, following several tv mediums one year I had the opportunity- it was amazing to see how each person attracted and saw such different things in a home. I never doubted the veracity of any of them-there is no one accurate read of environments-the medium is a filter and a beacon . Amy Allen sees dark and disturbing things as well as undisturbed and peaceful souls still close enough to be seen as part of the dimension. while Kim Russo sees and feels a lot of persons attached to the ones she is reading and just has a totally different outlook and teaching for peace- she is a great comforter- as does “Long Island Medium”. I have taken a lot of encouragement from Kim Russo as a teacher during the pandemic. and yes, we express our innermost souls into the patterns of our lives! I myself have used that scripture often to test a person or philosophy or set of actions.

  4. This was a really great discussion. I am so excited to be going to McMinnville this this year to see Whitley and Kathleen. Does Whitley ever do subscriber meetups at the UFO conferences? Because that would be awesome. And it’s terrible to make you walk in the parade! You should definitely get out of that! That silly parade and costume stuff at UFOfest is awful, it really detracts from the great speakers there, I think.

  5. Mrs Swan reminds me of a Bird Oracle in human form who channeled knowledge from the entities to be helpful to our government officials. Let’s embrace the Mystery of Life and the Beauty that can unfold when communication is done with good intent! Thank you for this interview.

  6. Really great show! Very informative. It was easy listening to Whitley and Kathleen. Both gave me a feeling of love and care, that they truly wished for us to move to a higher frequency.
    Thank you both!

  7. What a light she is! The area covered was what I wanted to hear more of during her last visit here (ie the Council of 8). I appreciate that Kathleen said she was reluctant at first to take Kevin Briggs’ word channeling an entity he called…Zark(?) without a grain of salt.

    Also that she clarified ‘frequency’ might better describe the origin of the different entities than dimensions.

    I look forward to reading the book! Maybe we can have another video meeting with Kathleen down the road?

    1. I laughed out loud when Kathleen seemed to infer that her LOGIC and REASON got in the way of her ability to accept Kevin’s story. I guess she just decided to trashcan her logic and reason so that she could accept his tall tales. This is NOT spiritual evolution. This is abrogation of your god given abilities as a sentient being! Council of 8. Give me a break. I have heard about so many different councils in space that they must have trouble not bumping into each other. It must be like the San Diego 405 freeway in Los Angeles at rush hour up there in space with all these legislative bodies. George Adamski would enjoy all this.

  8. I just finished reading the book last week. I was surprised it was so good it and how well written it is. Couldn’t set it down. There are a lot of “wait…what?” Go back and read that page again moments. Whitley’s interview was spot on as usual. I wonder if he ever thought he was going to be a broadcaster when Communion was published.

  9. The only problem I had with this interview (everyone else may groan on cue) is that Kathleen seemed to support Kevin Brigg. I made it a duty to check this guy out. While I cannot disprove his story, I found it suspicious. He claims to have had encounters with an entity with the corny sci-fi name of Zark. Why not Mork from the 70’s Mork & Mindy TV show? Then he claims to have had adventures with Greys, Preying Mantis beings, Reptilians and BLUE AVIANS. Excuse me? Has any abductee ever had encounters with any blue chickens from space other than Corey Goode and his enabler David Wilcock on GAIA TV? Were such encounters ever reported BEFORE Corey Goode began his tall tales of blue bird people protecting our solar system from evil CABAL human spaceships and Nazi bases on the moon? This serves as a red flag to me, that Kevin includes what I consider a fictitious alien entity in his pantheon of entities that he has personally encountered. If Corey Goode had claimed to have encountered pink hippos in ballerina outfits in space, would Kevin miraculously have encountered them also? I want to believe Kevin, but I cannot. So for Kathleen to seem to place her spiritual evolution on this guy is very disappointing to me and speaks of dubious spiritual discernment. And I must have blinked out when all the unknown secret knowledge was discussed. What was it again? Please don’t tell me that it all boils down to the Kevin Brigg story.

    1. I totally agree, and was thinking the same thing…what’s the ‘forbidden knowledge’? And everything pre-supposes Kevin Brigg’s channeling is ‘the real deal’. I’m always suspicious of channeled material. Interesting and trying to keep an open mind here.

    2. William, I totally understand where you are coming from and must admit that I, too, was left with a few questions at the end of the story.

      That said, I do think that the truth behind these experiences is probably stranger than we think – or at least stranger than I allow myself to consider – I can’t really speak on behalf of anyone else.

      There is always an enormous chance, in my mind, that parts of someone’s account are not true. But this should not invalidate their story.

      For example, the experiencer has likely spent most of their life surrounded by the ridiculing of abductees with their peers pushing the concept that anyone who believes in “aliens” or the like is crazy.

      On experiencing something they cannot explain, their interpretation of reality is going to have change enormously and also almost certainly will leave them questioning their own sanity. They are probably going to overthink their encounters massively.

      Possibly, they are going to start losing the divide between reality and imagination as they continually pick apart and reconstruct fragmented and highly emotional memories, not because they are intentionally lying (although some may be) but because they don’t know what to trust anymore, and they don’t want to keep pushing their thoughts, feelings and memories away, and they shouldn’t have to.
      Further, there is always the chance that these entities are “messing with our heads” somewhat. I would not be at all surprised.

      Anyway, that turned out longer than intended… Just something that’s been on my mind lately… 🙂

  10. Author

    I see the forbidden knowledge not as having something to do with information but rather with the fact that Kathleen has gone from being deeply suspicious and frightened of the experience to where she is now, which is in a state of acceptance and insight that is feeding her soul. To me, that is exactly what the people who want to control this on our behalf do not want us to know, that if you stick with contact, it can lead you into great insight and spiritual richness. That is real forbidden knowledge.

  11. I can attest to the accuracy of her statements as I have been in contact with a level 9 entity I call James.
    I also have been in contact with the Grand
    Council which manages this solar system and others.
    I also have information which states that this has indeed happened before and will not be allowed again. Not because of mans stupidity but because of mans ignorance of the truth of mans existence.

    1. I study channeling as a hobby in between changing the adult diapers of my husband with Alzheimers. There are Councils of 7, 9, 12 21, etc. There are Federations and then there are CONfederations, all supposedly watching over us and controlling what happens. They are located on spaceships and the rings of Saturn. They are composed of light beings, blue chicken people, Greys and the rest of the ufology geneology pool. They appear as glowing humanoid figures in robes (no one seems to just wear a pair of shorts and a teeshirt). Of course, the cobal blues wear cute overalls, if I remember correctly. My point is that whoever speaks to you in your channelings or meditations should not necessarily be taken literally. Sometimes I think there are a lot of mischievous spirits who pose as enlightened masters and alien councils. I am waiting for someone to channel the Council of 9 and three quarters.

  12. Whitley, I have a hypothesis about the experience you just had with the growl and the steel arm bear hug. Is there a way to PM you?

  13. I hope everyone who listened to this realizes how DIFFICULT it must be for Ms. Marden to “come out”, tell her story and basically “take on the planet” … Huge Kudos Kathleen. I’ve read your book – and have to say this is the LAST place I thought you ever arrive in or at ….knowing your previous works on the subject, so I’m heavily inclined to really listen to you when you speak about it. Thank you for making and taking a stand. Respect Madam! Huge respect.

  14. I highly urge you to check out Gigi Young on YouTube. She is an experiencer who has distilled over ten years of encounter experiences into transformative lessons for all of us. Young says every being we encounter is US, either from the organic timeline in the future or the divergent transhumanist timeline, where we got so utterly lost in our material world and forgot our inherent immortality. Young says that every single event happening on Earth is EARTH, and it is ALWAYS US depending on which resonant frequency we are on for our ascension journey. There is a specific cosmic structure and none of this will make sense until we understand that structure. Much that she says has transformed how I view this topic.

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