Peter Maxwell Slattery has a deep connection to the strange intelligence we call “aliens” or “visitors”–and he has the video to prove it. Don’t miss miss his wonderful wisdom and great story! In this stunner of an interview he tells of his experiences and what this consciousness means to him and what it is trying to communicate through him. The video at the end of the interview, which is made available here for non-subscribers and audio listeners, shows a remarkable connection between Peter and the higher consciousnesses.

Peter and Whitley discuss events depicted in the STUNNING new documentary about him, Multdimensional. Do not miss this! Multidimensional is available on virtually all streaming platforms for $4.99. It is very important to all of us who are struggling with the meaning of contact. To watch the Multidimensional preview, click here.

On his website, he offers channeled readings, teachings and meditations. Considering the amount of tangible evidence that he really is in contact, his work should be taken very, very seriously.To explore, go to

Explore Peter’s books here.

In the show, Whitley talks about some of the video clips he has collected. Podcast listeners can view them by clicking here.


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  1. Oh. Wow.

    I was in tears of joy and gratitude and something beyond all that, that is unnamable, by the end of this episode.

    I’d never even heard of Peter until this Dreamland, except maybe coming across his name somewhere briefly, in passing.

    I cannot really do justice to the feelings I have about this interview, in words.

    Namaste, Peter and Whitley. ❤️

      1. Jeez buddy. You don’t have to agree with someone’s political views 100% of the time. You want someone jumping your ass for your opinions? You should try having more flexible beliefs. And I’ll tell ya a little secret…there is no good side. They are equally rotten. The sooner R and D fanatics figure that out, the sooner we can take our country back. You’re playing into their hands man.

      2. Why do you believe that the universe is under an obligation to present valid or useful information in a form that is palatable to you or aligns with your own socio-political prejudices? Why?

      1. Yes! We did! I loved this show just as much the second time as the first.

        Enjoy your journey through Indra’s net!

        “If untold buddha-lands are reduced to atoms,
        In one atom are untold lands,
        And as in one,
        So in each.
        The atoms to which these buddha-lands are reduced in an instant are unspeakable,
        And so are the atoms of continuous reduction moment to moment
        Going on for untold eons;
        These atoms contain lands unspeakably many,
        And the atoms in these lands are even harder to tell of.”


        And I think something like traveling down ‘into’ and then jumping ‘out of’ the fractals of Indra’s net is a possible answer to how at least some of these beings do their faster-than-light travel.
        Point-to-point, because we all essentially share the One-point. “This the thoughtful merge of myself, and the outlet again.”

        ~ ~ ~

        “This is the press of a bashful hand, this the float and odor of hair,
        This the touch of my lips to yours, this the murmur of yearning,
        This the far-off depth and height reflecting my own face,
        This the thoughtful merge of myself, and the outlet again.
        Do you guess I have some intricate purpose?
        Well I have, for the Fourth-month showers have, and the mica on the side of a rock has.
        Do you take it I would astonish?
        Does the daylight astonish? does the early redstart twittering through the woods?
        Do I astonish more than they?
        This hour I tell things in confidence,
        I might not tell everybody, but I will tell you.”
        ~ Walt Whitman, Song of Myself

  2. First I would like to second the first comment. This is the best of the best on this profound subject. The information Peter is putting forward reminds me of in depth information Ramtha put forward years ago.
    You are remarkable Peter.
    Thanks so much Whitley.

    1. I’m loving this dialogue. The New Age definitely keeps reincarnating, ironically.

  3. yes, amazing elucidation of a subject that can never be pinned down. I must mention something about Buddhism here- in the actual writings of Nichiren, referred to as “The Gosho”, To paraphrase- It is very rare to be born as a human being and even more rare to encounter this sutra (Lotus Sutra) – as a “one eyed turtle” floating in the Ocean to encounter a log …even more amazing that the sutra speaks about “major world systems ” being crushed into dust and then sprinkle that dust particle one speckle…one speckle… that long ago I attained enlightenment- ( the original Buddha) but WAIT THIS IS A LONG TIME AGO AND THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT MAJOR WORLD SYSTEMS… While as Westerners we may be aware of the Middle Ages and the Earth central cosmology- but that was just a hiccup in time of Earth experience.

  4. awesome elucidation of an elusive subject. Whitley, in Buddhism, from the writings of Nichiren Daishonin, it is , to paraphrase, so rare to be born a human in this universe- and even more rare to encounter the sutra- like a one-eyed turtle in an ocean to encounter a log.
    Also the sutra talks about “major world systems” and that was written way before the hiccup in human history that saw an Earth -centered cosmology.

  5. Peter Slattery, I hope I am privileged to meet you. Take care both of you awesome gentlemen. Enjoy your lives.

  6. This is the first week. I have viewed Dream land on YouTube.
    It will not be the last.
    I listened to Dream land and then listened and watched Dream land on YouTube.
    Peter blew me away. This is one of your best interviews Whitley. Thank you and Peter.

  7. Great interview. But Peter’s close association with James Gilliland troubles me — a man so far down the rabbit hole of paranoia he won’t even allow vaxxed people onto his ECETI ranch. Peter is often on Gilliland’s podcast, including one recently where assistant health secretary Rachel Levine was openly mocked by Gilliland for her transgender orientation, and he claimed teaching the history of racism in America would just increase racism. (As You Wish Talk Radio June 19, 2021)
    I have to remind myself that the Visitors don’t pick people to interact with on the basis of their intelligence or enlightenment.

    1. Gilliland also has stated that he thinks that Donald Trump is the savior that our nation needs. I have “cancelled’ Gilliland after this. For such a New Age Enlightenment type of guy, he seems to get all his information from Fox News and QAnon. When I heard this guy establish a connection between himself and Gilliland, I just groaned and listened to the rest of the episode with skeptical ears. He talks a good talk. But I also don’t think much of Mark Sims because on his website he presents himself as a guru in a robe with classic pendants. If this is the direction ufology is going, I need to get off at the next exit.

    2. Glad somebody mentioned this about Gilliland. He made similar disparaging statements about the Women’s March after the 2016 election. He’s been persona non grata to me ever since.

    3. Thanks, guess the caretaker won’t want me at the ranch.

  8. Author

    The only politically related things that the visitors have ever made a point about are the dangers of climate change and nuclear war.
    They have made these points to millions of people, and in particular to the military in both Russia and the United States that nuclear weapons are to be managed very very carefully.

    I think the people who claim that they are interested in the details of our politics and society would need to show evidence at least as hard as the fact that so many close encounter witnesses have received the environmental message and that the military has received direct and documented warnings around missile sites. It’s not good enough to claim that guides or something in your head whispered to you. “They told me” is not enough.

    1. I doubt that there were any political screenings in determining a caretaker, or that nonhuman beings at the ranch guide the caretaker’s politics. Other beings might be able to weigh the importance of politics in our future, but they can disagree and some can be wrong too, in my nonexpert opinion.

      Always thought I’d like to visit the ranch but never made it either. Hope politics don’t keep us from sharing and progressing in these experiences, but it does seem important for the time being. I am sticking with community and not ceding 4D earth-side ufology to nationalists and right wing extremists.

      1. If by “politics” you mean ignorance and insanity, then count me out.

    2. I doubt that there were any political screenings in determining a caretaker, or that nonhuman beings at the ranch guide the caretaker’s politics. Other beings might be able to weigh the importance of politics in our future, but they can disagree and some can be wrong too, in my nonexpert opinion.

      Always thought I’d like to visit the ranch but never made it either. Hope politics don’t keep us from sharing and progressing in these experiences, but it does seem important for the time being. I am sticking with community and not ceding 4D earth-side ufology to nationalists and right wing extremists.

      Apologies if this is a duplicate. Not seeing my first attempt.

  9. So true, Whitley. I don’t know if Gilliland has claimed his politics are influenced by the Visitors, but he sure mixes the two together and makes some wild statements — he claimed in one podcast years ago that UFOs were following Air Force One to make sure Trump wasn’t shot down! I would encourage anyone thinking of going to ECETI to listen to his podcast first.

    1. Let me guess. The visitors are against free health care (socialism!) and infrastructure bills also?

  10. Author

    In the first days I was going on the media about this, I was in pretty direct communication with them. The rules were very clear: keep your politics and religious beliefs to yourself and, above all, DO NOT LIE. If you’re not sure, say that. If you are asked political and religious questions, answer in general terms.

    When I saw the Crabwood message with the phrase “we oppose deception” in it, I knew at once that this was who I was with.

    The full message: “Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts and their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. (Damaged word). There is GOOD out there. We OPpose DECEPTION.”

    I live by that.

    1. This is SUCH an important reminder, thank you.

      It’s an intense challenge as a human being to stay neutral never mind loving, in the face of years of personal attacks that ensue when one sticks ones’ neck out in these arenas. It’s water off a duck’s back to the cynics and users but true sensitives such as James G. not always so easy. I don’t agree with all his interpretations of things but James G is a sincere and good person.

    2. Whitley, 👍.

      The only politics we need. I have spent years compiling this list, and now I’m giving it to all of you. I have more research, but this will do. It applies to all living beings, the living Earth, and even the non-living (I even treat Siri with kindness. It sounds dumb, I know, but we must make part of our being. ) And I fail, a LOT but if you remember that love has NOTHING to do with with liking something or someone, or even an idea or belief, part of the battle is won.


      HINDU ca Prehistoric Mahabharrata 5:1517
      This is the sum of duty. Do not unto others that which would cause you pain if done to you.

      JUDAIC ca 1300 BCE Talmud Shabbat 31a
      What is hateful to you, do not to your fellow man. That is the entire law. All the rest is commentary.

      ZOROASTRIAN ca 600 BC Avesta Dadistan-i-dinik 94:5
      That nature alone is good which refrains from doing unto another whatsoever is not good for itself.

      BUDDHIST ca 525 BC Tripitaka Udana-varga 5,18
      Hurt not others in ways that you find hurtful.

      CONFUCIAN ca 500 BC Analects Lun-yu XV,23
      Surely it is the maxim of loving kindness, do not unto others that which you would not have them do unto you.

      JAIN ca 500 BC
      Agamas Sutrakritanga 1.10, 1-3
      One should treat all beings as he himself would be treated.

      TAO ca 500 BC T’ai-shang Kang-ying P’ien
      Regard your neighbors gain as your gain, and your neighbors loss as your loss.
      MOHISM – MOZI, 15.3 5th-4th Century B.C.E.
      The fa (model) of inclusively caring for each other, and in interaction benefiting each other, is to regard others’ states as though regarding one’s state, regard others’ families as though regarding one’s family, and regard other persons as though regarding one’s person .

      SOCRATES ca 470-399 BC
      Do not do to others that which would anger you if others did it to you.

      SENECA ca 5-65 AD Epistle XLVII, 11
      Treat your inferiors as you would be treated by your superiors.

      CHRISTIAN ca 30 AD New Testament, Matthew 7:12
      Therefore all things whatsoever you desire that men should do to you, do you evenso to them. For this is the Law and the prophets.

      SHINTO ca 500 AD Ko-ji-ki Hachiman Kasuga
      Be charitable to all beings, love is the representative of God.

      ISLAM ca 620 AD Koran Sunnah
      No one of you is a believer until he desires for his brother that which he desires for himself.

      SIKH ca 1500 AD Granth Japji XXI
      We obtain salvation by loving our fellow man and God.

      YORUBA Proverb (Nigeria)
      One going to take pointed stick to pinch a baby bird should first try it on himself to feel how it hurts.

      NGUNI-BANTU Proverb, South Africa, Mid 19th century AD Ubuntu- ‘I am what I am because we are’.

      NATIVE AMERICAN – KAIANREKOWA,(The Great Law of Peace)- IROQUIS CONFEDERACY (Mohawk, Cayuga, Onondaga, Seneca, Oneida, Tuscarora ) 16th Century AD
      Respect for all life is the foundation.

      Do not kill or injure your neighbor, for it is not him that you injure, you injure yourself. But to good to him, therefore add to his days of happiness as you add to your own. Do not wrong or hate your neighbor, for it is not him that you wrong, you wrong yourself. But love him, for Moneto (the supreme being of the Shawnee) loves him also as he loves you.

      Do not wrong or hate your neighbor. For it is not he who you wrong, but yourself.

      All things are our relatives; What we do to everything, we do to ourselves. All is really One.


      1. Wow, very comprehensive! Still missing, from the Bahá’í Faith: ”
        Lay not on any soul a load which ye would not wish to be laid upon you, and desire not for any one the things ye would not desire for yourselves. This is My best counsel unto you, did ye but observe it” (Bahá’u’lláh, Gleanings…, LXVI)

        1. KOLYABAHAI, many thanks! There is much I didn’t add to the list ( including from the ancient Egyptians), but I will review all my information and ensure that I have included this quote from Bahá’í faith, and more research on it as well. The common threads of kindness that permeate philosophies, religions, and spiritual beliefs cannot be ignored or discounted. They are important and ‘show the way’ without dogma.

          1. The Bahá’í Faith, being only 178 years old is probably the least dogmatic religion around.

          2. I agree – but don’t forget Quakerism.

      2. Consciousness being the ability to sense and respond to changes in the environment, everything is conscious as far as I can tell. We impact who and what is around us, which also interacts with us, AI assistants included. I like to think that I prefer kind and friendly interactions, but often find myself cursing about entropy, gravity and other forces foiling my efforts to crystalize perpetual bliss. Still working on that.

  11. Thank you for the feedback and comments everyone. Blessings 🙏

  12. As an Australian I was pleased to hear an Australian voice for a change Whitley. The interview blew me away but what others have said here about Gilliland troubles me more than somewhat as Peter seems to have a lot to do with him.

    1. I confess that I have no interest in anyone who willingly aligns himself with Gilliland, who seems to be just your average right wing aging hippy nowadays. Gilliland probably thinks Marjorie Taylor Greene is the smartest person in Congress. There’s definitely a wire lose somewhere in his brain.

  13. Author

    Peter has a lot of valuable material. Let’s not throw out the baby with the bathwater. There is certainly a lot of political extremism these days. It’s unfortunate.

      1. Author

        Me too. I am not political and I don’t often think about politics. In such an intensely political period, I am realizing that this leaves me with a blind spot. I think that I need to research my guests more carefully. Until I saw this comment section, for example, I had no idea that James Gilliand was involved in all of that odd stuff.

        1. These are the kinds of occasional statements that give me pause when considering becoming a subscriber. I abhor censorship. As a first generation immigrant to this country I took to heart the ideal of defending to the death others rights to speech that I vehemently disagree with or find objectionable. I did military service in part because of that ideal. To make judgements about material simply because of associations with “wrong thinkers” (in the opinion of Mr. Christie at least) or because of political biases is the real blindness. As I mentioned elsewhere, the universe is under no obligation to impart its pearls of wisdom in a form that appeals to ones prejudices, political views or that strokes their ego.

          1. Author

            People are free to post here as long as they don’t disobey our posting rules. The tight site takes no position on their comments and does not have a political viewpoint of its own. It is politically neutral.

    1. None more so than from the self-righteous/radical wing of the left – they are every bit as pernicious and vitriolic as the religious right, if not much more so.

  14. Thanks for sharing this. An interview from my favourite Author, and with my brother Pete. Love it! like you said Whitey, an hour and a half felt like 10 minutes.

  15. Regarding the still image of the ‘British Columbia UFO (2003)’ from Brian Vike, that Whitley showed towards the end of the interview…I finally manged to upload the screenshots I took at the time, which shows a black dot on the underneath of the craft, for several frames before the dot disappears and in the same frame, what looks like a projectile shooting away from the craft. The frames after that do not show the black dot. I found that rather interesting.

    It is now in the Subscriber Chat if anyone is interested…

  16. Excellent! It’s taken a while, but it’s so great to see more coming on board, and a very deep, profound understanding of all of this that has been missing for so long. My own experiences since childhood have covered so much territory that it has been difficult at times to describe ( I’ve seen orbs for years, including a couple the size of basketballs, and one that wanted to make sure that I saw it as it as it observed me before floating gently through a wall to the outside.

    I hope to see ‘Multidimensional’ by the end of the week. Many thanks to Whitley and Peter!

    1. It’s interesting… I clicked the ‘Buy’ button on Multidimensional earlier today…and nothing happened. I wonder if something is trying to tell me something?

      1. I just downloaded without a problem, Sherbet. I hope to have time to watch later today. Good luck, and try again.

  17. I enjoyed the podcast but like many have already stated, troubled by the relationships and values of some in the UFO field. It’s reached the stage where people’s values are separated by politics. Sorry visitors it can’t be ignored. The notion that our morals have to line up with the alien/visitors is probably a wish more than reality. I’m sorry you can’t support the GOP dominated by Trump and claim you care about the environment especially Climate Change. If this is a road block to communication with them, so be it. Maybe the visitors should stop preaching save the planet if they want to ignore politics. Again they can’t be separated.

  18. Quite often I check to see what Edgar Cayce said in regards to certain topics. I came across a website and am posting a few quotes about the ‘Sons of Belial’ AND ‘The Law of One.’ I was thinking about what Cayce said when I went to bed last night and had this image come into focus right before slipping off to sleep. It woke me back up and I tried to explore it more BUT the image never returned. I will include it at the end of this post. Before I do this however, I want to say that we as humanity need to be careful as to whom/what we we align ourselves/consciousness with. I think Peter Maxwell Slattery has been gifted in so many ways but here again and hopefully it is not with the ‘Sons of Belial’ (((up in them thar hills))) of the ‘James Gilliland’s ECETI Ranch’ of  Washington State??? It might not be the gold humanity should be seeking??? All I trying to say is, BE CAREFUL.


    (Earthly existence in Poseidia, Atlantis, during first destructive influences used by the sons of Belial; when the influences of the sun were crystallized through the crystal that then controlled the motivative forces in the experience.)

    8. The Sons of Belial were of one group, or those that sought more the gratifying, the satisfying, the use of material things for self, WITHOUT thought or consideration as to the sources of such nor the hardships in the experiences of others. Or, in other words, as we would term it today, they were those without a standard of morality.

    9. The other group – those who followed the Law of One – had a standard The Sons of Belial had no standard, save of (((self, self-aggrandizement))).

    10. Those entities that were then the producers (as we would term today), or the laborers, the farmers or the artisans, or those who were in the positions of what we would call in the present just machines, were those that were projections of the individual activity of the group.

    15. Their STANDARD was that the soul was given by the Creator or entered from outside sources INTO the projection of the MENTAL and spiritual self at the given periods. THAT was the standard of the Law of One, but was REJECTED by the Sons of Belial.

    While drifting off to sleep, I was wondering just who those entities are at the ECETI Ranch. I am drifting when almost in the dream state there appears a door. Standing in the doorway is what looks like an ordinary human man. Now there appears another entity. It is a female and standing opposite him, not inside the doorway. She is at least 10 to 11 feet tall. She towers over this man. She makes a show of displaying her physical form by stretching her limbs to show she has fingers, toes and as far as I can judge, looks exactly like an extremely tall human woman. Now I travel up to her face, NO, this is not a human, her face is flat and reminds me of a frog. THAT IS IT.

    1. The Edgar Cayce material could be boiled down to 2 groups: Service to SELF versus Service to OTHERS. The RA Law of One material is based on this same duality. In my long life, I have seen this as 1 of many ways to categorize people. Certainly, spiritual evolution entails going from a default service to Self (EGO) to a larger perspective of empathy and concern for others. How many Americans have any empathy? How many think such empathy is a weakness, a lack of manhood? I will never forget when Trump saw the military graves in Europe from WW2 and called them losers and suckers. I have never in my life come across such an intense polarization to SELF instead of others. It is actually frightening to me as well as all the adoration this man gets still to this day. Service to Self versus Service to Others – a spiritual battle that goes on constantly. Frankly, at least in the USA, Service to Self is winning. Their favorite political system is fascism.

      1. All pathalogical narcissists are 100% selfish-self (ego) centred

      2. Thanks for being bold and speaking the hard truth to the deniers. There is so much more to that list. It’s all a giant football game/competitive sports now–no “Law of One” is needed by these devolved spirits inhabiting human bodies. However, I do have compassion for little Donny who was likely abused in horrific ways by his Nazi, monster father who was a notorious monster (yes, double monster) and there is no telling what kind of hazing he went through. And then there’s the long game by the KGB. . . Sons of Belial indeed.

  19. Is “New Age” ufology going to become the Thule Society of the 21st century in the USA? Suddenly, I see all these new ufology celebrities wearing robes and brandishing crystals like Shirley MacClaine in the 80’s. The Blind leading the Blind.

    1. Exactly. The early 20th all over again but with climate catastrophes thrown in and no CCC to rebuild (because that’s socialism, which is now the equivalent of devil worship). Let’s hope the Crash is not repeated but would not surprise. The only difference is that instead of Golden Dawn and Theosophy it’s the postmodern incarnation of it: Chaos Magick, the epitome of narcissism.

  20. Author

    That could happen. I hope it doesn’t. But when people are left with nothing but their own imaginations and little else, things are going to go in every which direction.

    Remember that the visitors could end all the speculation in five minutes. But they don’t. This is why I try to present it all, without reference to my own personal opinions. I am always polite to my guests, even if, inwardly, I disagree. This is to encourage them to lay out what they really feel and think, and not hold back. This way, the listener gets to form a valid opinion.

    1. And that’s (one reason why) i love listening to dreamland! Thanks so much. And thanks for “not throwing out the baby with the bathwater”!

  21. Having some difficulty seeing my comments after an edit. Here is another.

    We seem to be part of a conscious omniverse, or is it consciousness is part of the omniverse? In either case, consciousness may not a product of neurological evolution, though we are pretty good filters. Ask then not if a computer is conscious, but rather how are our computers interpreting and interacting with consciousness. How do we create the most harmonious and powerful connections with consciousness in our relationships, homes and vehicles? I now see that my guru has the keys to my omniuniversal multidimensional interstellar ride.

  22. What Peter is describing is also well described in UFOlogist and life-long contactee Suzy Hansen in her excellent book, The Dual Soul Connection. I highly recommend it!

    1. Thank you for the recommendation, I will add this to my reading list!

  23. One of my favourite podcasts to date. I’ve since watched Multidimensional and read 2 of his books and he’s so positive and full of hope that I find his material very uplifting. What a change! I have no interest in politics so thankfully I’m not one to be influenced in the slightest from what someone dares to align with. I must say though that what I have consumed thus far of Peter’s material that I haven’t come across any sign of his political leanings…… Like someone else has said already, “thanks for “not throwing out the baby with the bathwater”! Indeed.

  24. There is also a possibility that our own brains are trying to download data/interact with our data machines. I have to “dump data” when I’ve been watching the screen too much. I’m going to make a tin foil headband and make millions.

  25. I’m watching this obviously just now but Whitley I can vouch for Eceti ranch. I’ve been there three times and James Gilliland is amazing. The one writing that vaccinated people aren’t aloud on the ranch does not know what he or she’s talking about. I hate when people spread disinformation. Reading some of the comments here wow you have some pretty angry people seem to like to bash people. So sad.

  26. I seem to recall it at the time this was posted, there were statements on the site saying that vaccinated people could not go to the ranch.

    It was a very fraught time politically, and people were under a lot of pressure from Covid. A different time from now.

    I might add that there was indeed a troll active in this thread. He was banned long ago.

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