Jim Semivan, who is an Unknowncountry subscriber, was a CIA officer for 25 years, and is a founding member of To The Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences (TTSA), which recently rebranded as ‘To The Stars, Inc.’. Now retired from the CIA, Jim still serves as a consultant to the Intelligence Community.

He joins us on Dreamland to offer a valuable insight into the role of government and independent organizations in investigating the close encounter experience.

In this rich discussion, Whitley and Jim cover a wide range of highly relevant and fascinating topics, from Jim’s work in To The Stars, Inc. and the CIA, to Whitley’s stunning description of the mysterious bodies recovered from the Roswell crash of 1947.

Then, they go even deeper into a conversation about Jim’s own experiences with the close encounter phenomenon and spirituality, and the importance of maintaining a balance between our inner and outer lives.

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  1. I don’t think our brains are too small, if they were we wouldn’t even be aware of anything going on. The hive mind that recognizes the individual is our next step.

    Imagine that many evolved minds working together, what we could create, do and become. The brilliance of billions of minds, working in harmony while understanding and accepting not only our individualism but that we *chose* to become this harmonious organism. It drives home the need to see each of us as an aspect of ourselves.

    We create our reality as we think, and those thoughts become what we experience. Reality is our mirror, it reflects our own minds and thoughts. If we don’t like the image, we can change it. Put your energy into the system you want to see thrive.

    1. If human nature was not changed at some intrinsic level via genetic work, then even a hive mind would just become another control mechanism of the world elites.

  2. Looking forward to hearing Jim’s encounter in its entirety! Another great show Whitley! Thank you.

    1. Well that seemed like a promising opportunity for cooperation and discussion from those who pretty much ignored you in the past. Something changed hopefully it sustains. Looking forward to hearing Peter on your show again.

  3. Author

    My impression is that they are realizing at some level that I am not what they have believed me to be.

    After Communion was published, people claiming to be FBI agents visited, among others, my doctor. (They showed him credentials, but he would not release my records without a warrant, which they never produced.) I found out that my code name was “Mr. Malarkey.” This suggests to me that there was an initial assumption at an official level that I was a liar.

    In the mid nineties, I had a brief run-in with the intelligence community during which they got the idea that I was an alien (whatever they think that is) disguised as a human being. I was told by somebody working on this business that this was their greatest fear. The day after they picked up on this crazy idea, my street in Brooklyn Heights became filled with cars which a detective I hired to find out what was going on said from their license plates that they were unmarked cars belonging to some federal agency.

    I then called the general counsel for the Senate Select Committee that had been involved with me, explained that they had misunderstood a joke, and he got the cars to leave.

    So now it would appear that they started out thinking that I was a nut job or a con man, then graduated to thinking that I was a disguised alien.

    The next thing was fear of the implant. Some people at the edge of the inside (I don’t know any real insiders, I don’t think) are afraid to even be near me for fear that the implant will watch them.

    And then there’s the Air Force. They have considered me a traitor to the cause since I published an opinion that it was time to come clean in my book Confirmation. Air Force Intelligence went so far as to have a story planted in Parade Magazine as the book was being published to the effect that I had admitted that I had temporal lobe epilepsy and made a contribution to the Epilepsy Foundation. (I had Parade print a retraction, but who reads those.)

    At present, Lue Elizondo, who does possess some fairly deep inside information, still won’t interview with me. It it because he a) thinks I’m Mr. Malarkey; b) fears an alien hidden inside me; or c) is wary of the implant; or d) something else?

    I have had good interviews with 2 senior CIA officers, John Martinez and now Jim Semivan, and Peter Levenda has been willing to give me an interview, the first in seven years. So maybe Lue will eventually realize the truth: I am indeed intimately involved with the Presence, but I am an independent human being and nothing more.

    1. Lue seems to have softened some over the past year doing a show with Linda recently. Your right, he does fear the relationship you have with the visitors. Since he had elements in the government turn on him I think he may change his mind on the way this is handled. An interview with him would be something. He certainly knows more than he’s telling and you may be the one to tease some of that out. I guarantee he listened to this interview with open ears.

      1. Author

        It’s time for him to come to the table. I’m easy to reach.

    2. Whitley, I almost have no words to describe what I understand you must have gone through and still are going through. I will just say again what I’ve said before, thank you for your strength of character, goodness and determination to get the message out as it unfolds in your awareness as well as that of your guests. I managed to get another copy of Jacques Valle’s “Passport to Magonia” which is totally relevant to today’s conversation. Having read it back in back in 1969 when it first came out it resonated with me until this present day and I knew I had to read it again. Thanks for what you do Whitley, to raise our consciousness!

    3. In the last few months I have seen some clips of Elizondo speaking in paranormal/metaphysical terms about the beings and UFOs. I have to confess that I have been somewhat annoyed with these former military and intelligence people coming forward with these new ‘revelations’ after they have denigrated others or ignored people—for years. When TTSA was looking for investors in their projects back in 2017, I contacted them with some basic questions as I was sincerely interested. The response was somewhat rude, and I could tell that for some reason I did not fit the mold of the kind of investor they were looking for. Thereafter, I did keep up with them on the periphery, and I didn’t like what I was seeing, and I even tried to keep up with Tom DeLonge but was put off by his evil-alien talk. I watched some of the History Channel shows they were doing, and did not feel that they presented anything new. What I did see was the topic being discussed and suddenly taken seriously because now it was including those in the know in the government and military. The rest of us were idiots, and no apologies to an actual astronomer/scientist, Dr. Hynek, among others (Including Whitley.)

      I am happy that the tone has improved around the topic, but…The ‘insiders’ in government and the military, along with politicians, will not be taken seriously by me until they are willing to explore, listen to, engage with and empower regular people, here and abroad, that have been experiencing ‘high strangeness’ since seemingly forever. Even ex-presidents Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford were blown off in their efforts to get things done, and they were not regular everyday people, but they should have had the POWER to do something, but their hands were tied.

      At this point, Lue Elizondo has been interviewed a lot. He may feel that being interviewed here will somehow diminish his standing in the UFO community and he will lose his credibility. Shame on him. Better yet, a Zoom meeting with him, where regular experiencers ask him the questions that no one else will ask him is in order…And I would love to have heard a conversation between Elizondo and the late Dr. Edgar Mitchell.

      1. Author

        I sense that they may be coming to realize that there’s more to it than a simple good versus evil scenario. My belief is that many people in the intelligence community I have seen the close encounter witnesses as being in league with evil aliens. But as they get to know us, they are gradually coming to understand that our experiences reflect a relationship with a deep, subtle, and complex presence.

        1. I hope that you are right. I do feel that you, Jeff Kripal, and others have helped more than Elizondo in taking things in the direction they need go. ‘The Archives of the Impossible’ event was amazing, and to have Rice University as a way-shower at this particular time is important. My partner and I watched all speakers live, and later viewed the panels as well. So much knowledge, wisdom, and open-minded thinking is what is needed to tackle the important issues as we stumble about finding our way through this reality for answers.

        2. It was a very entertaining interview. Thank you Whitley. I appreciate those things that Mr. Semivan was willing to discuss with candor, and very aware of those things he skirted and feigned ignorance about. Not nearly as bad as Elizondo on LInda’s podcast, however. Elizondo is transparently holding his cards glued to his chest. That’s obvious from watching him. Mr. Semivan doesn’t seem to have the same level of paranoia from being a programmed government employee, but his limits are set by the rules of his “intelligence” culture.
          Wow, there was a lot going on. I’m an abductee and contactee. I don’t see little green men because I have strict boundaries. No one gets in my face without permission. I agree to engage with that community in dreamtime only. I wish Whitley would throw up his boundaries and not have such wild weirdness in his life. It’s distressing to hear about. Could it be that he doesn’t realize his own authority? Humans are extremely powerful beings and should be highly respected. Not talking about everyone of course, but those who are taking the responsibility to come out in a thoughtful way sans egomania. There is an important place for people like Whitley, who have a public platform and are teachers for many people. I so appreciate you. Whitley, Please protect yourself from ridiculous shenanigans. Not with lights and security cameras, but with your own powerful will. YOU are the authority and creator of your life. You know this already. Perhaps your journalistic curiosity allows shenanigans to continue for the sake of telling the story. And that’s understandable.
          Thank you again.

          1. Author

            I don’t impose boundaries because I want to learn everything I can and report on it. Therefore, boundaries are impossible. I have to be open to the good, the bad and the ugly.

          2. What shenanigans? That would be up to Whitley to define for himself. Granted, I don’t want to wake up paralyzed and hear growling, but one man’s shenanigans are another man’s meaningful growth experience.

      2. “Standing in the UFO community” still remains quite low status in the mainstream community. Information on UFOS for the most part still remains in the entertainment category from the viewpoint of mainstream culture. While there is some acknowledgment that it is real, the consumer society as a whole still seems to see it just as another entertainment option, e.g., “Should I watch a TV rerun of BIG BANG THEORY or hop over to the History Channel to watch some ANCIENT ALIENS nonsense just for fun?”

    4. I find it terrifying that ‘they-someone’ would label you as an alien. Both because it shows ignorance is in charge of things and because it is criminal and contrary to democratic processes and freedom. I would expect similar behavior from ‘invading alien spies’ as from traitors: seeking self power for themselves over the rule of law through lying and blackmailing while pointing the finger at the innocent to take eyes off themself. If ‘aliens’ were mimicking humans they would be in places of high power and authority.

      I would advocate for amnesty for those who truly come clean and respect humanities right to know, but if self gain is preventing the truth, then that is a crime against humanity and I hope they are brought to justice.

      I know this is extremely complex. If the ‘aliens’ reveal themselves, the chaos will be much greater than if what little the ‘insiders’ know is made public first. The awareness that we are not alone is growing with a momentum that can not be suppressed. The old world view is over.

      1. Author

        I have always thought that the strangeness of the situation may well have driven these very unprepared people insane. I worry that the truth about the deep insiders is that they are in a state of trauma-induced psychosis.

        1. Yes, It is very scary to think about: suspecting you are an alien is absurd and shows a high level of mental delusion.

      2. With due respect, if you go out into the internet marketplace of ideas, the old world view is very far from dead. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has hopefully woken up a lot of people who believed that we were now a truly global integrated world civilization and that such brutality would no longer be tolerated. What we have learned is that no matter how integrated nations may be, the ruling person or class may be totally insane and do what they will regardless of how illogical it may be. And all the New Agers who are constantly saying that the global consciousness has now risen to the 4th or 5th dimension (depending on the discipline) don’t seem to leave home much.

      3. If Whitley was considered an alien, then this lets us know that some in the military-government think there ARE aliens. The M-G have so far failed to express this view. So far they are only willing to say their are UAP’s and we need to find out what they are. They didn’t exactly stick their necks out on that one.

    5. Whitley,
      Lue Elizondo was on the Tucker Carlson show tonight, discussing the fact that as a former Pentagon official they’re saying that UFO sightings have left people with ” burns, brain damage, and time suspension”. It was a short discussion and Carlson seemed quite interested in the information, agreeing that this info has been kept from the public way too long.

      1. Author

        Nothing about brain enhancement. That happened to me. It’s happened to a lot of people. I also know about the brain damage. It’s been awful.

        This is a very complex situation. A lot of people have been ordered to be hostile toward the visitors in many different ways. They have suffered. They have not been told in advance what they may suffer. On the other hand, those of us who have been able to go with the flow of this torrent have benefited in truly extraordinary ways.

      2. I am disturbed to learn that Luis feels just fine sharing such information with Tucker Carlson but not sincere experiencers like Whitley. I hope Carlson was able to squeeze Elizondo in between segments praising Putin and glorifying the Russian invasion.

      3. Elizondo is evasive and boring…what exactly is he offering? Not one thing I don’t already know,…absolutely nothing extraordinary. I skip over anything with him in it.

  4. The issue with the ETH is we anthropomorphize others to be like ourselves. Intergalactic conscious sentient intelligence is billions of years old and so when we expect other aware beings to be like us, or if not, then they cannot be Extra-Terrestrial species, they must be something else: we are making excuses. Try meditating – we are something else!

    Databases and stories support our illusion. Words, unless poetic, are blinders that reduce reality. As an example words reduce a living being like a tree to a thing, rather than a being which sees light through hundreds of leaves and feels the wind, and lives in a greater reality than we know. This ‘phenomena’ will not fit into the illusion of philosophical materialism – it is fully alive.

    Nothing is material, it is all fluid energy and everything is entangled. Consciousness dances with the sacred mystery and words cannot really go there – it is experiential. Linear thinking is our current paradigm, but we confuse the symbols for the vastly greater reality: we confuse intelligence with sentient awareness and spirited intent. The Universe, the one song, is teaming with consciousness and it is looking in on us now.

  5. “…but I am an independent human being and nothing more.” That seems to be it in a nutshell, Whitley. But as Lily Tomlin has said…”When we talk to God, we are praying. When God talks to us, we’re schizophrenic.” Somehow a label must be applied, I guess.

    Another great interview. Thanks again !!

  6. Glad to see bridges are being repaired/rebuilt. Hope more old friends soon become willing to be interviewed here. And new friends… i think John St. Julian from the Share Tanzania charity would be a great guest. He has had several super natural experiences. He has his own You Tube channel.

  7. A wonderful interview. I have been a subscriber for many years. I was not able to listen to the show for a period of time and am just getting caught up on the last 6 months of interviews. I want to thank you for the excellence and integrity of these interviews, of your work and of this website. Your work is deeply appreciated.

  8. Jim, toward the end of this interview you and Whitley talked about the paranormal. Earlier in the week I received a short video from someone I know that thought I might be interested in watching it since I live in St. Louis. What really caught my eye is the fact, at 10:19 into this interview there is a photo that says, “Ronald Hunkeler worked for NASA.” Just thought it to be interesting.  Ronald Hunkeler was the actual child that was supposedly possessed. 

    “Ronald Edwin Hunkeler was a NASA engineer who patented a special technology to make space shuttle panels resistant to extreme heat, helping the Apollo missions of the 1960s that put US astronauts on the moon in 1969.”

    “Watch “The REAL Exorcist Story – St. Louis, MO 4K” on YouTube”
    This movie terrified me, I watched it one time and NEVER again.

     The REAL Exorcist Story – St. Louis, MO 4K – YouTube


  9. Author

    That is so very eerie, Carollee. I might note that JPL was founded by Jack Parsons, a black magician. Once you extend your hand to the dark, it never lets you go.

    1. The whole thing about Jack Parsons has disturbed me for years. Also all of the recruiting of German scientists such as Werner Von Braun after WW2 (Paper Clip), as well.

      When I was in high school in Southern California in the late 60’s, I was chosen to attend a special 2-day science symposium. One of the things that was part of it was a visit to to the scientific organization/university of each student’s choosing. I chose JPL. When the small group of kids were transported to JPL, we were given special badges, and were also told that each of us were given extensive background checks to get there. I remember that we all kind of looked at each other with surprise. In hindsight, it made sense because of the nature of work at JPL, but the fact that they made a point of letting us know about the background checks has always kind of bugged me—also, what they looked at, and how deeply did they research a 16-year-old kid from South Texas, and what did they look for?

      1. Interesting. My father was an engineer involved in the Saturn V project in the ’60s. If I remember correctly, Von Braun was at the assembly facility at some point for PR, back slapping, and photo-op hand shaking. I believe my dad shook his hand, but I’ll have to ask him to reconfirm.

        I was too young to know the details of Von Braun’s German past. But knowing what we know now, I wonder what the Feds new about my dad, and therefore about me. Because…..

        ….my dad was privy to some 8mm film taken during Apollo launches that was never available to the public (at least originally). The films consisted of mostly different angles and locations of launches. He’s since had it digitized, so there’s a readily available record of the events. I’ve seen the films, and my first reaction was there was something “off” about them. Nothing necessarily nefarious, but it was extremely hi-resolution. And quite frankly, it struck me as Photoshopped. I have no idea how he got this material, and its source was never discussed. Possibly because it simply didn’t matter anymore.

  10. A thoroughly enjoyable interview.

    I smiled wryly to myself when Jim mentioned the encounter with a hooded or shrouded being in his bedroom. His reaction of zero fear was so familiar and equally probably the strangest part of the encounter.

    Few years back I had a problem with one of my feet, I think it was probably a fracture in the arch. The pain was unbelievable and I could barely walk at times.

    So, I went to bed one night and was awoken in the night to see a hooded figure standing at the end of the bed. Without realising why I suddenly muttered “oh, that’s just ***ing great!”.. then promptly proceeded to roll over and go back to sleep. Zero fear, just auto-humour (is that even ‘a thing’?)

    Next morning.. foot healed.


    1. I keep a notebook next to my bed to record any experience immediately. One morning, I looked and saw that I had written during the night. The entry said that a hooded figure had come through the wall and stood at the bed starring at me. I found it fascinating. WHAT?!! My normal “mainstream” consciousness was appalled that I found a hooded figure at the bedside “fascinating”. I had no conscious memory of the event. Sometimes I do not think our so-called mainstream consciousness that we use to go about our business can deal with what perhaps another level of our consciousness finds merely “fascinating”.

      This reminds me of a situation I may have shared at some point. This is in the 90s. I was terribly sick with a very bad cold and slept in the guest bedroom so my normal bedmate would not be disturbed by my tossing and turning and nose honking. The next morning, my partner had recorded that during the night some grey beings had come to surround our normal bed and woke him to ask “Where is Will?” (me). He told them that I was desperately ill and to leave me alone. So they seemingly left! The next night, the same scene repeated and he documented it. But the following morning, he denied having had this experience. I had to show him his own hand writing to prove it. I think a lot goes on that we just do not remember.

      1. I’m gonna have to start keeping a notebook on my night stand.

  11. In the interview, Whitley and Jim commented that visitors do not always respect human rights.

    Do visitors seem to respect rights among themselves? Do they treat each other more respectfully than they treat humans?

    Does the level of respect for rights include spiritual along with physical rights? Do they challenge our physical bodies while respecting or building our astral selves?

  12. Why is it always a government agent such as FBI or CIA, or the experiencer has something to do with the military or their family is part of the military? This is why I am highly skeptical of these UFO experiencers.

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