Book Cover: A New World
Part of the Communion Series series:

This book uses the wealth of new close encounter experiences Whitley has had since 2015 to paint an entirely new picture of reality, humanity and the unknown consciousness that shares our world with us. An intense encounter in February of 2016 led to three years of intense lessons in what we need to do and understand to communicate with them, and resulted in this totally new vision of the close encounter experience. A New World is light-years ahead of anything ever published before about the subject of "the visitors." This is why, in his preface, Dr. Jeffrey Kripal says of A New World, “This book is contact."

Reviews:Ed Conroy on San Antonio Express wrote:

"A New World” is arguably the most well-informed, authoritative and readable book yet written with the intention of making accessible the mysteries of the UFO phenomenon for the benefit of humanity in these perilous times.

In it, Strieber shares keys to how he has opened locked doors in his own spiritual and creative life. He recognizes that many of the statements he makes are difficult to accept, but he invites readers not to believe, but to question and consider, as he does."

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  1. In Today’s World, all form’s of news are completely edited to the point of subduing any type of human emotion, good or bad, and when you realize just what a small potato you are, you become secluded from the every day grind and observe things that most human’s don’t. Our own “Military/Government” can erase you from existence unless you be quiet. Strieber as a man is just amazing for your own enlightenment!

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