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Dr. Manuel Matas is a clinical psychiatrist with a mission to bring the “borders of the normal” into the mainstream and in the process to empower us all to believe in our higher natures and learn how to use the psychic powers that are part of human nature.

In this searching interview, Whitley explores with him how, as a scientist and physician, he came to understand that psyching powers are real and much more available to us that we allow ourselves to think.
At the end of the show, Dr. Matas describes a stunning precog involving the hit alien contact film Arrival that he had and recorded 30 years ago, long before the movie was even conceived!
That powerful movie is about understanding that things that appear hostile and dangerous can be seen in a new way, and Dr. Matas’ precog serves as a powerful affirmation of that message.
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  1. BIG synchronicity…

    BIG synchronicity…

    Just about twenty minutes before getting a YouTube notification of this new episode I was using an app on my phone called Zener ESP. The app is an ESP trainer and I haven’t used it in QUITE A WHILE! The thing that makes this A BIG synchronicity is that the app uses the same ESP cards that are on the cover of Dr. Manuel Matas’ book!!!


  2. Nice show, thank you
    Nice show, thank you

  3. Whitley, during the interview
    Whitley, during the interview you asked / wondered whether it is incumbent upon us to find our plan…which unfortunately seemed to get lost within the further discussion and was not really addressed…but if it is, do you have any advice on how best to accomplish that?

  4. Being in constant contact
    Being in constant contact with multiple consciousnesses is an awkward subject.

    In western terms it is labelled schizoid state or worse. Thinking in terms of individuation and solitary challenges leads nowhere.

    Rather than speaking publicly of the bridge, of ‘The One’ , we need to step forward and lead. Look ahead, light the path. Act.

  5. today is Saturday, November
    today is Saturday, November 10, no new show posted yet, hope all is ok.

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