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Get set for our annual Halloween special: An eerie journey through the world of phantom messages. Bill Hall and Jimmy Petonito (Mr. Haunted) guide us down some strange paths indeed, into the world of such experiences as:

—A man picks up the phone and hears himself struggling. Shortly after, he dies.

—You pick up messages on your computer that all come true.

—A dead friend emails you predicting that you’ll be badly injured. It happens.

—Calls from ET entities, including an apparent x-ray of an ET.

These and many more are discussed in this exciting show. Don’t miss this one!

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  1. In order to lay the ground
    In order to lay the ground for what was a very interesting Phantom phone call it is necessary to present a picture of where I was in my life at the time.

    Around 1995 my wife and I had been married for about 21 years. We were very close and happily married. We owned and operated our 3rd business and spent near all of our time together, even driving to and from the office. Except for Wednesdays when we would each have half a day to ourselves we were together 24/7. As an ideal relationship should be we were two people happily creating our ideal life together.

    There came a time when I had achieved all of my material goals. We had our own business and a beautiful home that we absolutely loved and enjoyed living in and working on. The only problem was the huge overhead to maintain it all. So for a few years the goal was to pay everything off. But this was going to take another 7 years and the strange thing about achieving all your material goals is that you no longer enjoy the process because what motivated you, your enthusiasm, were the goals and the striving to attain them.

    I thought that when you get to this point, having everything you always wanted, that you would just continue to enjoy it all and everything would just get better. But this is not what happened. I found that I really dreaded going to the office and after a few years of trying to pay off all our debts I really just wanted to sell it all. In fact I was discovering just how stressed out I was.

    I had been meditating for about 15 years and at this point in my life I began to go through many inner changes and all of my priorities were beginning to undergo dramatic shifts. I wanted to sell the business and just see what would happen. This meant our income would come to an end. The income that supported our entire lifestyle. This would eventually lead to our divorce.

    This part is difficult to explain. Maybe others here will understand. I had read that when you begin to go through these (inner) changes that if you are in a relationship it will come to an end or divorce. We had such a great marriage that I was determined that this not happen to us.

    So, from being a very responsible entrepreneur, business owner, husband and homeowner, managing all aspects of business and maintaining a high overhead lifestyle with all those material possessions (big house, pool, motorhome, boat, jet skis, motorcycles, etc.) I was slowly changing into someone who just wanted to get up every day and just do what I wanted to do, in the moment. And all those responsibilities and obligations were coming under deep scrutiny. Eventually we would sell the business, get divorced but remain best friends while my lifestyle became more and more simplified.

    But in those years when I was still in business, still married and still had the house and all those material things there were so many times that I sincerely tried to convey to my wife these changes I was experiencing.

    In doing my best to explain to my lovely wife just what I was understanding, what I was seeing about THOUGHT ITSELF and how to see THOUGHT….there was a part of me that was trying very unsuccessfully to have her SEE what I could SEE in the hope that we could move through these changes together. (At that time I was so certain that we were meant to be together, but it just wasn’t to be.)

    So, on many different occasions I would engage her in these conversations hoping I could get her to see what I was seeing, or understanding. I thought it was a wonderful thing I was experiencing, this unveiling and seeing into the “Other Side of Life” to borrow an album title from the Moody Blues. But, sadly all my efforts never worked as I had intended.

    Instead, on one particular evening at home after a day at the office I was pressing the matter and again trying so desperately to find the words that would maybe this time have her understand these changes that were happening to me. But as she was listening to me this one particular night something happened that seemed to temporarily crack her composure, her psyche, I don’t know how to explain it properly, but she began to “lose it” and began screaming and running around the house with her hands grabbing at her head. I followed her deeply concerned and horrified at what I had unintentionally caused. I never left her for a moment until when, in my arms, she finally calmed down I suggested we take a break and go for a drive to get out of the house.

    We both got into the car and just before I had the chance to turn the key someone was knocking at the passenger side window next to my wife. Mind you it was evening after the sun had gone down so it was dark outside. There, at the window was my sister-in-law bent over so she could see inside the car looking very worried and concerned.

    When my wife rolled down her window her sister said she was at home and the phone rang and a woman on the other end of the line was screaming and she knew it was….my wife screaming. So she got in the car immediately and drove the two miles to our house.

    My wife never made a phone call and we didn’t own cell phones. I was with her every second and she did not make a call.

    In a way we are still together. We’ve been divorced since 2001 but only lived apart for 14 months. We live on her property, she in her own home, living her life, having her relationships, and I live my life, in one of her rental units on the property. Over the years I have remodeled the two houses, one cottage and converted a garage (all on the same property) to a beautiful cottage itself where I now live. I know we will never be together again intimately, we had those years, those times are over but we remain two individuals that have been together and experienced so much that I guess few ever do and remain best of friends. And the mystery of life goes on.

  2. Wow… A TON if
    Wow… A TON if synchronicities with this episode…

    Listen to my interviews with Jeremy and I’m sure you could easily put them together…


  3. Excellent show. Blessed
    Excellent show. Blessed Samhain everyone.

  4. Great episode. Whitley thanks
    Great episode. Whitley thanks for a great Halloween story, you’re a seriously talented dude! And Douglas thanks for sharing your moving story of trading a lesser truth for a greater, and for the ironic justification.

  5. The high point of my day is

    The high point of my day is reading the comments. That story is really deep and heartfelt and meaningful, Douglas, thanks for posting it! The mystery of life sure does go on!

    I know exactly what you mean about meditation. I do the sensing exercise so deeply now that I sometimes suspect that I’m actually not in this world at all. I used to struggle to do it for 15 minutes. Now I am more or less in it all the time, so the meditations are really intensifications.

    This show was quite fascinating and fun for me, too. I’m glad you guys enjoyed it!

  6. First I loved the show. I
    First I loved the show. I have one gripe. Why did you cut off the very first story about the murdered guy.
    It definately left me hanging.
    My second observation was the 9/11 story. I saw each building fall in real time on TV that day because I was going through the disability maze and I was home watching the news. I cannot watch anything about that day without feeling extreme anger and sadness. I was an Ironworker early in life and I know how those buildings were built. The story we are told is hogwash.
    That being said a female physisist has written a book using her knowledge of scalar physics to explain the destruction of that day. I believe she is on to something. Richard Hoagland gives credit to her ideas also.
    This isn’t a 9/11 Truth rant. The point I was trying to get to is the use of scalar physics which is based on quantum entanglement.
    If that is involved, then time slips and the destruction being telegraphed before the event could make a lot of sense.
    Anyway thanks for the great show.

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