Megan Rose is a transformational psychologist, eco-spiritual priestess and erotic mystic. Part of her work is focused on normalizing the “paranormal” and helping individuals discover a deeper connection with themselves and others, both human and otherwise.

Whitley and Megan discuss spirit marriage, which is both a marriage with a nonphysical entity and a sacred acknowledgement of the reality of one’s own higher self. The cover sexuality and sensuality in a spirit marriage, and how this has been experienced by Megan and others.

Whitley’s own knowledge of his relationship with Anne and how it developed after she left her physical body puts him in a unique position as an interviewer and allows them to truly dive deep into an exploration of relationships, love and marriage that is not bound by physical limitations.

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Dr. Manuel Matas is a clinical psychiatrist with a mission to bring the “borders of the normal” into the mainstream and in the process to empower us all to believe in our higher natures and learn how to use the psychic powers that are part of human nature.

In this searching interview, Whitley explores with him how, as a scientist and physician, he came to understand that psyching powers are real and much more available to us that we allow ourselves to think.
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It seems that it’s not just physical traits that are inheritable. Now scientists are finding evidence that learned behaviors and even phobias can be passed down through the generations via chemical changes in the DNA.
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